The 10 Healthiest Beers To Try

This may sound like something beer companies have made up to sell you more beer, but trust us it’s true, it is possible to drink a beer that will improve your health. 

You can get healthier just by drinking beer! It sounds like a dream come true.

The 10 Healthiest Beers To Try

Some studies have shown that beer consumption in small amounts can improve heart health. And if we can do this by drinking healthier beers then all the better. 

Here are 10 healthier beers that you should try today. 

#10 – Purple Haze By Abita

If you like “off the wall” beer that has unique flavors you might struggle to find a healthy alternative. These flavored beers are usually full of sugars and food coloring. 

Don’t worry though, because this raspberry offering from Abita could be everything you’ve been looking for. 

This beer is filtered with real raspberries, so all the flavor is natural and so is the purple color. On top of that, it’s packed full of antioxidants and will still get you drunk – unlike a healthy antioxidant smoothie. 

  • Type: Lager
  • Alcohol content: 4.2%
  • Calories: 128
  • Carbs: 11 g

#9 – Light Lager By Yuengling

One of the problems with light calorie beers is that they tend to be light on flavor. They leave you feeling unsatisfied even after a whole pint. 

This is a problem of the past thanks to this beer from Yuengling. 

This beer may only have 99 calories but it has a rich flavor and a heavy mouthfeel that will never leave you feeling underwhelmed. 

  • Type: Lager
  • Alcohol content: 3.2%
  • Calories: 99
  • Carbs: 8.5 grams (g)

#8 – Guinness Draft

When you think of healthy beers, we highly doubt you think of Guinness. To be honest, we thought someone was pulling our leg while we were doing our research. 

This rich and creamy beer is low in calories, low in carbs, and full of antioxidant phenols – who knew?! 

This will go to your head, so make sure you don’t overindulge. Moderation is key. 

  • Type: Stout
  • Alcohol content: 4%
  • Calories: 126
  • Carbs: 10 g

#7 – Good Juju By Left Hand Brewing Co

This is a pale ale take on ginger beer and Left Hand Brewing Co wasn’t wrong when they described it as spring in a can. 

If you want to enjoy a beer that is going to leave you feeling light and refreshed by the end of it – then you should be picking yourself up a can of Good Juju. 

This drink is light on the calories and ginger has a huge range of health benefits – it’s a win-win. 

  • Type: Pale Ale
  • Alcohol content: 4.5%
  • Calories: 131
  • Carbs: 5 g

#6 – Da Shootz By Deschutes

Firstly, we love that this beer is a play on the name of the company, we can’t imagine how many people have tried to spell Deschutes as da shootz on Google. 

Secondly, we love any beer that has only 99 calories a can and tastes as robust as this one. You won’t be disappointed by the amount of punch that is packed into this tiny can. 

  • Type: Pilsner (lager)
  • Alcohol content: 4.0%
  • Calories: 99
  • Carbs: 4.2 g

#5 – Light Lager By Sam Adams

#5 - Light Lager By Sam Adams

If you don’t want to commit to the high-calorie count of rich and heavy beers then Sam Adams has an alternative for you to turn to. 

It’s not as calorie-light as some of the other beers on this list, but you do get more flavor in exchange for those extra calories – just like you do with Guinness Draught. 

For a light lager, this beer does the rare thing of remaining full of flavor, despite being brewed to be lighter on the gut. 

  • Type: Lager
  • Alcohol content: 4%
  • Calories: 120
  • Carbs: 8 g

#4 – Clara By Pacifico

Many people make the mistake of thinking that light, Mexican beers are all healthy because they are so light on the tongue and you add lime – so that basically makes them a smoothie right? 

Clara by Pacifico is an exception to this rule. With less than 200 calories a bottle, it’s light, it’s fruity, and it’s kinder to your body. 

  • Type: Lager
  • Alcohol content: 4.4%
  • Calories: 146
  • Carbs: 13 g

#3 – Full Sail Larger By Session

This larger is on the stronger side but still comes with just a small amount of calories per bottle. 

This beer is everything we love about small brewing houses – from its retro labeling, its full and complex flavor, right through to its adorably shaped bottles. 

Drinking this is a completely different experience from drinking a mass-produced beer. You can’t even tell that it’s low on calories when you are drinking it. 

  • Type: Lager
  • Alcohol content: 5.0%
  • Calories: 130
  • Carbs: 5 g

#2 – Pale Ale By Sierra Nevada

This brand claims to be responsible for the rise in popularity of craft beer in America. When you drink some of this pale ale, you will understand why they feel bold enough to make that claim. 

This ale is brewed from a nearly-extinct hop that was rescued by the company and has a stubble grapefruit taste to it. Despite no flavorings being added. 

This is the perfect beer to share with friends on a sweltering summer night. 

  • Type: Pale ale
  • Alcohol content: 5.6%
  • Calories: 175
  • Carbs: 16.9 g

#1 – Light Blonde Ale By Kona

Our final suggestion really blows the others out of the water. 

This blonde ale from Kona is full of flavor and the tastes of summer. But it only has 4g of carbs per bottle and 99 calories. 

Nothing that has only 99 calories has any right to taste this good. We are pretty sure that Kona is using some form of magic to brew these beers. 

  • Type: Blonde Ale 
  • Alcohol content: 4.2% 
  • Calories: 99 
  • Carbs: 4g


There are plenty of guilt-free ways to enjoy a beer – just pick up one of the beers above and discover this for yourself.

Mandy Winters

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