The 10 Best Boxed Wines

Are you someone who finds themselves opening up a nice bottle of wine to drink just one, maybe two glasses and then completely forget about it? I know, it sounds unbelievable for a delicious bottle of wine to be forgotten about, but with our busy lives getting in the way, it is very much a real problem for a lot of us.

This problem only compounds when you finally find the time to go back to and tuck into your wine, its flavor profile will have undoubtedly changed, and not for the better.

Especially when you consider the price of a nice bottle of wine these days, losing out on not just your wine, but the money spent on it, can be a painful mouthful to swallow.

This economically charged reason, along with a few more, is why boxed wine is fast becoming the wine of choice for many people with busy schedules and a love of wine.

Boxed or ‘bag in box’ wine producers have been on an absolute tear in recent years, winning awards and proving to the world that boxed wine is a wine of the future. Once considered inadequate and laughable by consumers and producers alike, it is now becoming much easier to find very good boxed wine.

Being more eco-conscious to produce, staying fresher for longer, and providing an easier means of transportation are but a few of the reasons why boxed wine is a wine for modern times.

In this article, we will showcase 10 of the very best boxed wines found online today. Whether you prefer a crisp rosé, the boldness of merlot, or the reliability of sauvignon blanc, we’ve been sure to include them all.

Selected from iconic winemaking states like California and Washington as well as Australia, France, Argentina, Chile, and beyond, this delicious list will have you pining for your next glass of wine, straight out of the box. 


House Wine Red Blend

House wine’s original house blend is a daring and dry red (see also 'Know Your Wines: The Driest Red Wine That Is Available Today') that will have you thankful to own a whole box of the stuff. Mixing a variety of grapes, this is a perfectly complex wine that’s been put together by the mad wine scientists at House Wine.

The tasting notes of dried fruit, blackberries, and a hint of pepper make it the ideal companion to some hearty dishes that feature beef, mushroom, lamb, and root vegetables.

Another strong sparring partner to this impactful drop is a pungent blue cheese to really rock your socks off. With an ABV of 13.1%, this delicious Chilean red has everything that you would expect from a premium boxed wine of today.


  • Very competitive price for quality boxed wine
  • A bold yet controlled flavor profile
  • Strong food pairings


An award-winning Pinot Grigio that’s harvested in world-renowned Californian appellations, need we say more? Fetching an impressive 50 gold medals since 2014, this delightfully dry white, through the years, has come to define and showcase what a Californian white is all about.

It expresses the balanced aromas of honeydew melon and pear against the juiciness of citrus and apples. Pairing well with chicken, fish, seafood, salad, and grilled vegetables this dry white is the answer to summertime dining.

Containing 3L at 12.5% ABV, it is also extremely good value for money and deserves a place in every white wine lover’s life.


  • Ideal summertime wine
  • 3L box is very economical
  • Has won 50 gold medals since 2014
  • Pairs well with healthy food


  • Not suited to red meats and strong cheese


Maison Cubi Syrah Carignan

Maison Cubi is a well-known and respected wine producer from France who knows more than a thing or two about making good quality wines. Just at the border of semi-sweet and dry, this full-bodied red blend is best paired with pork, duck, and game-bird.

That being said, it would also pair seamlessly with other meat dishes in a single sip and heartbeat. Wait for the intensity of the dark berries to knock you where it hurts then let its spicy side finish you off.

The biodegradable box will keep the Syrah Carignan free of oxidation for up to one month. Allowing you to take your time (if you can manage), with this delicious drop.


  • Stays fresh for one month
  • Pairs well with meat, in particular duck, pork, and game-bird
  • Full-bodied at 13% ABV 


  • More expensive than other boxed wines


With the equivalent of four standard wine bottles inside, this captivating Chardonnay will keep you enchanted for many glasses yet. Grown in dry and sunny conditions in the always glorious Washington state, this delicious white has benefited from the ground it was grown on.

An area with ancient volcanic activity, endless freshwater from the Columbia River, and 300 days of sunshine each year, this is a seriously seductive drop from Washington state’s founding winery.

Look out for the tasting notes of baked pear, fresh fruit, caramel, and toasted nuts to leave you in a state of hazy heaven. An All-American Chardonnay that needs to be sipped to be believed.


  • Grown in a special part of Washington State
  • Produced in Washington State’s founding winery
  • Unique tasting notes


  • No mention of ABV


One of the most recognizable and respected grape varieties in the world, Malbec is the grape on everyone’s tongue. Harvested in the home of Malbec ‘Argentina’, this ripe, rich, and smooth red is the answer to your rare steak prayers.

The bag-in-box packaging from Bota Box will keep this delectable red fresh for up to 45 days after opening. Thick and luscious flavors of blackberry jam and blueberry are present on the first sip.

Then the gentle and earthy tannins come to the for to finish you off and leave you wishing for more. The box comes 100% recyclable even down to the print that’s 100% post-consumer fiber with soy-based ink, making it a savvy and conscious choice for the environment.

Just when you thought this powerful Malbec couldn’t get any sweeter, it also has 50 ‘Best Buy’ Wine Enthusiast awards to its name.


  • 50 Best Buy Wine Enthusiast awards
  • 100% recyclable packaging
  • Stays fresh for 45 days after opening
  • Malbec produced in Argentina


  • Full-bodied 13.5% ABV is not ideal for a light lunch


Franzia has been serving the American public with boxed wine since before it was cool. A classic name that’s synonymous with college students and boxed wine converts alike, Franzia produces reliable wines for affordable prices.

Sunset Blush is their take on a classic rosé, with a delicate pink hue that is complemented by a refreshing strawberry edge. As a result, it pairs well with lighter foods like a caesar salad, simple pasta, or a light dairy-free lunch.

Sunset Blush, as the name lets slip, is for those warm evenings when the sun feels like it’s never going to set and you’re feeling good and looking fly. A stunning 5L boxed wine that won’t set you back financially but will give you plenty to sing about internally. 


  • Large quantity for low cost
  • Mild flavor for easy drinking
  • Refreshing strawberry tasting note


  • Not as high quality as other boxed wine


We just love a dreamy back story to wine and Pool Boy’s Rosé has just that. Born out of a quintessential South of France dilemma, founder Maurice was enjoying a sail and toasting when the bottle of wine he was holding fell and cut his foot.

So Maurice started to formulate an idea of how a high-grade bag-in-box wine could be the greatest addition to his life since buttered baguette. Perfect for taking on the boat, down to the beach, or sipping poolside - anywhere that glass could be considered a problem, this boxed rosé will step in and save the day.

Blended Grenache Syrah and Cinsault, this classic French Rosé is bursting with the freshness and acidity that’s typical of the Provence region where it was grown.

Take this sexy-looking box along to a boozy picnic in the park or a friend’s summer pool party and the result will be the same - you will become the center of attention and intrigue.


  • Unique French Backstory
  • Classic Southern France rosé taste
  • Bursting with freshness and acidity
  • Full-bodied 13% ABV


  • Expensive for a 3L box


Block Red Shiraz

Suiting the warm and reliable climate, Shiraz is one of Australia’s best-grown grape varieties. Full-bodied at 14% ABV, unlike the down under nation, this red doesn’t like to take any prisoners.

For sale in the US under the Trader Joe name, the Block Red Shiraz has a folksy design that suits the Trader Joe aesthetic and makes you want to get back to that sweet country living (even if you’ve never been before).

A dependable red that pairs well with comforting food and cozy evenings by the fire.


  • Full-bodied 14% ABV
  • Shiraz that’s grown in Australia
  • Attractive folksy aesthetic


  • No food pairings given


Sometimes sticking to what you know and love is the way forward with wine, and this Cab Sav by Summit is like a friendly and familiar face, just tastier.

This is a classic Californian red that’s medium-bodied with notes of blackberry, dark cherry, freshly brewed coffee, and a soft finish of vanilla bean.

Sweep this Californian beauty off its feet and take it along to any evening with friends that involves good food, better company, and do it all with a cheeky and adventurist twist.

A high-spirited red that stays fresh for six weeks and lives up to its adventurist name by helping you to reach your peak.


  • Stays fresh for six weeks
  • Medium-bodied for less seasoned drinkers
  • Complex tasting notes
  • Classic Cabernet Sauvignon grapes


  • The unique flavor profile may not be to everyone’s taste


Rounding out the top 10 best-boxed wines in America couldn’t have been done with any other wine but a Franzia. This is their medium-bodied, blended white that features distinct floral aromas and fruity flavors to appease the palate and please the soul.

With 34 wine glasses in each box, this 5L box will keep your and your friend’s drinks well topped for a memorable night of catching up.

Having supplied Americans with wine for well over 100 years, Franzia is known for creating great times for unbeatable value and that’s exactly what this wonderful white is - great wine at a better price.


  • Very cheap for a 5L box
  • Medium-bodied
  • Grown and produced in America


  • Less quality more quantity

Buyer’s Guide

Wine Type

There’s no denying that most wine connoisseurs tend to sway to the rhythms and flavors of a particular type of wine. This is totally acceptable and we are in no way trying to get between you and your favorite wine.

However, pairing particular wines with certain foods, moods and seasons can enhance your time spent sipping wine.

The flavor profile of white wine tends to be heavenly paired with food that is citrusy, tarty, or fishy. Reds are all about powerful flavors and smells that compliment rich food with a deepened sense of potential. Your favorite pasta dish will soak up red wine like nobody's business.

An undeniable summertime wine, Rosé suits those times spent outside with the sun-drenched across your face. Rosé suits any dish on the lighter side of heavy with salad, young cheese, and seafood all pairing with Rosé the best.

The 10 Best Boxed Wines

Tasting Notes

After refining an idea on the wine that will accompany your next dining experience, the next step is to make sure its taste is hitting the way you want.

Wine gathers its complexity in flavor from its grape varieties, the soils they're grown on and the barrels they're aged in. Meaning this is the how, what, where, and why behind a winemaker’s artform creating tasty wine.

Almost every boxed wine will have its own unique list of tasting notes clearly labeled on the front and center of its box. This helps wine lovers to understand if a particular wine is right for them and whether they can pair it to the meal they’ve got in mind for it.

Where red wine is concerned it’s all about the dark and fruity flavors of blackberries, cherries, blackcurrants, plums, chocolate, and even vanilla.

It’s more common to see fresh and crisp tasting notes linked to the lighter and more summery wines of white and rosé. Notes of citrus, strawberry, peach, and apple feature heavily in these crips and fruity wines that give your palette a real burst of summertime freshness from every sip.

The scope for tasting notes within wine is extensive. Of course, fruity flavors are the big powerhouses of wine but delve a little deeper and there are more subtleties behind the intensity of the fruit.

Alcohol By Volume (ABV)

The alcohol content of wine is a mysterious balancing act that even expert winemakers can’t always get right. It is primarily influenced by the ripeness of the grapes come picking time.

However, to get the taste and alcohol content just right, producers are known to add water, sugar, and fruit juice to their wines in the aging process as well.

Most wine that is produced for the purpose of making boxed wine will have between 9 - 14% ABV. This variance makes it super important to know how strong your wine is, with 14% considered a potent, full-bodied drop that will no doubt give you a hazy time if not taken lightly - although we’re certainly not judging.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Buy Good-Quality Boxed Wine?

Gone are the days when you could only buy good-quality wine in a bottle. With innovative winemaking methods that are specific to making boxed wine being refined each year - boxed wine is a growing industry with an exciting prospect for the future of wine consumption. 

How Long Does Boxed Wine Stay Fresh After Opening?

Although it’s always best to check what each boxed wine is saying on the freshness subject, there is most definitely an industry standard on the subject.

You will find that the majority of boxed wines will stay fresh for at least four weeks and up to six weeks after opening. Thus giving you plenty of time to polish off a box responsibly. 

Why Is Boxed Wine So Cheap?

Against the outdated opinion that boxed wine is cheap because it has compromised wine inside of it.

The welcomed price of boxed wine has to do with the raw materials of its packaging being significantly cheaper to produce when compared to glass bottles.


As you now know, going down the boxed wine route doesn’t necessarily mean a sacrifice of quality. Sure, boxed wine may not be able to match the expensive taste of a vintage red from the Côtes du Rhône.

But that doesn’t mean it can’t give you a surefire and satisfying wine drinking time. Designed to be drunk young, boxed wines stay fresher for longer, are great for the environment, and will keep your spirits high for many nights to come.

Mandy Winters