The 14 Best White Wines

There is a huge misconception that red wines are more fun, varied, and interesting than white wines. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. White wines are some of the most exciting and versatile tipples out there!

Due to the fact that white wines are often best served chilled, and often boast refreshing and zingy citrus tones that pervade the palate, they also make a perfect choice for the warmer summer months.

Whether you’re looking for your new favorite beverage to enjoy on a casual Friday evening, or you’re looking for a bottle that will truly blow your dinner guests away, you should check out the list of the 14 best white wines below. There is something for everyone!


Liquid Farm Golden Slope Chardonnay 2017

We just had to kick this list off with the Liquid Farm Golden Slope Chardonnay 2017. This wine is one of James Sparks’, highly acclaimed winemaker, most notable creations.

If you’re a white wine fan, you’re likely dying to try this tipple to see what all the fuss is about!

This wine has a medium gold color and provides bright and uplifting aromas of lime and hazelnut, with undertones of toasted honey and salted caramel.

It is particularly light, creamy, and gifts the drinker with a wonderfully long and layered finish.

If you’re looking for a delicious wine to serve at a dinner party, this one pairs particularly well with pork, rich styles of fish (including salmon and tuna), and poultry. It also works wonderfully with most vegetarian plates!


Antinori Castello Della Sala Carvaro Chardonnay 2018

If you’re looking for a wine from a business that you know you can 100% trust, it doesn’t get much better than the Antinori Castello Della Sala Carvaro Chardonnay 2018.

The family has been in the business since the 1300s, so they know what they’re doing!

This wonderful white wine has notes of apple, vanilla, pear, hazelnut, and oak. It has a wonderfully buttery finish with hints of chamomile.

It is a very elegant, full-bodied wine with a richness and verve that is pretty unrivaled. And, it will get better over the years!

Being an Italian wine, it makes sense that it pairs beautifully with Italian cuisine. We recommend serving it with tomato pasta dishes, cured meats, or lean fish. It also works great with appetizers and vegetarian plates. 


Domaine du Salvard Cheverny Blanc 2018

The Domain du Salvard Cheverny Blanc 2018 is made from a combination of Sauvignon Blanc grapes, plus a few from Chardonnay. As a result, this wine is truly a treat for the senses!

It has an intense aroma and sharp acidity. It has notes of citrus and tree fruit, with pear, peach, green apple, and lemon being dominant. IT also has a great minerality and is very light in color.

We recommend serving this wine with anything spicy. The acidity cuts through the spice and the product is just wonderful. It also works well with shellfish, pork, goat's cheese, and vegetarian dishes. 


Zocker Paragon Vineyard Gruner Veltliner

If you’re looking for a round and energetic wine, you will love the Zocker Paragon Vineyard Gruner Veltliner.

The family that runs Zocker, the Nivens, introduced the planting of wine grapes in the Edna Valley many decades ago, so they really know what they’re doing!

It has bright lemon and lime aromas with a strong element of white peppers. The flavor is truly a fruit cocktail. It boasts notes of ripe lemon, fresh orange peel, and tangerine, with a light element of coconut.

This wine pairs beautifully with a huge range of cuisines and dishes. However, it pairs especially well with poultry, seafood, and dishes with Mexican-style spices. It also works great as a pairing to a good charcuterie board. 


Decoy Chardonnay 2018

If you’re a fan of red wines (see also our article on Cannonau wine), you may have heard of Decoy. It is generally recognized for its great range of reds, however, the whites provided by this producer are also notably great - and they’re available at a great price point!

This wine is deliciously bright. It offers notes of apricot, citrus, and green apple. IT also boasts subtle hints of cinnamon and honeysuckle. The pure fruit flavors and delicate acidity are lovely on the palate.

This white works gorgeously with rich fish dishes. We love pairing it with a creamy salmon pasta plate. However, it also works great with poultry, pork, and particularly rich vegetarian dishes. 


Brick House Ribbon Ridge Chardonnay 2019

Doug Tunnell founded The Brick House Vineyards in 1990, and it has now been a certified organic vineyard for around 30 years. They also have a biodynamic certificate, so this vineyard is something special!

This wine was barrel fermented in neutral French oak cooperage. It has completed a full fermentation cycle, which provides a rich, round, and finished style of wine.

It is a savory Chardonnay that boasts bright citrus and stone fruits on the palate.

This pairs well with many different types of cuisine. However, we recommend that you serve it with fresh, seasonal vegetarian dishes. It also works wonderfully with light poultry and seafood dishes.


Domaine Huet Vouvray Moelleux Le Haut-Lieu 2018

If you’re looking for a sweet wine that isn’t dry at all, you will love the Domaine Huet Vouvray Moelleux Le Haut-Lieu 2018.

This wine is pretty complex on the palate and has lots of verve and finesse.

It has a gorgeous aroma of pear, quince, and white blossoms. On the palate, this wine has a lingering piquancy and a stimulating salinity.

This is a charming 2018 wine that has fine tannins, good tension, and really great aging potential.

This wine pairs especially well with mild and soft cheese, so be sure to serve it the next time you make a cheese board! It also works well with salmon, chicken, and many different styles of vegetarian dishes. 


Domaine de Montille Bougogne Blanc Clos du Chateau de Puligny-Montrachet 2019

This producer was one of the first producers to take on an organic and biodynamic style of farming in the Burgundy area. Now, their reputation precedes them. Their wines are known to be approachable and have great aging potential.

This wine shows definite floral and mineral characteristics on the nose. On the palate, it has a long and buttery tone with bright and zingy citrus notes.

This wine is fairly affordable, however, it really can stand up to the best of them.

We recommend pairing this wine with Italian cuisine. It works perfectly alongside cured meats, pasta, and shellfish.

It also pairs wonderfully with mild and soft cheeses, to make sure this wine is around the next time you serve up an Italian feast!


Pikes Hills & Valleys Riesling 2018

If you’re a fan of dry wines, it’s likely that you’ve heard about Pikes. This producer has gained an international reputation for its dry Riesling. Each of their wines is made with the aim to illuminate the unique nature of the region.

This wine has amazing aromas of stone fruit, citrus, and slate. You also experience a touch of florals and bath powder.

On the palate, you are inundated with notes of lemon, lime, and stone fruit. It has a crisp acidity that balances the subtle sweetness perfectly.

We recommend serving this wine with appetizers at a dinner party. It also works gorgeously with most h’ordeuvres, particularly those that include shellfish.

It also works great with pork, poultry, and cured meat dishes. 


Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc

If you’re looking for an innovative and affordable white wine, you need to try the Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc.

Although New Zealand isn’t the first place that comes to mind when you think of Sauvignon Blanc, you will be taken aback by the quality of this wine.

This wine boasts fresh, vibrant aromas of citrus, tropical fruit, and crushed herbs. On the palate, it has ripe flavors of passion fruit, melon, and stone fruit, making it incredibly refreshing and juicy.

The most surprising thing about this wine is its price point. It is incredibly affordable but of great quality.

It pairs well with pretty much anything, but it works especially beautifully when paired with super fresh seafood dishes. 


Schloss Gobelsburg Gruner Veltliner 2018

If you’re looking for a top quality veltliner, look no further than the Schloss Gobelsburg Gruner Veltliner 2018.

Veltliners are light and crisp with primary notes of citrus and white pepper - and this wine is exactly that.

In fact, this producer was named one of the top 100 wineries of the year two years in a row, so you know that you’re receiving a quality bottle.

This wine is incredibly fragrant with fine stone fruit notes. It has layers of subtle undertones and has a lovely lively finish.

This wine pairs well with a range of different meat and fish dishes. It works beautifully with pork, poultry, and cured meat. It is also a great match for lean fish plates such as cod, sole, flounder, or tilapia. 


William Fevre Chablis Champs Royaux Chardonnay 2018

If you’re looking for a wine that will surprise you, you need to check out the William Fevre Chablis Champs Royaux Chardonnay 2018.

This wine will re-write everything you thought you knew about Chardonnay.

This wine is from the Chablis region, which is one of the cleanest and most precise variations of Chardonnay.

William Fevre is a well-known producer that has received and continues to receive, yearly critical acclaim.

It has a subtle tangerine and lemon aroma that is bright and refreshing. Whereas, on the palate, it is concentrated, juicy, and super fresh. We recommend serving this wine with mild and soft cheeses, or whitefish. 


Chateau d’Yquem ‘Y’ Ygrec Bordeaux Blanc

If you are looking to splash the cash on a bottle of delicious dry white wine, you will absolutely love the Chateau d’Yquem ‘Y’ Ygrec Bordeaux Blanc.

This is a pretty rare find so be sure to pick it up if you spot it! It is currently one of the most popular dry white wines.

This wine has a light yellow color with a gold hue. On the nose, there are notes of apricots, honey, spices, mint, oak, and earthy minerals.

It has a richly concentrated taste of peaches, apricots, pears, oak, bay leaf, spices, clay, and a solid level of acidity.

With this wine, we recommend that you serve chicken, duck, or other game birds. It also works beautifully with pork and veal.

Due to the texture of this wine and the acidity, it will also work well with creamy dishes such as risotto, fettuccine Alfredo, and mildly spiced curries.


Flat Top Hills Sauvignon Blanc 2018

Finally, we couldn't finish this list without including the Flat Top Hills Sauvignon Blanc 2018.

If you are a lover of Sangria (and, who isn’t?), then this wine will make for the perfect base. It is less dry than a normal Sangria wine, but after you’ve tried it, you won't be able to go back.

This wine has notes of lemon blossom, jasmine, and a stony mineral tonality. The texture is crisp and tart.

It also has strong citrus notes, particularly tangerine, lime, and pineapple. This wine is particularly lively and makes for a wonderful addition to a party.

As previously mentioned, this wine makes for an excellent Sangria base. However, it is also a wonderful wine to consume by itself!

It works particularly well with goat's cheese, so makes for an excellent pairing for some h’ordeuvres. It also works great with shellfish. 


Whether you’re typically a red wine lover looking to branch out, or you are a long-time fan of white wines and you’re on the hunt for your next favorite tipple, we hope that you like the sound of one of the gorgeous options listed above.

Mandy Winters

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