The 14 Best Rums

Rum is a classic spirit. A staple of so many cocktail recipes, this rich liquor is a combination of molasses and sugar cane that makes for an often sweet spirit that goes great with many citrus flavors and additives. Although no one is entirely sure where rum comes from, it’s been theorized that it was originally …

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The 12 Best White Rums

Rum has been a classic drink ever since its first distillery on a sugarcane plantation in the 17th century Caribbean. It is conventionally made by fermenting sugarcane molasses or juice and then distilling and aging it in oak barrels. In the centuries that have passed distilling techniques have changed and improved but there is one question …

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The 8 Best Dark Rums

Rum has a lot of different variations. Throughout time we’ve seen spiced rum, white rums, and dark rums explode in popularity.  With its sweet taste and endless mixing potential, rum has for a long time been a favorite – from sea-faring workers to the casual drinker today!But it is dark rum that usually comes to …

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