The First Ever Los Angeles Craft Beer Crawl


Hey there beer lovers! Today, I want to share my personal experience of the first-ever Los Angeles Craft Beer Crawl. As a self-proclaimed beer enthusiast, I couldn’t contain my excitement when I heard about this event. It was an unforgettable day filled with great beer, vibrant atmosphere, and new friendships forged over our shared love for craft brews.

The Los Angeles Craft Beer Crawl took place on a sunny Saturday afternoon in the heart of downtown LA. The event featured a lineup of some of the best local breweries, showcasing their unique and flavorful creations. It was a perfect opportunity for beer enthusiasts like myself to explore LA’s booming craft beer scene.

As I arrived at the starting point of the crawl, I was immediately greeted by a lively crowd of beer enthusiasts, all eager to embark on this adventure together. We were each given a specially designed taster glass, which added a sense of camaraderie among the participants.

The first stop on the crawl was a brewery called Golden State Ale Works. It was a cozy space adorned with vintage beer memorabilia and a bustling taproom. I couldn’t resist indulging in their flagship IPA, which had a perfect balance of hop bitterness and citrusy notes. The friendly staff shared their brewing process with us, making the experience even more enjoyable.

Next, we made our way to Eagle Rock Brewery, a local favorite known for its innovative and experimental brews. The atmosphere here was electric, with live music playing in the background and patrons engaged in lively conversations. I tried their seasonal farmhouse ale, infused with hints of local fruits, which was a refreshing and delightful surprise.

As the crawl continued, we found ourselves at Mumford Brewing, a trendy spot known for their bold and flavorful stouts. Here, I sampled their rich and velvety coffee stout, brewed with locally sourced beans. It was like sipping a delicious cup of joe infused with the essence of beer—a heavenly combination.

Our final stop was Indie Brewing Company, a hidden gem tucked away in a converted warehouse. Despite its unassuming exterior, the brewery boasted a wide selection of unique beers. I opted for their hazy IPA, bursting with tropical fruit flavors. It was the perfect way to end the crawl, leaving a lasting impression of LA’s thriving craft beer community.

The first-ever Los Angeles Craft Beer Crawl was a resounding success, leaving participants like myself with incredible memories and a newfound appreciation for the local breweries. It was an opportunity to not only explore the diverse range of craft beers but also to connect with like-minded individuals who shared the same passion.

If you’re a beer lover visiting Los Angeles in the future, I highly recommend keeping an eye out for the next Craft Beer Crawl. It’s an experience you won’t want to miss. Cheers to the vibrant craft beer community in LA and the joy it brings to us beer enthusiasts!