The 10 Best Cheap Rums


When it comes to rum, there’s a wide range of options out there, from high-end sipping rums to affordable options that still deliver great taste. In this article, I want to share my personal picks for the 10 best cheap rums that won’t break the bank. These rums may be inexpensive, but they definitely don’t compromise on flavor. So, let’s dive in and explore these budget-friendly gems!

1. Flor de Caña 4 Year Extra Seco

Flor de Caña 4 Year Extra Seco is a fantastic entry-level rum that is perfect for cocktails. It’s smooth and versatile, with notes of vanilla and caramel. Whether you want to mix it in a Mojito or enjoy it on the rocks, this rum won’t disappoint.

2. Mount Gay Eclipse

Mount Gay Eclipse is a classic rum from Barbados that offers incredible value for money. It has a rich and complex flavor profile with hints of banana, coconut, and spice. It’s a great rum for sipping neat or for mixing in your favorite tropical cocktails.

3. Appleton Estate Signature Blend

Appleton Estate Signature Blend is a Jamaican rum that delivers exceptional quality at an affordable price. It has a warm and fruity character, with flavors of orange peel, vanilla, and baking spices. This rum is perfect for enjoying on its own or in cocktails like the classic Daiquiri.

4. Bacardi Superior

Bacardi Superior is a widely recognized rum that has been a staple in bars for many years. It’s a light and crisp rum with subtle notes of citrus and vanilla. While it may not be the most complex rum out there, it’s definitely a reliable and affordable option for your favorite rum cocktails.

5. Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum

Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum is a popular choice for those who enjoy a bit of spice in their drinks. It has a smooth and sweet flavor with hints of vanilla, caramel, and a blend of spices. Whether you’re mixing up a classic Rum and Coke or creating your own signature cocktail, this rum adds a tasty kick.

6. Plantation 3 Stars

Plantation 3 Stars is a white rum that offers great value for its quality. It’s a blend of rums from Barbados, Jamaica, and Trinidad, resulting in a versatile and flavorful spirit. With its smooth and balanced profile, it’s perfect for mixing in cocktails like the refreshing Mojito or the classic Piña Colada.

7. Goslings Black Seal

Goslings Black Seal is a dark rum from Bermuda that packs a punch of flavor. It’s rich and full-bodied, with notes of chocolate, coffee, and molasses. This rum shines in cocktails like the Dark ‘N’ Stormy or can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks for those who appreciate a strong and robust rum.

8. El Dorado 3 Year

El Dorado 3 Year is a golden rum from Guyana that offers incredible quality at an affordable price point. It’s aged for three years in oak barrels, resulting in a smooth and flavorful rum with hints of toffee, caramel, and tropical fruits. This rum is perfect for sipping neat or using in your favorite rum cocktails.

9. Cruzan Aged Light Rum

Cruzan Aged Light Rum is a versatile rum that offers excellent value for money. It has a light and crisp profile, with subtle hints of citrus and vanilla. This rum works well in a wide range of cocktails and is a reliable choice for any rum lover on a budget.

10. Brugal Añejo

Brugal Añejo is a Dominican rum that offers a fantastic bang for your buck. It’s aged for up to five years, resulting in a smooth and flavorful rum with notes of caramel, honey, and spice. This rum is great for sipping or mixing in cocktails like the Mojito or the classic Cuba Libre.

So there you have it, my personal picks for the 10 best cheap rums. These rums may be affordable, but they certainly don’t compromise on taste. Whether you’re looking for a rum to enjoy neat, on the rocks, or in your favorite cocktails, these options have got you covered. Cheers!

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