The 6 Best Wine Cabinets

A sad fact for many wine lovers is that most of us lack the space (or the resources) to build a fully functional wine cellar in our homes. This means that storage is often an issue, especially if you love collecting wine

That is not to mean that you should keep your bottles on the countertop or in the refrigerator. Regardless of your budget, including a wine cabinet in your home decor will help you stay organized while also enhancing the beauty of the space. 

It is important to note that wine cabinets are not designed to act as wine cellars. While these pieces of furniture provide plenty of storage, they lack the cellar conditions like darkness and humidity. This may have an impact on how the wine tastes when it's opened. 

Naturally, as with any storage solution, it is vital to understand which of the several wine cabinet models is most suited to your specific needs.

That is why, regardless of the size of your living space, we have made this list of the best wine cabinets for storage in your home. At the end of this article, we have added a buyer's guide so that you can see all of the essential features of wine cabinets. 

Here are the 6 best wine cabinets that you can buy right now!


Are you working with a limited budget but still looking for practical and nice-looking wine storage options? The Paxton Cabinet from 2L Lifestyle is ideal for you.

Perfectly designed to fit in any small space (12.6 inches D x 19.1 inches W x 37.5 inches H), this simple yet attractive wine cabinet may hold anywhere from six to twenty wine bottles and eight to twelve wine glasses.

It keeps all of your wine and glasses protected in the sturdy case. 

This wine cabinet is made of high-quality MDF wood, has been assembled with precision and care, and the paint and smooth surface are covered by a high-quality lacquer finish.

This helps to keep the paint and smooth surface looking as good as new even after extensive use.

Designed with small living spaces in mind, this simple-to-install cabinet may be utilized practically everywhere, from living rooms to kitchens to even hallways. 

It includes open shelves for wine glass and x design wine bottle storage, an upper shelf with a built-in stemware holder to securely display your wine glasses, a lower shelf to store your favorite wine bottles, and an additional pull-out drawer to keep your bar accessories close at hand.

Wine stoppers, wine corkscrews, and other bar-related items, such as additional wine glasses may all be stored in the pull-out drawer of this cabinet.


  • Ideal for smaller homes - if you don’t have a lot of floor space, then this is an excellent option as it can fit practically anywhere, including hallways
  • Lacquered finish - keeps the cabinet looking clean and new for longer
  • Good quality - made from good quality material, this cabinet is pretty durable and should last you a long time


  • Assembly required - putting together furniture is quite annoying and takes a while, but according to customers, this cabinet is especially hard to assemble. 

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Adam Bar with Wine Storage

It might be difficult to choose the best location for wine storage, especially in a tight living area with little floor space. If this is an issue for you, then maybe you should get this Adam Bar cabinet.

The Adam wine storage cabinet lets you incorporate a bar into your home without taking up a lot of room in the process.

This item, which is constructed of wood with a distressed finish and x-shaped patterns on the base, has a coastal farmhouse vibe to it. A single door in the base opens to reveal an adjustable shelf where you may keep your additional barware, liquor bottles, or mixers.

Featuring five slots for horizontally storing bottles, as well as adequate space for extra wines in the box's base, this cabinet is a great addition to any wine collector's home.

Double shelving gives enough bar top space, and hanging storage at the top allows for seamless glassware storage. All of this is situated in front of a wall of reflecting mirrored panels for a polished look. 


  • Loads of storage - this is thanks to the double shelving inside the unit that has plenty of space for all of your wine and other items.
  • Long lifespan - as this cabinet is made of wood, you do not have to worry about any rust that often happens with metal cabinets. This along with the durable materials used means that this cabinet will last a long time.


  • No drawers - this may not be a big issue to you, but all of the storage in this cabinet are shelves and there are no draws, which can make storing away or finding a place for smaller wine items like corkscrews a bit more difficult.


After your experience with a Sorbus storage or shelving unit, you'll understand why the company is such a well-known name in the wine industry. 

In terms of style, this is a very plain rack that can hold up to 12 bottles. It is also on the more cheap end of the spectrum compared to a lot of other products, which is nice. There is no way to go wrong with this wine storage solution. 

As a stand-alone rack, it does not take up a lot of space in your home or workspace. For those who are new to wine collecting and aren't sure how far they want to take their collection, this would be an ideal pick for them to start with.

The assembly is simple and does not necessitate the use of any special tools at all.

The fact that this wine rack is sturdy, stable, and from a well-known brand while yet having a smaller capacity is a huge bonus for any wine collector. 


  • Detachable/stackable - you can detach and re-attach each layer of this rack, making it bigger or smaller depending on your needs. 
  • Very sturdy - made from high quality and strong metal, this is a very durable and sturdy product. This will survive any accidental drops without denting, and the wires cannot be twisted out of place either
  • Good for beginner collectors - if you have just started your wine collection and do not know whether to keep going with it, this rack is perfect as it is able to expand with your collection without you having to spend even more money on new wine cabinets


  • Shelves do not lock - This is a bit of an issue as it makes the rack a bit more wobbly and less safe


Metro Wire Wine Racks

Even though they are not necessarily preferred for front-facing storage (such as in a living room or dining room), these Metro Wire ultra-durable wine racks and shelves are great for wine collectors who acquire big quantities of wine but have nowhere to put the bottles. 

Home improvement projects such as cellar building, basement storage, and closet space are all great uses of this product. 

When used for bottle storage, the bottles are set at a perfect 10-degree angle to guarantee that the corks remain wet during the storage time. The shelves can contain up to 15 cases of wine. 

In temperature-controlled systems, it is vital to have airflow, and the open-wire design of these shelves makes it possible for this to happen.

Although the shelves are basic and have no decoration, if you are after simple storage, this is the perfect product for you. Wine may be placed both on its side and upright, like how it would be handled for in-store inventory purposes.

Additionally, you may get a unit that can be stowed in a closet or that can be used as a pantry, so you can keep it out of sight if you want to. 


  • Restaurant grade - from small independent restaurants to bigger food chains, almost every business uses this product for storage. And because they are built to be used in the food industry, they are very strong and durable and can survive almost anything.
  • Loads of storage - how much wine you can store will depend on the model that you get, but the bigger ones can store 15 cases of wine at a time.


  • Expensive - though it has a very simple design and has no flashy decoration, this cabinet is very expensive. This is because it is used mainly in restaurants, and so they can charge more. The price is also due to the materials used, as they need to be of very good quality to survive in a kitchen. This might be a plus to you though as the product will last a long time.

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Modular Bar 36" System

The Modular Bar System is one of the best wine cabinets on the market because it combines usefulness, versatility, and beauty. 

Aside from its stunning look, this wine cabinet comes packed with features that any wine lover will appreciate. Starting off, this wine cabinet can hold 24 wine bottles within the grid area of the cabinet.

If you have more than that though, you will be able to fit many more standing up.

In addition to choosing between an open hutch or a glass door for your unit, you may choose between three different base options in three different colors.

Each of the cabinet's three drawers is veneered and bottom-mounted, and it has an adjustable shelf for displaying and storing wine bottles. 

There is enough room for six to nine wine glasses in the open hutch, and the adjustable levelers give stability on uneven surfaces.


  • Plenty of storage - able to hold 24 bottles on the grid, or much more standing up, you have loads of space for your bottles. There is also shelf and drawer space for your other essential wine items.
  • Some color options - most cabinets come in a white, black, or basic wood grain color. With this one, there are a few color options to choose from, so you can pick one that matches your home's interior best.
  • Customizable - this is one of the best things about your cabinet, as you can design the storage to fit around your needs.


  • Expensive - this cabinet was designed by Pottery Barn, and like a lot of their products, this cabinet is very pricey.

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West Elm Mid-Century Bar Cabinet

Made of eucalyptus wood that has been kiln-dried, this antique-looking wine cabinet is gorgeous and will complement any home's decor. It is available in a variety of colors and finishes. This cabinet features two shelves, a wine slot, and several hanging cubbies, making it great for storing bottles and glasses of all shapes and sizes.

This is an excellent option for people who are looking for wine storage that doesn't look like wine storage at all. Made in a Fair Trade Certified manufacturer and finished with a water-based acorn finish, this piece is sure to please.


  • Small - being 31.8” W x 18.8” D x 35.2” H, this cabinet is very small and would be ideal for those with a small space to fill.
  • Nice design - this does not look like a wine cabinet, but rather a sleek storage cabinet. The wood design makes it look like an antique.


  • Cannot hold a lot - this is the smallest cabinet on this list. It can hold a few bottles, but if you have a large collection this is not the cabinet for you.

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Buyer’s Guide

Here are the essential features that you need to consider when buying a wine cabinet.

The 6 Best Wine Cabinets


When buying a cabinet, you need to think about what you want to put in it and how much will fit. Wine cabinets often offer a variety of storage options, from shelves to drawers, to hooks to hang glasses on. 

Even small cabinets can offer a surprising amount of storage if they have been designed correctly, which means that those with smaller spaces don’t have to miss out. 


You most likely have an idea about where you want the cabinet to go, but if you do not, you should decide before buying the item. Wine cabinets come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and there will be many out there that will fit into your space. 

Even if you have a smaller home, that does not mean that you have to go without it. There are many smaller wine cabinets out there that offer ample room for all of your wine-related items without taking up too much of the valuable floor space. 


Almost all wine cabinets come in a combination of wood and metal, though you can get cheaper ones made of laminate or other items. The better the materials used, the more durable the cabinet will be, and it will probably look better than cheaper ones as well. 

However, these ones are also very heavy, so moving them around if you are moving or having a switch-up in your home will be very difficult. 


Wine cabinets come in a range of prices, though you will typically find them for $500 - $2000. Their price will depend on the brand, as well as the materials used in the construction. Heavier and stronger materials like metal will cost a lot more than vinyl or laminate wood. 

Final Thoughts

There you have it — 6 stunning wine cabinets suitable for almost any application, no matter how large or small your wine collection is. Cheers!

Mandy Winters

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