What Type Of Beer Is Heineken (Everything You Need To Know)

If you like beer then you have probably sat and enjoyed a nice cold bottle of Heineken in your yard or when you are out with your friends.

But did you ever stop to think about where that beer came from? Or what kind of beer it actually is? 

What Type Of Beer Is Heineken (Everything You Need To Know)

We have put together this interesting guide to tell you everything you need to know about Heineken beer. Keep reading to find out more. 

What Type Of Beer Is Heineken? 

Heineken is a lager, which means it is heavier than some other types of beer. However, it is a pale lager which also makes it light and crisp.

Pale lagers have a golden or blonde color. Pale lagers are also called pilsners, and Heineken is a dutch Pilsner. It has an alcohol percentage of 5%. 

What Does Heineken Taste Like? 

Heineken is a very classic pale lager. It has quite a strong flavor with a bitter edge and plenty of hoppy notes. It is crisp and refreshing, without the dank taste that some lagers have.

The finish is dry, and the aroma is herbal and very typical of pale lager. 

What Is Heineken Made From? 

Heieneken is made from three very simple ingredients – barley, hops and water. This is what makes it such a classic lager. The signature Heineken yeast is added to create the well-known flavor by fermenting the hops and barley. 

The History Of Heineken

Heineken was first brewed in the Haystack brewery in Amsterdam in 1873. Once it became popular in Europe, the beer was exported to South America in 1883.

In 1914 they expanded their exports further, and the beer reached Asian markets in 1929. It is now brewed in over 70 countries and sold in over 200 countries. 

During World War One And World War Two, Heieneken was popular with both Europeans and Americans. When people could get hold of alcohol, it was often Heineken that they chose to drink. 

In the early years, Heineken gained recognition quickly by winning multiple awards.

This included the Medaille D’or in Paris 1875, the Diplome d’Honneurs in Amsterdam 1883, the Grand Prix in Paris 1889, and Hors Concours Membre Du Jury in Paris 1900. 

Heineken has always been sold in green bottles, as this protects the beer from sun damage which can compromise the flavor.

The only exception to this was the original Heienken beer which was not exported, as this was originally sold in clear glass bottles.

The logo is a red star which features heavily on the oval label. This was changed to a white star during the 1930s when the red stay became heavily associated with communism.

The red star was returned to the bottle in 1991 after the fall of the Soviet Union. 

Varieties Of Heineken

Varieties Of Heineken

Standard Heineken beer can be bought in bottles, in cans, kegs or on draught. There are also several different varieties of Heineken beer that you can try. 

Heineken 0.0 

This is a non-alcoholic beer from Heineken that was launched in 2017. It was made to taste as close to the original Heineken as possible without containing any alcohol.

It has less calories and sugar, and it is considered to be better for you than most soda. This is ideal for people who are health conscious or the designated driver who isn’t able to drink.

Heineken Silver 

This is a version of original Heineken beer that is designed to be extra refreshing. It is brewed at colder temperatures and has a more subtle flavor.

It also has a lower alcoholic percentage than standard Heineken, which is ideal if you don’t want to get drunk too quickly. 

Heineken Extra Cold 

This version of Heineken is available from certain pubs and bars. It is served colder than usual to make it even more refreshing, but is made slightly differently so that the flavors are inhibited by the cold temperature. 

Heineken Dark 

This was a limited edition darker lager from Heieneken. It was amber in color rather than golden, medium bodied rather than light, with a distinctive malty flavor.

There were tasting notes of mocha and tobacco and it was very well balanced. It was only brewed for a few years in the 90s. 

Heineken still produces a dark beer called ‘Oud Bruin’ which is inspired by traditional European/Dutch style dark beers.

It has a dark caramel color and a sweet flavor due to the dark malt and hops used to brew the beer. It is also sweetened with extra sugar. This beer has a lower alcohol percentage than standard Heineken at just 2.5%. 

Heineken Premium Light 

This is a diet-friendly version of Heineken which contains fewer calories, less carbohydrates and has a lower alcohol percentage than standard Heineken.

It doesn’t taste exactly like the original, but it is very similar and is still very crisp and refreshing. Heineken use their signature hop blend to create the light yet bitter flavor that they are known for, but with less calories. 

Heineken Tarwebok 

This was a limited edition autumnal copper beer brewed by Heineken that was discontinued in 2020. It was full bodied, spicy and had a strong aroma.

It had some bitterness balanced with sweetness, and tasting notes of nuts, caramel and coffee along with the warm spice. It was 6.5% which is stronger than standard Heineken. 

Heineken And Sports 

Due to sponsorship and advertising, Heineken has been closely associated with sporting events including UEFA, the Rugby World Cup, Formula One, and the Canadian Grand Prix.

Heineken has also been featured in 7 James Bond films since 1997 alongside premium cars and designer clothes- this helps to perpetuate the idea that Heineken is a very desirable drink. 


Heineken is a refreshingly crisp Dutch pale lager that is extremely popular all over the world. It was originally brewed in Amsterdam but it is now brewed in many different countries so it can be enjoyed by everyone.

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