Please Don’t Order A Black N Tan


When it comes to ordering a drink at a bar, it’s important to be aware of the choices we make. As a beer enthusiast, I have come across many interesting concoctions, but one that I strongly advise against ordering is the infamous Black and Tan. Let me tell you why.

The Black and Tan is a layered beer cocktail made by combining a dark stout beer, such as Guinness, with a lighter beer, usually a pale ale or lager. The dark beer is carefully poured first, followed by the lighter beer on top, creating a striking visual contrast. However, despite its intriguing appearance, the Black and Tan has a complex history that is deeply rooted in controversy.

The Origin and Controversy

The origins of the Black and Tan can be traced back to Ireland, where it was first created during the 19th century. The name “Black and Tan” refers to the uniforms worn by the Royal Irish Constabulary Reserve Force, a British paramilitary group tasked with maintaining law and order in Ireland during that time.

Unfortunately, this association carries a heavy burden of historical significance, as the Black and Tans were known for their brutal tactics and violence against Irish civilians during the Irish War of Independence. Ordering a Black and Tan can be seen as a disrespectful gesture towards the struggles and suffering endured by the Irish people during that period.

The Alternative: Half and Half

If you are looking for a similar combination of flavors without the historical baggage, I recommend ordering a Half and Half instead. This drink is made by combining a dark beer, such as Guinness, with a lighter beer, like Harp Lager. The Half and Half lacks the visual contrast of the Black and Tan but offers the same delightful blend of flavors.

By opting for a Half and Half, you can enjoy the rich, roasted maltiness of the stout beer combined with the crispness and lightness of the lager without unintentionally offending anyone.

Remembering the Past

It is essential to be mindful of the history and cultural significance associated with the drinks we consume. While the Black and Tan may seem harmless at first glance, it carries a heavy historical burden that should not be overlooked.

As a beer lover, I believe it is our responsibility to educate ourselves and make informed choices when it comes to our beverages. By avoiding the Black and Tan and opting for alternative options like the Half and Half, we can celebrate the rich and diverse world of beer while also respecting the history and experiences of others.

In Conclusion

The Black and Tan, although visually appealing, is a drink that comes with a significant amount of historical controversy. By choosing alternative options like the Half and Half, we can enjoy the flavors of different beers without unintentionally disrespecting the struggles of the past. Let’s raise our glasses to a more inclusive and educated drinking culture.