The 8 Best Beer Fridges

You may not realize you need a beer fridge. The routine may be buying the odd beer or six in the buildup to a long weekend. As soon as you get home there is the mission of having to find a space for them amongst groceries.

Yet once they are gone what are you going to do? Go for the wine? Head out to the grocery store AGAIN?

That is far from ideal for a holiday weekend. Or that big barbecue you have been planning. Ten guests, all needing a space for their six-pack of cans, that soon adds up.

Yet you still need your fridge for the meat and veggies. Your guests are not going to toast your hosting skills with warm beer.

A beer fridge will give you that extra space and more options. The next time you go to the store, grab a six-pack of your favorite beers then think of which others you would like quick access to.

Decide on a beer fridge then you can leave some room for your guests whenever they decide to head over.

Best For Garages

The garage may be the best place in your house for your beer fridge. Away from your busy home and out of sight. Fancy a beer after a long day working on the car?

Or after finally finishing that DIY job? With a stainless steel door, the Frigidaire Mini Fridge is a low-budget option you can rely on.

While testing this product we found that this is the fridge if you do not want to be showy.

It is the solid option that has removable shelves that make it straightforward to clean and offers a different space. Yet it still has different temperature modes to set it just how you want it.


  • Stainless Steel Door - For protection and durability
  • Temperature Modes - Choose from Max, Med, and Min depending on how cold you want it
  • Removable Shelves - Easy to clean and maintain


  • No Light - You will need to ensure that the light is on to fully appreciate the contents

Best For Parties

Not everyone may want a beer at your party. You may try to persuade them that this latest IPA really is worth trying yet they still just want some chilled wine.

If you need to find a compromise then opt for the EdgeStar 30-Inch Wine and Beverage Center. With some room for 28 750ml wine bottles and 86 12 oz cans, you still have a great choice.

With a wide temperature range, you can keep your beers ice-cold while your wine bottles are slightly-chilled for cellaring. Now that is thoughtful.

There is even a space at the bottom for a few oversized bottles like still or sparkling water which we tried while testing. You can’t say your guests did not have options.


  • Wide Temperature Range - You can customize the temperature of your wine for cellaring
  • Security Lock - Keep your beverages safe and secure with a security lock
  • Oversized Bottles Shelf - Store larger bottles on the bottom shelf


  • Price Tag - This beer fridge is at the higher end of a budget but it is worth it

Best For Portability

If you are heading for a picnic and just need a few beers on the go then you need portability. The Astroai Mini Fridge has a six-liter capacity which should be enough for a picnic.

You can even set the temperature just how you like it if you need the beers to be ice-cold quickly. Then there is a cute carry handle which we found makes the fridge so easy to pick up.

The design of this mini fridge makes it easy to move and effortless to place. You can keep it on a desk, in the car trunk, or even in the office. With an insulated design, you can be assured that the contents will remain cool.


  • Digital Temperature Control - Set the temperature as cold as 35°F
  • Carry Handle - Pick it up and carry it easily
  • Modern Design - Round corners make this a fashionable fridge wherever you put it


  • Limited Space - Six liters may not be enough

Best Large Capacity

We know what you are looking for; the fridge that can hold the most cans. How about 126, is that enough capacity for you? NewAir has just the beer fridge for you. It measures 18.4 by 18.4 by 32.9 inches so you’d best make room for it.

Use that room well as each of the four storage racks are removable for having the space just how you want it. Six-packs, big bottles, even your array of snacks.

With custom cool temperature control you can set it to your perfect temperature from 37°F to 64°F. For such capacity, in our experience of this product, we found it remarkably quiet with a 35dB compressor.


  • Huge Capacity - Roomy enough for 126 cans
  • Customizable Thermostat - Seven settings to choose from to have your beers as cold, or not so cold, as you want
  • Quiet - The compressor operates at 35dB which is whisper quiet


  • Tricky Door - May be difficult to put back after opened

Best Large Capacity

You may only have a narrow space for your beer fridge. A tidy spot where you know a cold beer is just about in reach. Only 15-inches is the room you will need for the Lanbo Beverage Cooler which makes it a neat-fitting beer fridge.

The features are neat too in our experience of this product. A carbon filter to absorb odors and maintain the freshness of your fridge.

That’s whenever you open the double pane tempered glass door. A digital touch control makes it simple to choose your temperature, all 70 cans if you want.


  • Carbon Filter - Will absorb bad odors and keep the fridge fresh
  • Double Layer Door - Protect your beers with an anti-UV double pane tempered glass door 
  • Digital Touch Control - Choose from a temperature range between 37.4 and 64.4°F. 
  • Compact Size - Good for a small spot yet still has a 70 can capacity

  • Tricky For Certain Containers - Large bottles of juice may struggle to fit 

Best For Compact Design

For a fridge that you know you should be able to store compactly in various places, there is this one. If you can fit a large box, you can fit The Kismile Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler.

Even with that compact design, this is still a beer fridge that can hold 60 cans. Ideal if you need a spot to relax away from prying eyes.

This beer fridge is also quiet in its discretion. When operated it should only emit 40dB which we found to be pretty quiet. There is a blue LED that makes it easier to find without having to turn the light on.


  • Compact Box Design - At 1.6 cubic feet this is an ideal sized beer fridge for a small spot
  • Powerful Compressor - Will cool your beer quickly with little noise
  • Blue LED - Makes finding your beers easier at night time


  • Not Cold Enough - The temperature can go as low as 39°F which may not be cold enough

Best For Safety

Some beer fridges get your beers just the way you like them. If you wanted extra control on the temperature in your fridge then the Zephyr Beverage Cooler is one of the most accurate.

Internal sensors see to that and ensure that your cans are ideally cold. They should stay that way too which a door alarm to let you know when it has been open for three minutes.

Close that door and let PreciseTemp technology do its job. You can even give your favorite beers that extra touch with a full-extension wood rack which we really liked in our testing.


  • Door Alarm - The door will emit an alarm if the fridge is opened longer than three minutes
  • Wood Rack - A full-extension black wood rack for your preferred beers
  • PreciseTemp - Accurate temperature control from several internal sensors


  • Difficulty Sliding - If the shelf is fully loaded it may be difficult to slide out

Best Mini Beer Fridge

Granted, this is not the smallest beer fridge around but as a mini, the Concord 20 Liter Mini Fridge works really well. In our experience, this was one of the best-designed mini-fridges with plenty of competition.

Choose from pink, blue, black, and white yet the stylish design looks great in any color. If you want to impress then just take a look at that glass front.

The mini-fridge is lightweight too at 13.6 pounds making it ideal for trips. The real genius is in the dual-core cooling that is quiet, eco-friendly, and efficient. Room for your beers, a few snacks, and more.


  • Lightweight - Should be easy to carry with the handles at 13.6 pounds
  • Stylish Design - Pastel color and a nifty digital temperature control for a cute look
  • Dual-Core Cooling - A smart semiconductor makes this mini fridge ultra-quiet and eco-friendly


  • Excess Condensation - There can be too much water at the bottom after some time

Buyers’ Guide

Should you be considering buying a beer fridge and, let’s face it, if you are reading this you probably are, think about the size.

Consider where you are going to be put it. Is this going in the garage on top of the counter? Is it going in the closet to be brought out for trips? Or is it going to take pride and place in your kitchen or man cave?

The 8 Best Beer Fridges

A beer fridge that is ideal for trips is likely only going to be two square feet in size, if that. Do note that you will have to carry it, with your beers inside. That’s another point to consider, the actual contents of your beer fridge.

A lot of the models are designed for small 12 oz. cans yet if your taste differs then try to find one with removable shelves. You may find that for a party or barbecue you need to make up some room. Perhaps for an oversized bottle of water, maybe even a bottle of champagne.

If you are a canned beer kinda guy, look for those shelves, and don’t worry if you cannot move them.

Should you like a few bottled beers consider whether they need to be stored upright to ensure the best taste. Just as if you need to accommodate wine and guests, you should look for a more versatile solution.

Having a beer fridge can mean the simple pleasures of having your beer as cold as you want. No more worrying about a frozen lettuce at the back because you wanted your lager ice-cold.

In your own beer fridge, you can set the temperature how you like it depending on which beers you enjoy. They are also great for entertaining, especially if you have a large group of friends who all bring their own beer.

Having a beer fridge can be a great way for you to enjoy a beer, and to enjoy them with your friends too.

Freestanding Fridges

With a freestanding beer fridge, you are essentially making a statement. “This is where I keep my beers and don’t they look cool”. All of them in fact as some can hold up to 120 cans. If you are considering a freestanding fridge you likely want all the features to keep your beer cool.

That will include numerous temperature controls, ideally specific zones to keep various beverages at different temperatures. Freestanding fridges can also be moved easier than built-in fridges.

You have the option of having it in your kitchen but if necessary, you could move it to the cellar. Or your garage, even your man cave.

Built-In Fridges

For a built-in fridge, you should be thinking of the shape. If this beer fridge is going into the kitchen you need to ensure that the exact measurements add up so it fits. Ensure that this sizing up accounts for opening the door too.

The likelihood is that the fridge is going under a kitchen cupboard so ensure the design is equally accommodating.

With a built-in fridge, you have extra accessibility. Instead of bending down to a ground level to grab a bottle from the bottom shelf, this can be easier on your back. Having it off the ground means opening the door, grabbing the bottle, and then closing the door. Simple enough and gentler on you.

Mini Fridges

If you are considering a mini fridge the likelihood is you need one for convenience. With such a limited space, these are great for trips and picnics.

You may find that it spends more time being switched off which is fine, a lot of mini fridges have quick start-up cooling. That is great for convenience and you may even find space to cool your glasses.

Several portable mini fridges come with dual-voltage options. This makes it even easier to plug them in at someone’s cabin, a campsite, even a picnic site. The mini fridges also excel at design as, unlike larger fridges, it’s unlikely that they will feature a glass door.

These do tend to lack a lot of extra features so as long as you are happy with limited temperature ranges then go for it.

The Cooling System

A lot of the price points will be based on this one feature; effectively judging how cold and how energy-efficient the fridge is. Smaller fridges will likely use a thermoelectric system which can only get to around 50°F.

That may be the right temperature for you yet compressor coolers can go a lot colder. Efficiency-wise, you may even find a mini fridge with a semiconductor which is great for the environment.

The type of beer that you drink may be factored in to which cooling system you go for. A nice cold lager should normally be ice-cold for extra refreshment. However, a stout or a heavier beer should probably only be served just under room temperature.

Any colder and it may impact the taste. If you want to showcase a barrel-aged beer then serve that slightly colder but not too much.

The same thinking applies to wine too. White wine should be chilled and ideally served ice-cold, similarly to lager for that crisp taste. However, red wine is stored at cellar temperature so should only have a slight coolness.

The Doors

Your decision on the doors will likely be based on how discreet you want your beer fridge. A lot of people want to show off their taste in beer so opt for a glass door. These can be double-paned and made from tempered glass for increased strength.

Better doors should also protect your beverages from harmful UV rays. These glass doors are usually surrounded by metal for extra security and protection. You should also look for doors that are frost-free as these will continue to keep the air circulating.


Beer should be treasured and if you have kids you will probably want to keep your fridge off-limits. You may even want to back away from a glass door so your offspring do not even know what’s in there.

A security lock is one feature to look out for if your beer fridge is just for you and you only.

Mandy Winters