What Is A Blonde Beer? Everything You Need to Know!

If you are a regular beer drinker you have probably heard people refer to different beer in a variety of different ways.

What Is A Blonde Beer? Everything You Need to Know!

This is because there is a massive variety of different beers available and because of this it is understandable that people may not know what all of these terms mean. 

While not knowing what a term for a type of beer means will do nothing to stop you liking it, if you know the properties of a certain type of beer.

You might be able to work out what specifically you like about it and then use this knowledge to help you find other beers similar to it which you can guess you will enjoy.

A common term to describe beer is blonde beer. While it is quite clear to understand that this beer is named after its appearance, there are plenty of other unique factors which make a blonde beer a blonde beer.

This article will cover the characteristics of blonde beer and what makes it so popular. If you have any questions about blonde beer keep reading!

What Is Blonde Beer?

Blonde beer as a title is an umbrella title for a lot of different styles of beer, these types of beer include, blonde ale, golden ale, as well as American ale.

These terms are sometimes treated interchangeably so if you hear one being used as a substitute for the other this is why.

While beer making in general has been around for centuries, making blonde beer is much less historical in comparison.

Blonde beer is one of the more new methods of making beer and has only been around since the early 1800s originating in North America.

It is told that brewers of craft beer introduced this style of beer into the American market as a method of pulling the market away from more mass-produced beer like pilsners or lagers and instead to prefer more specialty beer which was designed to look and taste much better than the mass-produced alternative.

But what actually makes blonde beer, blonde beer?

The beer, as previously mentioned, is named after the color of its appearance which is a distinct blonde color which is often toned a light yellow, a pale orange, with deep gold highlights.

While the range of the beer’s color appearance is part of what defines it, there are other characteristics of this style of beer which makes it stand out from other styles.

There is actually a body called the BCJP (Beer Judge Certification Program) which set what the standards are for categorizing beer and its different styles.

This board has a specific set of guidelines which are used to define a beer as a blonde beer.

The Appearance Of The Beer

When you are referring to the appearance of a specific style of beer, this is not just in reference to the color. You are also acknowledging the clarity of the beer as well as its head.

The BJCP give blonde beer a color number 18 which is using the standard reference method which is a chart used to categorize the color of beer specifically.

At a number 18 the beer has a pale yellow appearance with crisp gold tones and a clear appearance. The head of a blonde beer is typically snow-white and medium-sized with a good level of retention.

The Aroma Of The Beer

The Aroma Of The Beer

After you have acknowledged the appearance of the beer, the next step is to acknowledge the aroma of the beer.

The aroma of the beer will reveal what has been used to brew the beer and what ingredients were included. Different aromas for beers include malty, fruity, hoppy, floral, and spicy.

If a beer is blonde, it is usually expected to have either a fruity or hoppy aroma with notes of a malty aroma.

These blonde ales will also not have any diacetyl, if this were the case, the beer would be more caramel than blonde. The general standard is a fruity, malty, and hoppy blend of aromas.

The Flavor Of The Beer

Of course the flavor is one of the most important aspects of a beer and because of this is one of the key requirements for defining a blonde beer.

Beers all have diverse ranges of flavors and blonde beers are not excluded from this. Like the previous step, the flavor of the beer relies heavily on the ingredients which were used in the brewing process.

When it comes to a blonde beer, the flavor tends to be sweet with malty and caramel hints.

The beer will have a lasting taste within the mouth which is also a defining characteristic. This lingering taste is defined by being both sweet and dry.

The Mouthfeel Of The Beer

Mouthfeel is another factor which is often used to define different types of beer, this of course, as the name suggests, is how the beer feels when it is inside the mouth.

Beer is popular because of its unique mouthfeel, so it is understandable that this is one of the characteristics which is used to define different types of beer.

When you are tasting a blonde beer you should be able to recognize a middling level of carbonation as well as having a body between a light and medium range.

The blonde beer should go down smoothly and will have a dry aftertaste. Blonde beers also stand out for not having the bitterness which define a lot of other types of beer.

What Is Blonde Beer Paired With?

One of the best ways to appreciate different types of beer is to pair them with a meal or food which they specifically match.

While there are different foods which will match more specific styles of blonde beer, generally speaking, pairing a blonde beer with chicken is particularly complimentary as well as meals like pasta, or seafood.

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