Why Do IPAs Get Me So Drunk (There’s A Reason)

IPAs are very popular drinks amongst people who are not usually fans of beers as the flavors and aromas in IPAs make them very appealing to people.

The distinctive floral, citrus, earthy, and fruity flavors in IPAs create a smooth, delicious, and refreshing beverage, but why do they cause people to get so drunk?

Alcohol affects your body as it causes you to get drunk, so it is important to drink responsibly and in moderation.

Why Do IPAs Get Me So Drunk (There’s A Reason)

However, some people find that drinking IPAs causes them to get drunker a lot quicker than usual, so how do IPAs cause you to get more drunk?

This article will explain why IPAs get you so drunk and what the reason is for this. Find out more about IPAs and how they can cause you to feel drunker quicker than other types of beers and ales. 

What Is An IPA?

IPAs are beers that are brewed with distinctive flavors that come from the hops that are used during the brewing process.

Hops can create fruity, earthy, and floral aromas and tastes, which makes them very popular beverages with people who do not enjoy the usual tastes of beer. 

Another reason why IPAs are so popular is that there are lots of different types of IPAs to try.

The different flavors and aromas of IPAs allow people to try different flavor profiles of IPAs, as the flavors can differ based on the hops that are used, the regions that the hops are from, and the freshness of the hops. 

Are IPAs Different From Pale Ales?

IPA stands for Indian Pale Ale, so lots of people assume that they are the same as Pale Ales. However, this is not the case.

Pale Ales were founded in England in 1703, whereas IPAs were discovered in India in 1892. This shows that they are different from each other, so they shouldn’t be mistaken for the same drink. 

Another way in which IPAs differ from other Pale Ales is that IPAs have a higher alcohol volume. IPAs can have more than 7.5% alcohol content, whereas American Pale Ales rarely have an alcohol content that exceeds 5%.

This means that IPAs have a higher alcohol content, which some people try to avoid. 

Why Do IPAs Get You So Drunk?

Why Do IPAs Get You So Drunk?

IPAs get you drunker as they have a high alcohol content that can go up to 12%. This means that you will feel the effects of an IPA faster than the effects of an American Pale Ale as they have lower alcohol content.

This causes some people to avoid IPAs as the alcohol content is too high, which can increase feelings of drunkness in people. 

The reason that IPAs have a higher alcohol content than other beers is due to the specific gravity scale when it is brewed. IPAs are brewed with high specific gravities, which causes them to have a higher alcohol volume than other beers that have lower specific gravities.

The high alcohol content is the reason that people feel drunker after drinking IPAs. 

How To Stop Getting Drunk From Drinking IPAs?

The best way to stop getting drunk after drinking IPAs is to drink them slowly and in moderation. When you drink beers fast, your body absorbs them quickly, causing you to feel drunker quicker than usual.

Therefore, drinking your IPA slowly will cause your body to absorb the alcohol at a slower rate, preventing you from getting drunk. 

You also need to be mindful of how many IPAs you are drinking. If you drink lots of IPAs, you will feel a lot more drunk as your body will be consuming a large amount of beer that has a high alcohol volume.

Sticking to a small number of IPAs and drinking them at a slow rate will help you to feel less drunk and allow you to enjoy IPAs. 

Making sure that you eat before you drink IPAs will allow your body to soak up the alcohol that you drink, preventing you from feeling the effects.

If you do not eat before drinking alcohol, it can be dangerous as you will get drunk quickly, risking your safety. You should always eat before drinking alcohol to reduce the chances of you feeling drunk. 

It is important to stay safe when you are drinking alcohol, so knowing that the alcohol content in IPAs is higher than in other beers means that you need to take the right precautions before drinking. 

Do IPAs Taste Nice?

IPAs are very popular beverages as the use of hops is very prominent in IPAs. People enjoy the fruity, earthy, and floral flavors and aromas in IPAs as they can experience fresh-tasting beers.

This can make them more popular with people who do not usually drink beers as the tastes of IPAs are refreshing and interesting for people to explore. 

The Important Of Being Responsible When Drinking IPAs

As IPAs have a high alcohol content, you must drink them responsibly.

Having a higher alcohol content means that you will feel the effects of IPAs quicker than other types of beers, so drinking them in moderation is important. 

IPAs have lots of different flavor profiles, so drinking them responsibly ensures that you enjoy the great flavors of these beers.

Drinking IPAs quickly can risk your safety, so drinking them in moderation allows you to look after yourself and enjoy the great tastes of IPAs.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, IPAs cause you to feel drunk due to their high alcohol content. This can be extremely dangerous, so it is important to drink IPAs responsibly.

Drinking in moderation allows you to enjoy the great tastes of IPAs without feeling too drunk, so you should always be responsible when drinking alcohol.  

You can prevent yourself from feeling drunk after drinking IPAs in several ways. You should always eat before drinking alcohol, you can reduce the amount that you drink, and you should drink them slowly.

Drinking IPAs slowly prevents your body from absorbing alcohol quickly, reducing feelings of drunkness after drinking IPAs.

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