Visit Hardywood Brewery


As someone who appreciates beer I’ve always been fascinated by the history and artistic creations that come with craft breweries. Hardywood Brewery, a gem in the world of craft beer has a captivating story that matches the quality of their brews. Established in 2011 by Eric McKay and Patrick Murtaugh this Richmond based brewery has quickly gained recognition in the industry.

The moment you step foot inside Hardywood Brewery you can sense the passion and dedication poured into every glass. It’s not merely a place to grab a beer; it’s an experience. The air is filled with the aroma of hops and malt while lively conversations among fellow beer enthusiasts create an inviting ambiance.

What sets Hardywood Brewery apart is their commitment to sustainability. They have taken measures to minimize their environmental footprint by incorporating solar panels for energy and implementing water conservation strategies. It’s truly inspiring to witness a brewery prioritize responsibility while still delivering exceptional beers.

Beyond their eco friendly initiatives Hardywood is renowned for its inventive range of beers that cater to various preferences. Whether you enjoy indulging in stouts hoppy IPAs or refreshing lagers there’s something special waiting for everyone, at Hardywood.

We mustn’t overlook their innovative seasonal releases and partnerships with local businesses, which always bring an element of excitement to the mix.

As I take a sip of their flagship beer the Singel I can’t. Admire the skill and attention to detail that goes into each batch. The flavors are intricate the texture is smooth and luxurious. Theres a lingering sense of pride with every sip.

Hardywood Brewery is more than a place that brews beer; it’s a gathering spot where beer enthusiasts come together to enjoy exceptional brews and celebrate the artistry behind craft beer. I’m eagerly looking forward to exploring more, about Hardywood Brewerys captivating journey and their remarkable selection of beers.


When you delve into the history of Hardywood Brewery, its truly captivating to witness how a shared vision and passion for crafting beer transformed into a thriving reality. Established in 2011 by Eric McKay and Patrick Murtaugh this brewery based in Richmond swiftly carved out its place within the world of craft beer.

From its beginnings to its present day status as a beacon of innovation and sustainability Hardywood Brewery boasts an enthralling narrative. The brewerys roots exemplify the founders unwavering commitment to producing beers while prioritizing environmental stewardship and active community involvement.

The early days of Hardywood were characterized by experimentation, boundless creativity and an unwavering dedication to ensuring quality. As I delve further into their journey it is truly inspiring to witness how their steadfast focus, on sustainability and diverse range of beer offerings have played pivotal roles throughout their remarkable trajectory.

It’s truly fascinating to think about the thrill and obstacles Eric McKay and Patrick Murtaugh must have faced while exploring the craft beer industry perfecting their brewing techniques and creating a community of beer enthusiasts who appreciate their brews.

With Hardywood Brewerys continued success every sip of their signature beers, seasonal offerings and collaborative creations goes beyond being a beverage. It becomes a way to connect with the brewerys past and the unwavering commitment of its founders.


Exploring the world of craft beer is always a journey and Hardywood Brewery has definitely made a lasting impression on me. The fascinating tale of this brewery, which was established in 2011 by Eric McKay and Patrick Murtaugh speaks volumes about their commitment to excellence and creativity.

Entering Hardywood Brewery feels like entering a realm of possibilities. The enticing scent of hops and malt fills the air creating an atmosphere that’s simply irresistible. It’s not a place to enjoy a beer; it offers an experience that truly leaves a lasting impact on everyone who visits.

One aspect that truly sets Hardywood Brewery apart is their dedication to sustainability. Their use of panels to power their facilities and their strategies for conserving water are just some examples of how they have embraced environmental responsibility. It’s truly inspiring to witness a brewery that’s not only devoted to crafting exceptional beers but also making a positive contribution to the environment.

Hardywood Brewerys commitment to innovation and diversity shines through in every sip. Whether you prefer stouts hoppy IPAs or crisp lagers there’s a beer available, for every taste preference.

Their seasonal releases and collaborations, with businesses ensure that there is always something new and exciting to try keeping the experience fresh. When I take a sip of their flagship beer the Singel I can’t. Appreciate the skill and attention to detail put into each batch. The rich flavors and smooth texture truly showcase the expertise and craftsmanship that define Hardywoods brews. Beyond being a place to enjoy beers Hardywood Brewery is a community where beer enthusiasts come together to celebrate the art of craft brewing. It is truly an honor to explore the world of Hardywood Brewery and share their journey and outstanding range of beers they offer.

Brewery Locations

When it comes to exploring the world of craft beer one aspect that always catches my attention is the geographical reach of a brewery. In the case of Hardywood Brewery their influence goes beyond their physical location in Richmond. They have successfully built a following and their philosophy resonates with beer enthusiasts nationwide which explains why Hardywood Brewerys popularity continues to grow.

Richmond, where Hardywood Brewery was born serves as the hub for all their brewing operations. The citys lively culture and deep appreciation for craft beer create an environment for Hardywood to thrive. Their headquarters in this city exude the same energy and passion that is reflected in their exceptional brews.

Although Richmond remains their home base Hardywoods beers have captivated people beyond state borders. Thanks to their distribution network beer lovers, across the country can now indulge in the unique flavors and remarkable quality that define Hardywoods offerings.

Whether you find yourself in the heart of Virginia or out on the West Coast there’s truly nothing like savoring a delicious Hardywood brew.

As I reminisce about my experience with Hardywood Brewery I can’t help but be amazed at how their commitment to delivering top notch quality has struck a chord with beer enthusiasts all across the country. The community that has formed around Hardywoods beers goes beyond boundaries; it’s a tight knit network of individuals who share a genuine love, for exceptional craft beer.

Sustainability Efforts

When it comes to sustainability efforts Hardywood Brewery has truly become an example in the craft beer industry. Their dedication to reducing their impact is clearly demonstrated through various initiatives, such as utilizing solar panels to power their facilities and implementing strategies for water conservation. Seeing a brewery prioritize responsibility while also maintaining exceptional beer production is not only inspiring but also sets a standard for others to follow.

In addition to their initiatives Hardywood Brewery stands out for its innovative and diverse selection of beers. Whether you’re a fan of stouts hoppy IPAs or crisp lagers they offer something to suit every palate. The brewerys imaginative seasonal releases and collaborations with businesses consistently bring fresh and exciting flavors to the table enhancing the overall beer drinking experience.

As I take a moment to savor a pint of their flagship beer the Singel I can’t. Be amazed by the craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into each batch. Enjoying a Hardywood brew is more than indulging in delightful flavors; it’s an opportunity to connect with the brewerys unwavering commitment, to excellence and innovation.


Collaborations play a role in defining the vibrant essence of Hardywood Brewery. It’s not about brewing new beers; it’s a celebration of community and shared passion when they team up with local businesses and artisans. These partnerships bring a touch to their beer offerings combining creativity and expertise in delightful ways.

When Hardywood Brewery collaborates with entities it’s like unlocking a treasure trove of flavors and stories that reflect the essence of these partnering businesses. Each sip becomes a journey through the combined craftsmanship and artistry leaving a lasting impression on beer enthusiasts.

Exploring these creations at Hardywood Brewery is like embarking on an adventure where you uncover the dynamic connections that have shaped their beers. The infusion of perspectives and talents adds an extra layer of excitement, to their already innovative lineup ensuring there’s always something new and intriguing for beer lovers to discover.


After exploring Hardywood Brewery I am truly impressed by their unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation and sustainability. The journey through Hardywoods history from its beginnings to its current status as a craft beer leader has been incredibly inspiring.

I deeply appreciate how they prioritize responsibility evident in their use of solar power and water conservation efforts. Its truly heartwarming to see a brewery that not produces outstanding beers but also strives to make a positive impact on the environment.

Hardywood offers a range of beers that cater to various tastes and preferences. Whether you enjoy stouts, hoppy IPAs or crisp lagers there’s something for every beer enthusiast. Their seasonal releases and collaborations add excitement. Ensure an ongoing exploration of new flavors.

As I take the sip of their flagship beer the Singel it serves as a reminder of the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into every batch produced by Hardywood Brewery. It’s more, than a beverage; it represents their relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation.

Furthermore what sets Hardywood apart is their dedication to collaborating with businesses and artisans which brings a distinct aspect to their beer selection. This collaboration creates a combination of imagination and expertise enhancing the overall experience for beer enthusiasts.

As I leave Hardywood Brewery I am not filled with memories of exceptional brews but also a deep admiration for a brewery that seamlessly integrates the art of craft beer, sustainability and community into its remarkable fabric. Hardywood Brewery isn’t a place to enjoy beer; it’s a testament, to the incredible impact passion and innovation can have in the world of craft brewing.