The 10 Best Cocktail Shakers

We all love to impress our guests with a cocktail/mocktail evening. What’s better than delicious drinks, and the added bonus of some visual entertainment? It is guaranteed to create a brilliant atmosphere and liven up any party. But what do you do if you don’t own a cocktail shaker?

Some people try to shake drinks in jars, or put their hands over glasses and shake them, or just not shake the drink at all. This is a lackluster way of making cocktails, not to mention a messy way of doing it too!

You know you should invest in a shaker, but it can be difficult to choose the right cocktail shaker for your needs. Some are too heavy to shake in the air, some get slippy from condensation, and others are just bad at straining out pieces of fruit pulp or ice shards.

To stop you from worrying about which shaker will work best, we have narrowed down our choice of the 10 best cocktail shakers on the market! Read on to find the selection, as well as a useful guide of which features you should look out for and some frequently asked questions that we have all been wondering about. 


If you are after a durable Boston shaker that looks the part, this is the one for you. Made with food-grade stainless steel, it has been tested and approved by professional bartenders.

This set has a unique point of one shaker being weighted (28oz), and the other being unweighted (18oz). After we tested it, we found that when they are put together, it provides a tight seal to make sure no liquid drips out, but it also makes it easy to open and pour.

This shaker is easy to store, as the two halves nest into each other. So if you are on the lookout for a shaker that can make any shaken cocktail, including Daiquiris and Margaritas, go for this one!


  • Fits three cocktails - This is perfect if you are making drinks for a larger group of people.
  • Easy to get the lids apart - You won’t have to worry about the lids being stuck together because this shaker is designed to be easy to open without much extra strength needed.
  • Durable - The shaker won’t break if it is dropped or thrown around.


  • Can be quite loud - Especially if you are shaking ice in the vessel, the thin walls make the process quite noisy.


This vibrant, four-piece shaker set is the perfect addition to any party! Made out of Stainless Steel 304, it comes with two shaker tins in different sizes, as well as a Hawthorne Strainer and a Jigger with marked measurements.

The steel has a stunning, iridescent chrome finish to it, giving off a fabulous rainbow effect. This Boston shaker is double weighted, which means that it will be well-balanced when it’s being used.

As well as this, the set comes with a cocktail recipe guide. This details some of the most popular cocktails for you to try your hand at, setting you up with a great accompaniment to practice your shaking skills.


  • Comes with a jigger and strainer - You won’t have to worry about paying for the extra accompaniments with this set, as it gives you everything you need to make a great cocktail.
  • Dishwasher safe - This will save you from having to handwash the shaker, saving you time.
  • Beautiful colors - It is eye-catching for an event or just to display as a piece of art in your home.


  • Both lids are weighted - This means that the shaker can get quite heavy, especially if you are shaking it in the air for a while.


Cocktail Kingdom Koriko Shaking Tins

Cocktail Kingdom is notorious for its brilliant cocktail accompaniments, and the Koriko Shaking Tin set is no exception. Made from 18/8 stainless steel, this set of weighted tins is completely dishwasher safe and easy to use.

After we tried out this set, we found that the dual-weighting (one heavier than the other) tins made it much easier to shake our cocktails without getting an arm ache. While experienced cocktail makers may be used to weighted shakers, this just makes it that little bit smoother in getting a perfectly mixed drink.

The classic, silver aesthetic allows these shaking tins to fit in any home or bar, making them a sleek addition you have to own!


  • Dishwasher safe - This makes it much easier to clean, and saves you time.
  • Classic design - It will look beautiful in a home or bar and add a touch of modern class.
  • Dual-weighting - The mixed weights of the lids means that you get the bonus of being able to perform tricks with the weighted shaker, without having arm ache from it being too heavy!


  • Tins stick together - Some users have reported the lids being quite difficult to pull apart, which isn’t ideal when you are wanting to pour the alcohol out. 


Rabbit Twist-to-Lock Cocktail Shaker

If you are looking for a cobbler shaker that is completely leakproof, check out this twist-to-lock shaker. With its unique bayonet lid that easily screws off, you will be able to pour your drink without it spilling everywhere from its angled spout.

As an added bonus, this lid doubles up as a jigger. This saves on washing up as all of your equipment is built into one product! It is built with a double-wall for insulation, which prevents the shaker from slipping out of your hand due to condensation.

All of these amazing features make for a perfect beginner’s cocktail shaker, that is simple to use while still making professional-quality drinks.


  • Leak-free seal - This prevents any liquid from escaping, saving alcohol and stopping any unnecessary mess.
  • Twist lock cap - This makes the shaker easy to open without needing any extra force.
  • Cap doubles as a jigger - This saves you from having to buy any extra equipment to measure alcohol, as well as reducing the amount of washing up.
  • Double-wall - This prevents condensation from appearing on the outside of the shaker.


  • Hand Wash only - Handwashing a shaker can be quite tedious because you have to make sure it is thoroughly scrubbed to prevent rust.


Cocktail Kingdom Coley Shaker

This cocktail shaker is a statement piece, a work of art. Inspired by both Wondrich and Boehm’s private collections, Cocktail Kingdom has developed a sleek, beautiful shaker that is as effective as it is stunning.

It is named after Ada Coleman who made an effort to introduce the American two-cup cocktail shaker, both cups of which were made out of metal, to Britain. Designed to be easy to separate, these heavyweight shaking cups are able to hold between 1 and 2 drinks per cocktail.

They are also finished with a traditional silver plate, which helps this shaker achieve its ice-pulverizing design. However, because it is silver-plated, the cocktail shaker is hand-wash only


  • Ice-pulverizing design - This breaks down the ice while it is in the shaker, saving you from having to crush it yourself. This is particularly handy for making Mojitos!
  • Silver-plated finish - This gives the shaker a sleek finish to the design, as well as helps to prevent the shaker from rusting.
  • Heavyweight - This means that it will be easier to perform fun tricks with the shaker.


  • Hand Wash only - This can be quite time-consuming, especially if you have been making lots of sugary drinks in the shaker.


As A Bar Above says, this Boston Shaker Set is ‘heavy enough to last’, but ‘light enough to keep shaking through the longest shift’. This attractive set has a copper mirror finish, which will look amazing in your workplace (and your home).

The weighted cups are both easy to separate, and leak-proof which makes them effective for high-quality cocktails. As well as this, the Hawthorne Strainer is designed to be comfortable in the hand which means that you know you will get rid of every last bit of pulp and ice.

The double-sided jigger has measurement markings on both of its sides - these range from ½ oz to 2 oz, making it versatile for any of your cocktail needs.


  • Comes with a jigger and strainer - These bonus accompaniments will help you to make the perfect cocktail. Also, the jigger has a large number of measurements (½ oz, ¾ oz, and 1 oz, 1 ½ oz, and 2 oz), helping you to be more precise.
  • Copper mirror finish - This makes the cocktail shaker much more attractive to look at, especially for an event.
  • Dual-weighting - This helps to balance out the weight of the shaker, making sure it isn’t too heavy to shake but also making sure that you can still perform tricks with it.
  • Easy to separate - This saves you from struggling to pull the lids apart, which can sometimes be difficult.


  • Hand Wash only - This can take some time to make sure that the shaker is completely clean, otherwise it will rust and become unusable.


We have found you an unusual cocktail shaker that is made for those who are just starting out in cocktail-making. First of all, it is a glass shaker with a stainless steel cap and strainer.

The glass allows you to see your cocktail being made, adding to the excitement and drama of building your very own concoction. 

As well as this, the shaker comes with recipes on the glass. With a choice of 6 cocktails to make, all you have to do is pour in your ingredients to the line measurements on the side of the shaker and then shake it!

It is incredibly simple to use, and with its strong-sealing top and effective strainer, prepare to enjoy the best cocktail you’ve ever made.


  • Made out of glass - This means that you can see your cocktail being made which adds to the excitement!
  • Recipes and measurements on the shaker - The helpful guide to making 6 cocktails will save you a lot of time from having to search for a recipe, as well as making sure you create the cocktail accurately.
  • Strong-sealing top - This will prevent any leakage and mess.


  • Glass is easier to break - This shaker will be more fragile than the shakers made from stainless steel, so you will need to be more cautious with it.
  • Hand Wash only - You have to make sure to hand wash this shaker, otherwise the measurement markings will come off.


OXO is a brilliant company for all things food and drink, and their cocktail shaker lives up to this reputation.

Its double-wall design provides a good amount of insulation, preventing cold hands and warm drinks. The shaker’s cap doubles up as a jigger, with measurements of ¾ oz, 1 oz, and 1 ½ oz.

This is particularly handy if you don’t already have a jigger, which will save you money in the long run. The main feature of this shaker, however, is its non-slip grip.

Even if the outside of the vessel is wet, it still shouldn’t be able to slip out of your hand. This is partly due to the fact that it is made out of plastic and rubber, instead of stainless steel.


  • Double-wall construction - This prevents condensation, which will, in turn, prevent the shaker from slipping out of your hand and creating a mess.
  • Jigger cap has measurements - This saves you from having to buy a separate jigger to measure your alcohol.
  • Non-slip grip - This also helps to stop you from accidentally dropping the shaker whilst you are making a cocktail.


  • Water can get in between the inner and outer layers of the wall - You have to be careful when hand washing this cocktail shaker, as some users have said it is easy to get water stuck inside the container wall.


Elan Collective French Cocktail Shaker Set

Designed like a Boston shaker but with the look of a cobbler shaker, this hommage to the French shaker is the perfect combination of all of the best ways to make a cocktail! It is made up of two tins that, when put together, form an air-tight seal.

The shaker is a generous size, ensuring you get the most out of your hard work. All of the pieces in this set are made from durable stainless steel that is dishwasher safe.

The Hawthorne strainer has 99 spring coils to make sure that no small bits fall through into your drink, and the jigger has multiple measurements to help you be as accurate as possible when pouring.

If you are a beginner to cocktail making, this set also comes with a handy guide, which includes an introduction to shaking techniques, recipes, and easy tips.


  • Generously sized - This means that you can make more cocktails in one go, saving you time!
  • A good mix between a Boston and a cobbler shaker - You get the benefits from both of these shaker designs, especially with the tight seal and the shape of the cocktail shaker.


  • Measurement lines on the jigger are on the outside - This can make it more difficult to measure the alcohol accurately, as you won’t be able to match the liquid to the line that it is supposed to reach.


Kotai Black Cocktail Boston Shaker Set

This shaker set provides a good balance between a clean and sleek look. Half of the shaker is made from 18/8 stainless steel, and the other half is made from glass! The metal half is a sophisticated black color, ensuring it will look amazing in any environment.

This steel has been made with no seams, as well as being made with thicker gauge steel. This makes sure that the shaker will be sturdy enough to withstand lots of shaking, as well as adding some weight to the design. The glass half of the shaker is rim tempered.

This means that a lot of heat was placed on the rim area, which was followed by a cooling process. This creates a durable design, preventing the glass from breaking. So, if you are looking for a strong, modern design, the Kotai Boston Shaker is a brilliant choice.


  • A mix of steel and glass - This means that you get the best of both worlds, with the rust-free steel and the modern-looking glass.
  • 18/8 stainless steel - It is made with thicker gauge steel, which adds to the weight of the shaker. It also makes the steel lid incredibly durable.
  • Rim tempered glass - This means that the glass is more durable, preventing any unnecessary breakages.
  • Sophisticated black color - It will fit in well in any home or bar!


  • Difficult to separate - Because this design is so sturdy, some users have found that it can be quite difficult to separate the two lids.

Buyer’s Guide

If you are struggling to choose between our chosen selection of shakers, or you just aren’t sure what you need from a cocktail shaker, read this handy buyer’s guide that should help clear up some of the main things to look out for when buying a shaker.

The 10 Best Cocktail Shakers


Shakers do often vary in how much liquid they can hold. They are usually measured in ounces. A small is around 10 ounces, a medium is between 24-28 ounces, and a large is 60 ounces.

To choose between these, you have to think about how many drinks you want to make. For example, the Top Shelf Bar Supply shaker can hold up to three (maybe even four) drinks, but others will only be able to hold one or two.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to size - it just depends on what you need the cocktail shaker for! It is possible to get very oversized tins, which are great if you are looking to do a large round of chilled shots, but these aren’t seen much on the market.


Most cocktail shakers are made from metal. The most popular material is stainless steel, as this rarely rusts - particularly when it is being exposed to plenty of sugary drinks.

However, you can also find shakers made from glass and plastic. Some users find it easier to avoid plastic shakers because they are more difficult to clean. Glass is also sometimes avoided, simply because it is so much easier to break, especially if you are throwing it in the air.

Metal shakers also sometimes have the bonus of being made double-wall insulated, which prevents condensation and saves accidents. You have to check whether it is insulated though, as not all of them will be.

Ultimately, the material is up to personal preference, but stainless steel is the easiest to clean and the most rust-resistant.


The seal can be a tricky thing to navigate. The obvious reason your shaker needs a tight seal is to prevent any dripping or leaking. Not only does this waste alcohol, but it also makes your shaker, and your hands, sticky from the cocktail contents. This isn’t ideal when you are busy trying to create a magical concoction!

However, you also need to consider what having a seal too tight will mean. Sometimes, the two shaker components will be so tightly put together that they get stuck in that position.

This can be because they have frozen together, the sugary liquid has stuck them together, of the shaker lids are just not well-fitting. If this does happen to you, you can try running the lids under a hot tap to see if they pull apart.

But to avoid this problem altogether, take a look at the reviews of your chosen shaker and see what they say about the seal - whether it’s too tight, too loose, or perfectly right.


There are three options to choose from when it comes to the weight of your shaker: weighted, non-weighted, and mixed weight. While these won’t necessarily affect how efficient your shaker will be at mixing a drink, they will affect the ‘flair’ that some bartenders strive for.

For example, a weighted shaker will change its center of gravity, making it easier to perform ‘spins’ in the air. The problem with weighted shakers, however, is that it is easier for them to detach whilst they are being spun.

There is also the issue of how strong you are - if you are going to be shaking a weighted tin for quite a while, you’re going to need some muscle! Beginners generally find it easier to opt for non-weighted or mixed weight shakers, whereas professionals will lean towards weighted cocktail shakers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Double-Walled Cocktail Shaker?

A double-walled cocktail shaker has been built with two, insulating layers (walls). This helps to keep cold ingredients chilled when they are in the cocktail shaker - particularly ice.

It also stops any build-up of condensation on the outside of the shaker, because the cold temperature can’t make it through two layers of metal. This prevents accidents by ensuring you keep a secure grip on the container as you shake it. 

What Is A Cobbler Shaker?

One of the easiest shakers to find, the cobbler is a shaker that allows you to put all of your ingredients in one container to mix them, without the risk of them spilling anywhere.

It has a tapered vessel, where it is wider on the bottom and smaller on the top. Its lid has a strainer built into it, and there is a cover to pop on top of this to make sure nothing spills out.

All you have to do is put your ice, alcohol, and mixer in the container. Then you put both lids on top, and then when you are ready to pour the drink, you remove the first lid and strain the liquid out.

Where Can I Find Cocktail Recipes?

There are so many places to search for cocktail recipes. One of the best places to find one will be on the internet - it is constantly being updated with new recipes that are just waiting to be tried out, and it is a free and quick resource.

However, if you don’t have access to the internet or you want a good resource to hand, think about investing in a cocktail book. There are thousands of these for sale in bookstores, gift shops, and even grocery stores.

They will contain all of the classic recipes that have been around for many generations, and you know they will taste amazing.

Mandy Winters