The 7 Best Champagne Glasses

If you are celebrating a special occasion most likely there are going to be bubbles involved. Be it for a toast, pre-dinner drinks, or for general enjoyment having champagne at your event brings an element of sophistication and class.

While choosing the right type of champagne is important, it is equally important that you consider what glass you will be serving your guests their drinks in, but don’t worry, we have done the hard work for you.

To give you more time for party planning all you need to do is look at this guide that explains the different types of champagne glasses, the 7 best champagne glasses as well as tips and frequently asked questions.


This stunning glass exudes elegance with a modern touch. This set would make a stunning gift for a special occasion.

Each glass holds 6-ounces and comes with a satisfaction guarantee. You know your champagne will taste perfect in these modern style flutes.


These stunning lightweight glasses transport you back to the times of the speakeasies. This German made set of champagne coupes can hold 9.5-ounces per glass.

They are made from Tritan crystal and are dishwasher safe but do take care when placing the glasses in due to the slim stems.


Schott Zwiesel makes gorgeous champagne glasses, in all three styles, so it is no surprise to see their name appear again on this list.

A gorgeous tulip glass design, the perfect accessory for a toast or a special occasion. This glass can hold up to 10-ounces of your champagne of choice.


Stemless champagne glasses are becoming more popular due to their stable and ergonomic design, preventing any glasses from shattering on your special occasion.

These glasses can hold an impressive 8.5-ounces and with the tall, slim bowl it helps to keep your bubbles fizzing for longer. These glasses are made in the USA and are lead-free and dishwasher safe.


These budget-friendly champagne flutes are fantastic! They are German made and the manufacturer claims that “each glass is designed to enhance beverage taste and experience.”

Each glass in the set of four can hold 7-ounces and an added bonus is that they are dishwasher friendly.


If you live a more minimalist lifestyle maybe you would rather have a glass that champagne can be served in that wouldn’t alter the taste but would also be suitable for other drinks.

This Austrian made glass is like a larger version of a tulip champagne glass. The StandArt is a sturdy glass that has a capacity of 8-ounces. As well as being suitable for other tipples, this glass is also dishwasher safe, saving you time and storage space.


If you are throwing a larger party often disposable glasses can be extremely handy. You can recycle them at the end of the night or wash and re-use them.

These glasses are worthwhile if you are doing a champagne toast as often glasses are set down when they are finished and can fall and break if they are not cleared up straight away.

By using a plastic disposable glass you avoid this issue. This glass holds 5-ounces of your bubbles of choice.

Top Tips For How To Serve And Handle Champagne

  1. Keep your bottles of champagne in a cool dry place
  2. Ensure your champagne is chilled
  3. Serve in appropriate glassware
  4. Drink by itself, it is an elegant beverage that should be enjoyed without the interference of another taste
  5. Pour an entire glass in one go, topping up champagne glasses that still have champagne left only ruins the taste and causes the fresh champagne to lose its bubbles faster
UsefuThe 7 Best Champagne Glassesl information about champagne glasses and a list of the 7 best champagne glasses.

Types Of Champagne Glasses

If you are serving champagne it is important to have the right glassware. There are three types of champagne glasses that are typically used.

These are the champagne coupe, flute, and tulip. Each has a distinctive aesthetic but are classy in their own right. Find out more about each glass below.

Champagne Flutes

Flutes are an icon of luxury and class. Aesthetically they are very elegant with a medium to long length stem and a slim bowl.

The narrow bowl combined with the length makes this type of glass the best to drink champagne from as the bubbles don’t have a far distance to travel to bounce against the inner edge of the flute.

This means that champagne stays fresh for longer, helping to avoid that bitter taste stale champagne can run the risk of developing. 

Coupe Champagne Glasses

These glasses have some history behind them as it is rumored that the shape of a coupe glass was modeled after none other than Marie Antoinette’s breast.

This rumor may not be true but it does wonders for the reputation of this glass as you imagine sipping champagne in the company of royalty in Versailles. The coupe is sometimes referred to as a champagne saucer as a result of the wide and shallow bowl common to these glasses.

These glasses are usually shorter than champagne flutes and as a result, are not as efficient in preserving bubbles in champagne. It is useful to pour small amounts when using coupe glasses to ensure the beverage does not go stale.

Tulip Champagne Glasses

This style of glass is very similar in stature to a champagne flute but there is a difference in the bowls of these two styles of glasses. Flutes are tall and narrow but tulip glasses are wider at the mouth of the glass and taper in at the mouth.

Many wine connoisseurs look more favorably on tulip glasses rather than the classic champagne flutes because they think the aroma of the champagne can develop more in a tulip glass, giving more of a thrill to the senses when enjoying a glass of bubbles.

Now that we have broken down the different types of champagne glasses you may be wondering where you can get these luxurious beverage holders.

We have compiled the seven of the best champagne glasses and found one for every genre imaginable, from disposable to stemless, coupe to flute. There is something for everyone in the list below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Glasses Are Best For Champagne?

Tulip-style champagne glasses are recommended as the best style of glass for champagne. The tall shape allows the bubbles to flow and the aromas of the drink to develop to the fullest extent.

Are Stemless Champagne Glasses Good?

Some believe that stemless champagne glasses are in fact sturdier than champagne glasses with stems. This is because the weight distribution in a stemless glass is more even than in a stemmed glass.

Why Does Champagne Taste Different In Different Glasses?

It is true that champagne does indeed taste different depending on the glass it is served in. That is why it is important to have the right glassware to serve your bubbles in.

Champagne tastes the best when drunk from a champagne flute as the tall shape of the glass makes it best for preserving bubbles and keeping the fizz in your champagne until the end of your glass.

Should You Refrigerate Champagne?

Yes, champagne should be refrigerated so that it is chilled before serving. Ideally, you should serve your champagne at an optimal temperature of between 8 degrees and 10 degrees.

Does Champagne Expire?

If your champagne remains unopened the expire will depend on what vintage it is. If it is vintage champagne you will be able to store it for five to ten years. If the champagne is not vintage it should be consumed within three to five years of purchasing. 

What Is The Difference Between Vintage And Non-Vintage Champagne?

While it may be perceived that vintage champagne is an old bottle of champagne this is not what makes it vintage. Vintage champagne is made from grapes from one single year.

There is no blend and it is champagne in its purest form. Non-vintage champagne, or NV champagne, is a blended version of champagne, it is made from harvests from a number of different years.

Vintage champagne is dated and there will be a year stamped somewhere on the bottle, this is the quickest way of telling if your bottle is vintage or not.

What Is The Best Way To Store Unopened Bottles Of Champagne?

It is best to store unopened bottles of champagne in a dark place and away from any direct sunlight.

Dark places are recommended as the sunlight can alter the internal temperature of champagne which would affect the taste and spoil the champagne before opening and enjoying the bottle.

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