Mr. Beer Kit Review: Top Home Brew Choice?


Crafting your own beer at home can be an incredibly rewarding experience. We’ve been tinkering with the Mr. Beer Complete Beer Making Starter Kit, specifically the Premium Gold Edition, and it’s quite the nifty set for those just dipping their toes into the homebrewing world. The kit is straightforward and user-friendly, making it an approachable choice for anyone keen on brewing their first batch without feeling overwhelmed.

Our adventures in homebrewing were jumpstarted by this kit, which eliminates the need for additional bulky equipment. The process is condensed into a swift 30-minute brewing session, which is a huge plus for us with busy schedules. The ingredients, shaped by the experienced hands at Coopers Brewery, bring a level of quality and consistency to each brew, diminishing the risks of contamination and the usual brewing pitfalls for beginners.

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While the Mr. Beer Kit promised a beer ready to drink in 3-4 weeks, and it delivered, we found that the depth of flavors might benefit from additional tweaking and experimentation for the more discerning beer enthusiast. The kit’s ease of use does mean some limitations in customizing your brew, but for a starter kit, it sets a solid foundation for understanding the brewing process.

Bottom Line

The Mr. Beer Kit serves as an excellent starting point for those curious about homebrewing.

Its simplicity, combined with quality ingredients, provides a satisfying introduction to the craft of beer making.

If homebrewing piques your interest, click here to purchase the Mr. Beer Complete Beer Making Starter Kit, and who knows, this could be the start of your brewing journey!

Overview of Mr. Beer Complete Beer Making 2 Gallon Starter Kit

We recently had the chance to try out the Mr. Beer Starter Kit, and our impression is that it’s a standout option for those new to the home brewing scene. With a complete setup that requires no additional large pots or complex equipment, it’s a breeze to get a batch going. The process is impressive, taking just 30 minutes of active prep time. Plus, the ingredients are from Coopers Brewery, ensuring a quality brew.

We found that you can expect your homemade beer to be ready to drink in about 3-4 weeks, which is relatively quick in the brewing world. This speed is thanks partly to the hopped Malt Extract included, which also helps reduce the risk of contamination. Although the kit simplifies the brewing process, one can still dabble in more complex brewing techniques, adding personal touches to the basic recipes.

While the kit comes well-equipped, we should note that if you’re looking to dive deeper into customizing your beer or brewing in larger quantities, you’ll likely outgrow this kit. However, it’s an excellent starting point for beginners, and the customer service is reassuring, offering help if you encounter issues like a damaged box or an unexpected variety mix in the refills.

Ease of Use for Beginners

When tackling new skills, we’re often met with a mix of excitement and hesitation. Starting a fresh venture into home brewing with this kit, we found that the concerns typically associated with beginner home brewing were largely addressed. This kit really shines in simplifying the brewing process – it’s incredibly straightforward, requiring only minimal effort and time. With the comprehensive instructions and quality ingredients provided, we could dive right in without feeling overwhelmed.

We appreciated that from the moment the kit arrived, we didn’t need to scramble for additional equipment. Everything necessary to kickstart our first batch of beer was included in the box. Given that the ingredients come from Coopers Brewery, there’s a reassuring quality aspect from the start. Another plus is the quick fermentation process, with beer being ready to drink within a few weeks. As seasoned brewers may point out, it’s not a setup for complex recipes, but this kit isn’t targeting that audience. It’s designed for us newcomers, and in that regard, it excels.

There’s still some nuance to manage, such as ensuring a tight seal to prevent leaks, which a few of us learned the hard way. And while the kit is a gateway to broader brewing horizons, it’s worth noting that aspirants may quickly desire an upgrade for greater versatility. However, for our first foray into brewing, the ease of use and satisfaction were spot-on.

Quick Brewing Process

We’ve been brewing with the Mr. Beer Kit and are genuinely impressed by how easy it is to turn around a fresh batch of beer quickly. In our experience, this is incredibly convenient compared to traditional methods. The process is quite straightforward: after preparing our workspace and sanitizing the equipment, which is a breeze since everything we need is included, we move to brewing. The hopped malt extract simplifies the steps, and we’re actually active for just about 30 minutes before leaving the batch to ferment.

One thing we appreciate is the reduced risk of contamination due to the simplified brewing steps, which is especially crucial for those of us who are just starting out with home brewing. This kit has taken out much of the guesswork and consistently delivers a good quality brew.

We do have to play the waiting game for fermentation; it takes about 10-14 days, but that’s expected with homebrewing. The exciting part is, just a few weeks after starting, we’re already enjoying our homebrew. Mr. Beer really streamlines the process without compromising on the experience of crafting a personal batch of beer.

Rich Ingredients and Variety

In our experience with brewing, the richness and variety of ingredients play a critical role in determining the quality of the final product. Mr. Beer’s Complete Kit does not disappoint in this regard. We found that using their hopped Malt Extract, which is crafted at Coopers Brewery, allows for both consistency in brew quality and a reduction in the risk of contamination—a common concern for first-timers.

The simplicity of the kit is its strength: straightforward ingredients that come ready to use, with no need for extra brewing equipment. Everything is designed to streamline the brewing process. Interestingly, while the ingredients are uncomplicated, the result doesn’t compromise on taste. However, it’s important to note that the refills included with the kit may vary. Should there be any issues, the company is willing to rectify the situation and provide the necessary replacements.

We found that the waiting period to enjoy your beer is quite reasonable, with fermentation completing in about two weeks and an additional week or so needed before it’s ready to drink. For those diving into home brewing for the first time, Mr. Beer’s approach offers a very user-friendly way to nurture their newfound hobby, offering just the right balance of simplicity and variety.

Comprehensive Kit Components

When we opened the Mr. Beer Starter Kit, it was clear this kit takes the complexity out of homebrewing. Contained within a modestly sized can, the components were snug and well-packaged. Weighing in at six pounds, it was convenient to handle, and we appreciated that.

The kit itself is designed with adults in mind, so novices and seasoned brewers alike can enjoy the crafting process. Handling the liquid concentrate, we noticed it promises a straightforward brewing experience without the need for elaborate setups.

What stood out to us was the completeness of this kit—it’s not just the basics; it truly appeared to be a platform from which one can jump into the world of home brewing with confidence. The branding is consistent, with Mr. Beer’s name on every item, affirming their commitment to quality and consistency.

In reviewing the components, we were happy with the thoroughness of the kit. However, some users might find that they’ll need additional tools or ingredients to experiment beyond the initial recipes provided. This is something to keep in mind if you’re planning to explore beyond the basics.

Pros and Cons


After brewing our first batch with the Mr. Beer Kit, we noticed several advantages. Despite being newcomers to the beer-making scene, the simplicity of the instructions provided us a confident start. What really stood out was the time-saving aspect—brewing took us less than 30 minutes, which is incredibly convenient. We appreciated that the kit included all the necessary components, so there was no need for any extra pots or equipment.

Another plus was the quality of ingredients; they are sourced from Coopers Brewery, which gave us a sense of reliability in the product we were producing. The kit’s components are completely reusable, which promises a good return on investment for those wanting to continue brewing. One of our favorite things is the quick turnaround; our homebrew was ready to drink within 3-4 weeks.


On the downside, while the kit is excellent for beginners, seasoned brewers might find the options limiting. The simplicity of the process may not satisfy those looking to experiment extensively with ingredients and brewing techniques. Some of us faced minor issues with leaks, which suggests you need to be particularly careful when assembling the equipment to avoid any mishaps.

The variety in refills was inconsistent; this could be a pro or a con depending on your perspective, but it wasn’t clear exactly which varieties we would receive. Finally, for those of us with an unlucky start, the packaging and delivery can be less than perfect at times, as some kits arrived with damaged boxes and components. Despite that, for anyone just dipping their toes into home brewing, the Mr. Beer Kit serves as a gentle and enjoyable introduction.

Authentic Customer Feedback

In our exploration, we’ve observed that the majority of Mr. Beer’s 2 Gallon Starter Kit users have positive things to say, especially highlighting how simple and straightforward the instructions are. It’s clear from the feedback that this kit is well-received by beginners in the beer making community. Most users consider it a perfect gift for friends interested in brewing or as an entry-level system for themselves.

Nevertheless, some users encountered issues like leaks, which seem to be linked to the correct fitting of the rubber washer included with the setup. There are also mentions of packaging problems, with a few customers receiving damaged goods upon delivery.

Many reviewers who began with this kit found themselves quickly looking to upgrade to a larger brewing setup, suggesting that while the kit is adequate for starters, it may not satisfy the needs of someone aiming to delve deeper into homebrewing. This resonates with our understanding that the Mr. Beer kit is designed as a stepping stone, providing a basic foundation that’s easy to build upon for brewing enthusiasts.

Final Thoughts on Mr. Beer Kit

We’ve had quite the journey witnessing the rise of beginner homebrewers with this kit. The process is impressively streamlined; you can have a batch brewing in under half an hour which is a huge plus for anyone with a busy schedule. The Hopped Malt Extracts included helping deliver a consistent taste and significantly reduce the chances of contamination—a common concern for new brewers.

However, while the kit does make brewing accessible, those of us with a bit more experience in homebrewing might find it limiting as the creativity and complexity are pared down. That being said, the beer is ready to drink within 3-4 weeks, which is satisfying for anyone eager to enjoy their craft without a lengthy wait.

In terms of equipment, it’s a one-stop-shop. There’s no need to accumulate additional pots or tools; the kit comes complete with all the necessities for the first batch. Our peers have noticed that sometimes the kit may arrive with different refills than expected, but customer service seems to be accommodating in resolving such issues.

When it comes down to it, Mr. Beer serves as a fantastic gateway into the homebrewing world. Those of us who plan to dive deeper into the complexities of brewing will likely move on to more elaborate setups. Nonetheless, for a start and for the convenience it provides, it’s hard to beat the value and ease of this beginner-friendly brewing adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key differences between Mr. Beer Premium and Deluxe Edition Beer Kits?

In our experience with both kits, the primary difference lies in the variety of ingredients and the potential for a more crafted brewing experience with the Deluxe Edition. The Premium kit is great for beginners and comes with well-selected ingredients to ensure an easy and successful first brew. The Deluxe Edition, however, tends to offer more in terms of refining the brew to personal preference.

How does the beer from Mr. Beer kits compare to commercially available beers?

Homebrews from Mr. Beer kits have their unique character and can be quite rewarding. Don’t expect them to mimic commercial beers exactly, but they definitely offer a quality brewing experience. The taste can vary widely based on the ingredients used and the brewer’s skill, but overall, the outcome can be surprisingly good for a home brewing system. It’s a fantastic way for beginners to understand the nuances of beer-making.

What is the typical brewing time required for a batch of beer with a Mr. Beer kit?

From our brewing sessions, we can affirm that the brewing process with a Mr. Beer kit is quite efficient. After an initial brewing phase that takes about 30 minutes of active time, the fermentation process takes between 10-14 days. Following fermentation, you’ll need an additional 7-14 days for the beer to be ready to drink. Keep in mind that patience is key; brewing is not a rush process.

Can you reuse Mr. Beer kits, and if so, how often?

Absolutely, the Mr. Beer kits are designed to be fully reusable. The bottling system and brewing keg can be cleaned and sanitized for another brewing adventure. With proper care and maintenance, these kits can be used for numerous batches. It’s just a matter of purchasing refill packs or other ingredients for future brews.

What additional equipment, if any, is needed with a Mr. Beer home brewing kit?

One of the highlights of the Mr. Beer kits is the minimal additional equipment required. The kits are almost all-encompassing, and besides common kitchen items and water, you should be well-equipped to start your brewing. The simplicity is part of the charm, ensuring that you won’t be scrambling for extra gear.

What is the expected shelf life of Mr. Beer refill packs?

The shelf life of refill packs is something we consider important. Generally, unopened Mr. Beer refill packs have a shelf life of up to one year when stored properly in a cool, dark place. To guarantee the best flavor of your homebrew, it is advisable to use the packs within this time frame.