The 7 Best Beer Growlers

Have you ever been in the unfortunate position of wanting to bring some draught-beer home from your favorite microbrewery but not had the means to do so? An exclusive draught that could very well run dry and be gone by tomorrow.

Or, are you a homebrewer who would like to bring the fruits of their labor to a friend’s place but don’t have anything in-house to transport your brews?

In steps the beer growler to save the day and the beer and make sure that you’re sipping the freshest draught you can possibly be. The craft beer scene is on an absolute tear at the minute and this means that beer drinking paraphernalia is currently popping off too.

That’s why we’ve been busy compiling a varied selection of the best beer growlers found online. Our list is a mix of tapped, pressurized, insulated, stainless steel, and classic glass growlers to suit every beer drinker’s needs and taste. 


In the beer transportation world, it doesn’t get much better than the uKeg by GrowlerWerks.

Their patented pressurized carbonation system is at the top of its field, maintaining freshness and optimal carbonation for weeks at a time (not that you’ll need it to polish off it contents). 

At 64oz, it fits a nice and considered four pints to send you on your merry way, but not tip you over the edge either.

With double-walled stainless steel vacuum insulation, the uKeg is purposed with keeping beer icy cold and, talking from experience, will make its proud owner the envy of many.

It also comes wrapped in a super-durable powder-coated finish and features rubber footing to remain firm and sturdy in precarious situations. Just be mindful that this beer-storing epic does require CO2 food-grade chargers that are unfortunately sold separately.


  • Patented carbonation system - keeps beer fresh for weeks
  • Double-walled stainless steel vacuum insulation - keeps beer cold
  • Rubber footing - grips surfaces


  • CO2 chargers sold separately - extra cost for you


Slightly stretching the limits on what the traditional growler represents, NutriChief is paving the way into the future of beer transportation. Their pressurized growler tap is basically a mini keg that can be whisked away to any place that deserves it.

Coming in at a commendable 128oz this beautiful thing can fit 8 pints - the equivalent of two regular growlers. It will also keep your beer fresh and vacuum pressured for a staggering two months.

This really is an essential piece of kit for every homebrewer who likes to take their hard-earned efforts away from the home to get feedback from friends on their brews.

It also has an upgraded adjustable regulator that can monitor the growler’s PSI against the standard gauge. 

This helps to dial in the ideal pressure and rotate the adjuster, allowing you to enjoy the perfect beer with the perfect head, every pour.

A truly innovative machine that will help you to reach your beer-brewing potential and get a reputation around town for being a man/ woman who not only loves their beer but loves sharing it too.


  • 128oz capacity - fits 8 pints
  • Adjustable regulator - monitors PSI against standard gauge
  • Top faucet handle - helps you to pour beer more precisely


  • Expensive


Stanley is the kind of drinkware brand that we can confidently skip the introduction for. Their insulated beer growler is, just as you would expect, a premium product that ticks all the boxes.

Made of high-grade 18/8 BPA-free stainless steel, this growler can handle being dropped on its head and keep your beer safe, sound, and secure. The heavy-duty clip-shut lid makes this growler 100% leakproof and, therefore, great for taking on the go.

Some of that well-documented Stanley magic comes to the for when considering the double-wall vacuum insulation of this growler. It can keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours, hot for 18, and chunks of ice frozen for up to 4 days.

It also comes approved for the dishwasher and in three on-trend colors to make sure you find your preferred beer storing companion.


  • Double-wall vacuum insulation - keeps beer cold for 24 hours
  • Dishwasher approved - easy to keep clean and saves you time and energy
  • 100% leakproof lid - great for taking on the go
  • Choice of 3 colors - personalize your growler


  • Not pressurized - doesn’t keep beer carbonated


There’s a lot of truth behind the saying that you can’t mess with a classic, and Picnic Time’s glass growler is exactly that - a classic.

Designed in a style that is reminiscent of industrial times, this amber translucent glass growler offers a vintage aesthetic with a few modern touches.

It comes 100% recyclable and is ideal for bringing some fresh draught home from the brewery to polish off in an afternoon of beer drinking delight.

The glass construction is 100% UV protected which is ideal for transporting beer without fear of its alpha-acids being damaged by direct sunlight sun.

This high-grade glass is also chemically non-reactive to sunlight which means it’s both safe for the environment and to consume for as long as you care to keep it.

The integrated handle and screw cap both help to complement its vintage appeal and suit the craft beer scene down to a fresh and frothy tee.


  • 100% recyclable - a smart choice for the environment 
  • Vintage aesthetic - suits the craft beer scene 
  • 100% UV protected - sun won’t damage beer alpha-acids


  • Made of glass - has the potential to smash
  • Not insulated - doesn’t keep beer cold


There’s a certain rustic charm about this insulated growler by DrinkTanks that really came to life when we were pouring our favorite golden ale from it.

The stainless steel of the clip-shut lid, the industrial handle, and the premium stainless steel construction blend very well and create a stylish growler for the modern adventurist.

This premium adventure-orientated growler features double-walled vacuum insulation to keep your brews chilled in any environment. Another feather in the cap of this impressive growler is its leakproof dual-bail cap.

This secure system is not just great at keeping beer from escaping and stinking out your bag on route to your campsite, but it also helps to preserve the beer’s carbonation much longer than any screw cap can.

Choose between a compact 32oz two pint-size or the more standard 64oz size to look good and feel better as you walk to wherever you’re going with your cold carbonated brew tucked safely under your arm.


Termed the Travel Keg, this growler benefits from a beer dispensing faucet which does away with the need to open your growler and let the precious internal carbonation escape.

This patented Keg Cap system also features a tube that helps you to pour your beers easily and efficiently. Keeping beers cold for 45 hours and fresh for up to 30 days, this impressive growler has got its priorities straight.

Just in case you needed any other convincing, the growler comes approved for dishwasher use and is made of premium 100% BPA-free stainless steel, ensuring it will be an invaluable part of any expedition from here on out.

With internal ounce markings helping you to perfect your pour or that favorite cocktail with precision, this really is a remarkable growler that has thought of every detail, even the finer ones. 


Coleman may not be regarded as a pedigree brand in the drinkware and outdoor industries, but don’t discount them based solely on street-cred.

Sure, this insulated 64oz growler is almost half the price of the more premium growlers on the list, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t stand up and be counted in the departments that it needs to.

We can tell you from experience, that Coleman’s big statement of this growler keeping drinks cold for up to 76 hours isn’t as ridiculous as it sounds.

Knowing that it also keeps drinks hot for up to 41 hours helps you to understand that finding a bargain doesn’t have to mean sacrificing quality.

The bolt-on handle is purposed with handling high-impact mishaps and features a full grip section to offer confidence on the move. 

A classic growler that works great for beer, coffee, tea, water, and any other drink that you may want temperature regulated while camping out under the stars. 


The 7 Best Beer Growlers

Beer is a beverage that holds a special place in the hearts of many. Drinking your favorite beer at the perfect temperature and the correct carbonation is a beautiful thought that is almost too much to bear.

In this article, we aimed to showcase the vast beer growler market by selecting a purposeful mix of the best beer growlers for sale today.

Being sure to include premium growlers alongside a few budget-friendly types to give every beer drinker the chance to transport their favorite beer in style and grace.

Mandy Winters