The 12 Best Flavored Vodkas

The 12 Best Flavored Vodkas (1)

Flavored vodkas are growing in popularity because people want to drink alcohol but still enjoy the sweet taste. These drinks tend to have a low calorie count and contain no artificial ingredients. People who drink these drinks also tend to be healthier than those who drink other forms of alcohol such as beer.

Vodka is an alcoholic drink made from fermented grain (usually wheat) or potatoes (see also 'Vodka And Whiskey: The Differences And The Similarities'). Flavored vodkas are typically sweetened, but may also be flavored with herbs, fruit juices, spices, and other ingredients. 

Overall, there are many types of alcohol, including ethanol, methanol, ethyl alcohol, methyl alcohol, and propanol. Some common drinks include beer, wine, whiskey, rum, gin, tequila, brandy, liqueurs, and others.

But, today, we will be focusing on flavored vodkas. So, sit back and enjoy our list of the 12 best flavored vodkas on the market.

Who's Drinking Flavored Vodka?

The ages of vodka drinkers range from young to old. Whilst many young people start their drinking experiences with vodka, consumers aged 35-41 make up the largest share of vodka purchases. As for flavored vodka, younger consumers drink less.

With this in mind, let’s look at some delicious flavored vodkas for you to try this weekend!


At only 60 proof, this Ketel One expression is crisp, vibrant, smooth, and welcoming. Cucumber and mint essential oils are used to make it (no additives). In other words, this is the summer spirit for you if you enjoy lightness and garden-fresh flavor.

In the Collins style, this cocktail is constructed of vodka, simple syrup (dissolved sugar and water - equal parts), soda water, and a little lemon juice. To put it another way, it's light and refreshing.


La Poire is a versatile vodka that goes well with many ingredients. The pear-infused vodka was created by combining fresh pears with vodka. This recipe was used for the creation of this drink. Gray Goose is a vodka made by the French company Pernod Ricard.

It is distilled from grain alcohol. It is usually served chilled or very cold. Furthermore, it comes in many flavors such as apple, blueberry, cranberry, grapefruit, lemon, lime, mango, passion fruit, pomegranate, raspberry, strawberry, vanilla, watermelon, etc.


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This product is an organic vodka infused with four different types of basil. The taste profile is clear basil, but the complex combination of herbs give it extra depth that makes it versatile in cocktails.


The 12 Best Flavored Vodkas

Citrus vodkas aren't all made equal. When blended with lemon juice, a simple syrup, and triple sec in a Lemon Drop, this bottle outperformed all of its competitors in a blind tasting panel of bar professionals.

For a honeyed pucker, this Ketel One expression combines four varieties of lemons, largely from Sicily, alongside two types of limes. It's equally delicious on ice as it is in citrus-based drinks.


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Square One Cucumber Vodka is an organic rye vodka infused with the essence of cucumbers. It takes three years for the master distiller to capture the true cucumber essence.

Some others have tried to copy it but failed. None of them could capture the genuine aroma and bright tastes of fresh cucumber.

If you're in search of a citrus flavored vodka, you should try this one. Hangar One is made using a kind of lime popular among Thai cooks.

The result is a limes flavored vodka that tastes nothing like Jolly Ranchers. This drink is available in 750ml bottles. This product is handcrafted by a company that plants a tree for every single bottle.


It's "smooth and friendly" at only 60 proof because of the natural cucumber and mint essences (no additives). In other words, if you're looking for a drink with a light flavor and garden-fresh aroma, this is a great summer spirit.

A simple cocktail that includes vodka, simple syrup (equal parts dissolved sugar and water), lemon juice and soda water is a refreshing and easy way to use this bottle. 


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This vodka is delectable. It's uncommon for something to grab your attention as much as this does! With its “genuine, gorgeous, honest grapefruit flavor," reviews such as this shows how beloved this vodka is.

When combined with fresh grapefruit juice in the form of a Greyhound or Salty Dog, you can't go wrong. You may also try it in Abou-Luce Ganim's del Sol cocktail, which includes honey syrup, Aperol, lemon and orange juice.


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Hanson of Sonoma produces exquisite, authentic flavors. The Habanero pepper is a spicy, flavorful pepper.

For a spicy spirit with a hint of lemongrass, this vodka is made in Sonoma County and infused with locally sourced, organic chiles—habaneros and seven other varieties—for a fiery spirit. 

In a Bloody Mary, it balances the fruitiness of the tomato juice with the heat of the Tabasco and horseradish. We recommend adding a shot of beef broth to produce a wonderful Bloody Bull.


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Many enthusiasts describe this vodka as "a superb depiction of one of my favorite citruses." The acidic, sweet namesake fruit dominates this Effen rendition, which also has rich orange and vanilla undertones.

It's made with wheat from France and distilled in the Netherlands. Although blood oranges are winter fruits, you can combine the fruit's natural juice with this flavored vodka at any time of year by using fresh frozen purées.

Mix it with a little club soda or even some sparkling wine for a great fizz.


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This Effen bottle strikes a balance between the "true portrayal of the vegetable" and the base alcohol.

It's enjoyable to mix it with various spirits in cocktails, he says, especially in the winter when fresh cucumbers aren't always available.

You can also enjoy it in a Vesper, where the gin complements the cucumber flavor of the vodka.


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Vanilla vodka has a long history and is just as beneficial as citrus-flavored vodka. It was one of the first flavored vodkas, and it's been used in cocktails for decades.

It goes well with fruity drinks like the porn star martini, as well as warm drinks like coffee and cream, chocolate, and other decadent mixers.

Vanilla vodka comes in a variety of flavors because of its lengthy history in the bar. Despite the competition, Absolut Vanilia maintains its position at the top of the rankings.

Absolut's standout flavor, offering the naturally sweet taste of vanilla beans against its Swedish-distilled vodka, has been a leader in vodka for a long time.

It's also one you can rely on. And, you’ll be pleased to know that Absolut's flavors are all manufactured using natural ingredients.


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This vodka with a candy flavor is sweet, but not as much as some of its competitors. It's a fantastic way to quickly spike your coffee because the whipped cream flavor is balanced and light enough to even mix well with other drinks such as sodas and berries.

Smirnoff doesn't say what's in their vodka, only that it's "infused with natural flavors" and that it's kosher and gluten-free. It has a low alcohol by volume (ABV) of 30% (60 proof) and a lot of sugar, based on the flavor.

It's tremendously enjoyable if you use it in cocktails like the whipped sunset for the decadent vodka that it was supposed to be.

Flavored Vodkas Future

Flavored Vodkas are expected to grow each year because consumers want healthier and tastier alternatives to traditional spirits. Brands are adding more natural ingredients to their drinks, such as fruits and herbs. Some companies are also making their flavored vodka available in cans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Flavored Vodka Weaker?

No, it's usually the same... just with added seasoning.

You can get alcohol in a variety of strengths. Take a look at the proof, which is a measurement of the amount of alcohol in a drink. The higher the proof, the more alcohol is present. Divide the proof by two to compare to the alcohol content of wine or beer.

The alcohol content of 80 proof vodka is 40%. For grocery store sales, some alcohols are diluted to 40 proof (depending on state law) (20 percent alcohol). Some vodkas are sold with a greater proof of 100. (50 percent alcohol).

Does Infusing Vodka Add Calories?

One of the nicest aspects is that, as compared to regular vodka, most infused vodkas have no added calories. If you're not sure what flavor-infused vodka is, look for vodka beverages that include flavored sugar syrups added after the fermentation and distillation procedures.

Can You Drink Flavored Vodka Straight?

Flavored vodka variations can be drunk straight, as the flavor is already infused into the vodka, allowing you to drink it straight without any additional mixers.

There are many vodkas on the market that taste great on their own. The only way to find out which tastes good to you is to try them for yourself! 

Are Flavored Vodkas Sweet?

Flavored vodkas have a lot of sugar in them. However, the lack of a nutrition label makes it all too easy for us to think that a shot's nutritional value is the same as, or very close to, the plain, harsh-tasting vodka you're trying to avoid. The simple version is just under 100 calories per shot and contains no sugar.

How Are Flavored Vodkas Made?

Almost all flavored vodkas are made using base vodka and extracts or chemical blends. Only a few vodka brands add flavoring, such as Absolut, Gray Goose, and Smirnoff.

Final Thoughts

If you feel you need to broaden your horizon in terms of the vodka you taste, then it is definitely worth considering purchasing one of these flavored vodkas. All of them offer a fantastic taste that you will have never experienced before. 

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