Brew Your Own: Top Beer Making Kits for Craft Brews at Home


Homebrewing has witnessed a resurgence in popularity, with craft beer enthusiasts turning to brewing their own beer as a satisfying hobby. The process of making beer at home allows for a personalized touch, enabling brewers to experiment with flavors and styles to create unique variations. The heart of this homebrew renaissance lies in the quality and accessibility of beer making kits, which have become more user-friendly. These kits provide the essential components needed: a fermenter, ingredients, sanitizer, and instructions, making the brewing process approachable for novices and experienced brewers alike.

When choosing a beer making kit, potential brewers should assess the kit’s completeness, the quality of components, and the styles of beer it can produce. The kit should include high-quality malt extracts, hops, and yeast, as these ingredients greatly influence the final taste of the beer. Additionally, look for clear, comprehensive instructions that guide you through the brewing process and fermentation times. Durability and ease of use of the brewing equipment are also essential to ensure a seamless brewing experience and longevity of the kit.

Durability and ease of cleaning are critical to maintaining your brewing equipment, so it’s beneficial to seek out kits made with non-corrosive and easy-to-sanitize materials. An often overlooked aspect is the customer support provided by the manufacturer, including instructions and resources for troubleshooting and improving brewing skills.

We’ve dedicated hours to researching and testing various beer making kits to help you find the best options on the market. Whether you’re a beginner looking to dip your toes into the brewing world or an experienced brewer seeking to streamline your setup, we’ve got insights that can guide your purchase. Join us as we explore the leading contenders to discover which ones can help you achieve your home brewing ambitions.

Top Home Brewing Beer Kits

We’ve explored a variety of home brewing beer kits to assist you in finding the perfect match for your brewing ambitions. From beginner-friendly setups to more advanced systems, our selection can help you craft delicious homemade beer with ease. Whether you’re a seasoned brewmaster or new to the joys of home brewing, the following kits are chosen based on quality, ease of use, and customer feedback.

Craft A Brew Hefeweizen Kit

Hefeweizen Beer Making Kit

If you’re eager to try your hand at brewing, this kit makes it an accessible and rewarding endeavor.


  • All-inclusive set with reusable equipment
  • Clear instructions ideal for beginners
  • Produces a delicious, authentic Hefeweizen


  • Small batch size may not suffice for all
  • Requires patience and precision during the process
  • Additional purchases necessary for long-term brewing

Our experience with the Craft A Brew Hefeweizen Kit was truly noteworthy. From unboxing to the first taste of our home-brewed beer, we appreciated the simplicity woven into the process. The kit’s comprehensive nature equipped us with everything needed, which meant we could focus on the fun parts—mixing, fermenting, and, of course, sampling our creation.

One of the best things about this kit is the quality of the end product. The Hefeweizen we brewed was a hit with friends and family, boasting a smooth feel with those classic wheat beer notes. Meanwhile, the detailed guidebook demystified the brewing process, guiding us confidently through each step.

We must mention, while this kit is perfect for small batches, those looking to brew in larger quantities might find it limiting. Our patience was tested at times, particularly during the fermentation period, but the delicious outcome was worth the wait. To keep the brewing going, we found ourselves buying more ingredients, which newcomers should factor into the budget.

In conclusion, as we clinked our glasses filled with a freshly brewed Hefeweizen, we were reminded that the Craft A Brew kit offers an excellent introduction to the world of home brewing. It’s a thoughtful gift for yourself or a fellow beer lover and certainly a pleasant way to spend a weekend.

Everyday IPA Kit

Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer Making Kit

We found this kit to be a great entry point for aspiring homebrewers looking for quality and flavor in their homemade beer.


  • Easy to follow instructions for beginners
  • High-quality, fresh ingredients lead to better tasting beer
  • Compact, kitchen-friendly equipment


  • Requires additional kitchen ware not included in the kit
  • Only brews one gallon, which may be too little for some
  • Detailed cleanup process due to reusable nature of components

Crafting a batch of beer at home felt truly rewarding with the Brooklyn Brew Shop’s Everyday IPA Kit. Its approach, reminiscent of professional craft brewing, provided us with a hands-on experience that was as educational as it was enjoyable. We appreciated the simplicity of the instructions, which made the process accessible even for us as novices.

The ingredients included were fresh, and the detailed notes on flavor profiles set clear expectations for the end product. Tasting the Everyday IPA revealed a well-balanced and complex profile, a testament to the quality of ingredients and brewing method promoted by the kit.

One point of consideration was the necessity for additional kitchenware. Anticipate the need for a few extra pots and a strainer, as they are essential in the brewing setup. Post-brew cleanup was straightforward, though meticulous attention is needed to preserve the integrity of the reusable equipment. Despite these considerations, the joy of brewing with this kit—and the excellent IPA it produces—left us eagerly anticipating our next homebrewing project.

Brew. Share. Enjoy. Kit

Brew. Share. Enjoy. HomeBrewing Kit

With everything included to begin brewing, we think the Northern Brewer Starter Set is a solid choice for newcomers to homebrewing.


  • The kit is comprehensive, providing all essentials to start brewing immediately.
  • Clear instructions enhance the brewing experience for beginners.
  • Crafted with quality components that ensure durability through multiple batches.


  • The fermenting bucket lid can be challenging to secure properly.
  • Additional purchases like bottles add to the overall cost.
  • Some reported shipping issues with minor breakage that needed resolution.

After our first brewing session with the Northern Brewer Homebrewing Starter Set, we found the ease of use commendable. The included Block Party Amber Ale recipe yielded a delightful, crowd-pleasing beer that had a toasty and caramel flavor profile; perfect for sharing with friends.

The contents are quite sturdy. We didn’t encounter any issues with the fermentor or bottling equipment, and everything worked as expected. The stainless spoon and siphon tubing felt like they were built to last, even after repeated uses.

We appreciate that the kit is aimed at novices, considering how daunting homebrewing can be. The simple, well-explained process removed any intimidation. However, be prepared to buy a few bottles separately, as they’re not part of the package. Although we hit a small snag with a broken item, customer service was quick to resolve the issue, which was reassuring.

Despite a steep learning curve for complete beginners, we found that following the instructions to the letter resulted in a successful brew. This kit gets our recommendation for those looking to embark on their homebrew journey.

BrewDemon Kit

BrewDemon Craft Beer Kit

We believe the BrewDemon Kit is an effortless gateway into home brewing, thanks to its straightforward process and quality ingredients.


  • Innovative conical fermenter design allows for clearer beer by settling the sediment.
  • Variety of recipes included, offering a good range of beer styles.
  • Bottles and filling valve included, simplifying the process of transfer to bottles.


  • Premium experience comes with a higher price point than some basic kits.
  • The one-gallon batch size may disappoint if you’re looking to brew in larger quantities.
  • Reusable bottle caps would have been a more sustainable choice.

Home brewing can be an imposing hobby to dive into, but the BrewDemon kit turns that trepidation into anticipation. Our first-hand experience reveals the conical fermenter to be a game-changer. No longer fretting about sediment, we’re able to focus on the joy of crafting a beer that tastes just as good as those intricate labels promise.

The selection of New Zealand recipes is a treat for the palate, offering an exciting tour from the crispness of a pilsner to the robustness of a stout. The ability to conjure up these diverse types in one’s kitchen feels like wielding a wand – only, it’s a brew paddle, and the magic is real.

For those of us with hectic schedules, the BrewDemon’s fast brewing time is a boon. Making beer feels less like labor and more like leisure, especially when the end result is sharing a round of your homemade brew with friends. The inclusion of bottles is particularly thoughtful, removing an extra step from our brewing routine.

The kit might be a splurge compared to the basic setups, but consider it an investment in your brewing journey. And while pouring your creation into specially designed bottles is fulfilling, the single-use caps are a bit of a letdown. A starter kit that showcases such attention to quality and detail would do well to consider the lifecycle of its components.

Lastly, while one gallon is a suitable volume for beginners or those with limited space, it does limit the shareability of your creations. We find ourselves wishing for a little more—to spread more of our homebrewed joy to more of our friends.

Overall, the BrewDemon Craft Beer Kit with Bottles delivers on its promise of ease and quality, making it a kit we’ll keep reaching for on our brewing days.

Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition

Mr. Beer Kit

We believe this beer making kit is an excellent starter for anyone curious about home brewing due to its simplicity and comprehensive package.


  • Effortless beginning, perfect for novices
  • Quick brewing process, saving time
  • Comes with all necessary equipment for brewing


  • May be too basic for experienced brewers
  • Recipe and flavor variety limited to provided ingredients
  • Potential for wanting to upgrade as skills improve

Brewing beer at home can be daunting, but our recent experience with the Mr. Beer Complete Beer Making Starter Kit simplified the whole process. Right out of the box, the necessary components were at our fingertips. No need to scour stores for obscure paraphernalia—it’s all right there, ready to use. We found the step-by-step instructions crystal clear, guiding us through the brewing journey effortlessly.

The brewing process itself is remarkably fast with this kit. From start to finish, setting up took us barely half an hour, which was a pleasant surprise. We watched our brew develop day by day and noted that contamination was never a concern, likely thanks to the quality of ingredients and the contained brewing environment of Mr. Beer’s design.

Once the brewing and fermentation were done, the tasting was the real reward. For a first brew, the flavor was more than adequate, reflective of Mr. Beer’s well-designed extract. However, for the more adventurous, the kit could feel a little restrictive. There’s a clear boundary to how much you can customize with the provided ingredients. That said, for beginners, the boundaries set by this kit make for an excellent training ground.

In short, we enjoyed our brewing experience with the Mr. Beer kit. It’s an ideal stepping stone into the wider world of homebrewing, especially for those of us keen to get started with as little fuss as possible.

Craft A Brew Kit

Craft A Brew Hefeweizen Refill Recipe Kit

We think this homebrew kit is ideal for those looking to craft a smooth and flavorful Hefeweizen at home with ease.


  • Provides all-inclusive brewing ingredients, ensuring a seamless experience.
  • Offers a rich blend of citrus, clove, and banana flavors that’s quite refreshing.
  • The kit features high-quality, fresh ingredients.


  • Its one-gallon batch size might be small for some homebrew enthusiasts.
  • Higher price point per gallon than buying ingredients in bulk.
  • Requires additional equipment if not already owned.

Brewing at home can be an enriching experience, especially with a reliable kit like Craft A Brew’s Hefeweizen. The process from start to finish was surprisingly straightforward, reflecting the brand’s commitment to simplicity without compromising on the brewing experience. Fresh, quality ingredients are paramount in brewing, and the hops and extracts included had vibrant aromas out of the box, indicating their freshness.

The flavor profile of the Hefeweizen we crafted was true to description—silky smooth with a deliciously pronounced taste. The notes of citrus, cloves, and bananas were unmistakably well-balanced, making every sip a delight. As someone who appreciates nuanced flavors, this was definitely a win.

However, something to keep in mind is the kit’s one-gallon size. While it’s perfect for personal use or small gatherings, those wishing to brew larger batches might find this limiting. Also, considering the price per gallon, there are more economical options available for those planning to brew frequently. But for those just dipping their toes into homebrewing or those with space constraints, it’s an excellent fit. Overall, this Craft A Brew kit left us satisfied, eager to share our creations, and ready for the next brew day.

Brewer’s Best Pacific Coast IPA

Brewer's Best Pacific Coast IPA

For enthusiasts looking to dive into the homebrewing universe, this kit serves as a solid entry point with its straightforward process and delectable results.


  • Authentic West Coast IPA flavor profile
  • Complete ingredient package for a 5-gallon batch
  • Approachable difficulty level for beginners


  • Essential brewing equipment not included
  • Some users experienced missing ingredients
  • Clarity on additional required items could be improved

Breathing in the hoppy aroma and admiring the amber hue of our freshly brewed IPA, we couldn’t help but feel a surge of pride. Brewer’s Best Pacific Coast IPA kit delivered an immersive brewing experience, right from the onset. The Pacific Northwest hops are the backbone of this beer, offering a bitterness that’s well-balanced by tropical and citrus undertones. The medium-light maltiness ties the flavor profile together, allowing for a harmonious sip every time.

We noticed that following the recipe closely led to a beer that truly met our expectations. Even those of us new to brewing found the process manageable, owing to the clearly outlined steps and pre-measured ingredients. The convenience of having everything measured out cannot be understated, assuring a uniform outcome batch after batch.

While we reveled in the creation process, we were reminded that to bring this kit to life, one must already be equipped with brewing tools or be prepared to invest in them. A detail to consider for those venturing into homebrewing for the first time. Furthermore, always double-check your kit upon arrival. Although rare, a few among us experienced missing ingredients, which, while frustrating, were swiftly resolved through customer service. Despite these hiccups, our overall brewing journey with the Brewer’s Best kit has been rewarding, yielding a beer that we’re thrilled to share at our next gathering.

Brewer’s Best Cream Ale Kit

Brewer's Best Cream Ale Kit

With this Brewer’s Best Cream Ale Kit, homebrewers can craft a light and refreshing ale that’s perfect for any occasion and simple to make.


  • The kit’s simplicity makes it ideal for beginners.
  • Ingredients arrive fresh, ensuring a quality brew.
  • The clean and light taste is highly praised.


  • A missing priming sugar packet may require additional purchase.
  • Instructions could be clearer for absolute beginners.
  • You may want to supplement with additional flavors for complexity.

Having just brewed a batch with Brewer’s Best Cream Ale Kit, the ease of use stands out the most. The ingredients are portioned and packaged neatly, streamlining the process. We found that the included instructions lay a good foundation, though some steps could be clarified further for novices in homebrewing.

The batch turned out quite delightful—a clean, light ale with faint malt notes that we could easily enjoy on any casual occasion. What we appreciate about this kit is its straightforwardness, making the brewing experience less intimidating for first-timers while still enjoyable for seasoned brewers looking for a quick and easy batch.

However, we did notice a couple of areas for improvement. For one, the absence of priming sugar in the kit we received was a slight inconvenience, adding a small extra step to the process. Also, those looking to experiment with bold flavors might find the baseline beer to be somewhat subdued, though this has its own appeal for those who favor lighter ales.

In conclusion, the Brewer’s Best American Cream Ale Kit is a reliable choice that we found satisfying to use. Its minor drawbacks are easily overshadowed by the overall quality and convenience it provides homebrewers looking to create an enjoyable and simple ale at home.

Northern Brewer Craft Beer Kit

Northern Brewer Craft Beer Kit

We believe this kit from Northern Brewer is an outstanding choice for any beginner eager to venture into the world of home brewing without feeling overwhelmed.


  • The kit streamlines the brewing process, making it accessible for rookies.
  • It comes with everything you need, including ingredients and a no-rinse cleanser, for a solid jumpstart.
  • The compact, siphonless fermenter fits easily in small spaces and simplifies the brewing stages.


  • One-gallon yield might disappoint those looking to brew in larger batches.
  • May require additional purchases, like bottles, for the complete brewing experience.
  • The freshness of ingredients could vary depending on storage and shipping conditions.

Crafting your own beer with the Northern Brewer Craft Beer Kit feels as satisfying as uncapping a fresh ale. The kit’s contents were thoughtfully pieced together, guiding us from novice to capable home brewers with relative ease. Not having to deal with a bulky setup was a blessing; the compact fermenter didn’t hog space and was a cinch to use.

While taking our maiden voyage in beer crafting with the Northern Brewer kit, we noticed the clear, step-by-step instructions that wiped away any qualms about the process. Scooping the grains and boiling the malt provided a truly hands-on experience, and the airlock bubbling away was proof of our brewing success.

Tasting the final product, a robust Pale Ale, affirmed our decision. The balance of flavors warranted an air of pride, as if we had been brewing for ages. Though brewing bigger batches might suit some better, the one-gallon yield allowed us to hone our skills without the risk of waste. Despite the minor drawbacks, this Northern Brewer Craft Beer Kit feels just right for getting a taste of the home brew hobby.

Northern Brewer Homebrew Kit

Northern Brewer Homebrew Kit

We think any beer enthusiast would relish the simplicity and quality provided by the Northern Brewer Homebrew Kit, designed to craft a delightful batch of Kama Citra IPA.


  • User-friendly for newcomers to brewing
  • All necessary equipment and ingredients included
  • Step-by-step instructions make the process straightforward


  • One-gallon batch might be too small for some
  • The provided recipe may not suit all taste preferences
  • A significant time investment required on brew day

Upon opening the Northern Brewer Homebrew Kit, we’re met with the inviting promise of making our very own Kama Citra IPA – an alluring fusion of a classic American Pale Ale with the hoppy kick of a West Coast IPA. The kit includes everything we need, which eliminates that daunting feeling of being unprepared. There’s a sense of excitement mixed with a tinge of relief; this kit takes the guesswork out of what could be a complex process.

As we embark on the journey of turning ingredients into ale, the clarity of the instructions becomes apparent. They guide us through each step as if a master brewer is right there beside us. The brewing experience becomes less about the fear of mistakes and more about the joy of creating something truly unique. It’s especially gratifying for us as first-timers to watch the magical transformation from raw ingredients to a tantalizing brew.

Finally, tasting our home-crafted Kama Citra IPA is both a triumphant and enlightening moment. We now understand the nuances that make homebrewing an art. Even if the beer isn’t perfect on the first try, the feeling of accomplishment is. Sure, the process took a few hours out of our day, but the investment is well worth it when we take that first sip. The compact one-gallon yield is perfect for those of us wanting to sample our creation without the worry of excess or waste.

In summary, the Northern Brewer Homebrew Kit is a commendable choice for any aspiring brewmaster or seasoned homebrewer looking for a convenient and enjoyable brewing adventure.

Buying Guide

When we’re in the market for a beer making kit, it’s important to consider various features that can impact our brewing experience. Let’s focus on some key aspects that help us choose the best kit for our needs.

Essential Components

Firstly, we need to ensure that the kit contains all the essential components for brewing. This typically includes:

  • Fermenter: The vessel where the beer will undergo fermentation.
  • Airlock & Stopper: To release gases and keep contaminants out.
  • Brewing Kettle: Used to boil the ingredients.
  • Thermometer: To monitor the temperature.
  • Hydrometer: To measure the beer’s density.

Quality of Ingredients

The quality of ingredients is crucial for the taste of our beer. We should look for kits with fresh, high-quality ingredients, ideally with a variety of grains, hops, and yeast.

Ease of Use

Consider the complexity of the kit. We should look for clear and thorough instructions, especially if we’re beginners. A kit that simplifies the brewing process can make our experience much more enjoyable.


For those of us wanting a more tailored brewing experience, the potential for customization is key. We might prefer kits that allow us to experiment with different beer styles and ingredients.

Price Point

Lastly, price is a deciding factor. We want to find a balance between the cost and the features that are most important to us.

By keeping these aspects in mind, we can make an informed decision about which beer making kit will best suit our home brewing ambitions.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we’ll address some of the most common inquiries about beer making kits, providing insights into top choices for beginners, premium options, and what experienced brewers are recommending.

What are the top choices for beginners interested in beer making kits?

For those just starting out, we recommend kits like the Northern Brewer Brew Share Enjoy Homebrew Starter Kit or the Craft A Brew Home Brewing Kit. These provide all the essential equipment and ingredients needed for an introductory foray into home brewing.

Which home brew kits are considered premium quality?

Premium home brew kits often feature advanced components such as glass carboys and stainless steel brewing kettles. The Grainfather Conical Fermenter and the PicoBrew Pico C Beer Brewing Appliance are highly regarded for their quality and advanced brewing features.

How do Mr. Beer brewing kits compare to others on the market?

Mr. Beer brewing kits are known for their simplicity and convenience, making them great for newcomers. While not as elaborate as some other kits, they’re a solid entry point and offer a good introduction to the basics of brewing.

What are the recommendations from experienced brewers on Reddit for home brewing kits?

Discussions among seasoned brewers on Reddit often highlight the versatility and quality of the Northern Brewer Deluxe Homebrew Starter Kit and the BIAB (Brew in a Bag) approach for beginners. These kits are praised for their balance of simplicity and capability to produce great beer.

What to consider when looking for a beer making kit that produces approximately 5 gallons?

When targeting the 5-gallon production scale, consider kits with a large fermentation bucket or carboy, a brewing kettle of sufficient size, and a robust cooling system. The BrewDemon Conical Fermenter Plus or similar kits cater well to this volume, offering the necessary capacity and quality components.

How effective are Brooklyn Brew Shop’s beer making kits for home brewers?

Brooklyn Brew Shop kits are designed with the small-space brewer in mind, providing compact and stylish equipment. Their all-grain kits are especially effective for those who prefer the traditional brewing process and are looking for a more hands-on experience.