Best Wine Delivery Services

There are few things better than a good glass of wine after a hard day at work. It is a great way to unwind and forget about the stressful day you’ve had. Whether you like to drink a crisp white, a fruity red, or a sweet rosé, having a glass at wine o’clock can be the most relaxing part of your day.

However, to enjoy a glass of wine you need to find the right bottle for yourself and also take a trip to the wine store. Stores tend to have an overwhelming amount of choice, making it difficult to pick out the best bottle. Luckily, wine delivery services offer a solution.

There are many fantastic wine delivery services out there that don’t just deliver your wine to your door. They also educate you on what wines taste best and more often than not tailor your order to the wine that you will enjoy most.

Not only is it a super convenient way to receive your wine, cutting out trips to the store. Using a delivery service gives you the chance to try new wines you won’t find in your local store. With so many impressive expert wine delivery services to choose from we want to help you find the one for you.

We have put together this guide of the best wine delivery services out there, looking at what they offer, and just how good they are. If your looking for a new, exciting wine experience be sure to read on. 



We kick our list off with an excellent wine delivery service option. Firstleaf sample over 10,000 wines a year to ensure their customers have access to the best wines from around the world. We don’t know about you but that sounds like a pretty fun job.

Eliminating the middleman they work with the wine producers directly to save you up to 60% of retail prices. This means you can try out more expensive bottles of wine you might otherwise not have been able to afford.

Aiming to give you the opportunity to try new wines and also find the best wine for you, Firstleaf uses unique methods to tailor your order to suit your preferences. Instead of you simply going online and picking the bottle you prefer, with Firstleaf you complete a quiz.

The answers you provide helps Firstleaf’s wine concierge select your first box. Each box after that becomes more customized as the algorithm determines which wines you are most likely to enjoy.

If you want a fun, unique way to enjoy your wine then Firstleaf could be the delivery service for you. With deliveries available monthly, every two or every three months you can be indulging in a huge amount of beautiful wines in no time at all.


  • Huge variety - With so many wines to choose from you can try a new bottle every week.
  • Unique selection method - The selection process via a quiz is a nice touch.
  • Super savings - Thanks to the wine being sourced directly from the producers Firstleaf can offer customers incredible savings.
  • Wine school - Firstleaf has a wine school online where you can learn all about how wine is produced, helping you impress your friends at your next wine evening.


  • A lot of wine - Though this may be great if you drink often if you only drink once or twice a month you might struggle to get through your subscription of wines before the next box arrives.



Winc offers another unique experience when it comes to delivering you a high-quality wine. Unlike other wine delivery services, Winc does it all. From grape to glass they are involved in the entire process that goes into making and selling bottles of wine.

Creating new modern wines to please their customers, they aim to give you a more personal experience by providing you with wines that suit your palate. Whether you like a floral rosé or an elegant red wine Winc has what you want.

When we reviewed Winc we found that the website wasn’t as easy to navigate as Firstleaf’s but we loved how the wines they produce are guided by their customers.

By giving us the customer the chance to rate the wine you feel like you have a say in future bottles that are produced, with Winc incorporating their customer’s views in every wine created.

Another thing we loved about Winc’s services is how you can choose the wines yourself or let them tailor a package for you. This is great because let’s face it we can all be a little picky at times. Sometimes there’s one bottle in particular we want, other days we want somebody to do the hard work for us.

Members receive orders monthly but can pause at any time or order bottles a la carte so why not give Winc a try.


  • Customization - Rating the wines further customizes your future orders, ensuring you receive bottles you are sure to enjoy.
  • Handcrafted wines - The wines at Winc are all produced by them.
  • Option to pause membership - If you can’t keep up with the amount of wine you have at home simply pause your membership until you are ready to receive orders again.


  • Variety - Winc has a lot of variety but not as much as other brands. In all fairness, this is because they produce the wines themselves.


Orange Glou Wine Club

If it’s a unique and interesting wine experience you’re after the Orange Glou Wine Club could be the one for you. The orange wine club presents you with the perfect opportunity to indulge in 100% natural wine. Natural wine is how we wish all wine was made. Using no chemical growing or plowing solutions only the very best grapes are handpicked.

The wine this wine club sells, yes you guessed it is orange wine. Orange wine also known as skin-contact wine is made from white grapes. The method used to produce the wine allows the grape skins to stay in contact with the wine, coloring and flavoring it.

Available in a deep ruby red and a lightly tinted white we found that the wine was crisp and fresh giving us the perfect glass to sit back and enjoy.

If you’ve never tried it this specially curated wine service can help you discover a new love. Each box you order contains tasting and pairing notes, and a description of each wine so you can learn as you drink.

With monthly and one-time boxes available, why not surprise your guests at your next gettogether with this one-of-a-kind experience. You won’t be disappointed.


  • Unique wine - This wine club offers a unique wine you might never have known existed if it wasn’t for this article.
  • Natural - The Orange Glou Wine Club only delivers the best natural wines.
  • Taste - We can confirm the wine here tastes excellent.


  • Variety - This is a very specialized service so if you want a wider selection of wines you may need to consider another wine service on this list.



You’ll feel like a mad scientist if you decide to give the Vinebox wine service a go. Vinebox offers an interesting service where they let you taste new wines from around the world before you commit to buying a whole bottle. The quirky way in which they do this is what we enjoyed most when testing their service.

Vinebox sends you a small box containing 12 vials of wine to try. Perfect for a wine tasting party with friends, why not give it a try to discover new wines you and your friends can enjoy. Once you have tasted the vials you can pick which wines you want to order a full bottle of. This unique method allows you to really personalize your order to find what you like.

Most of the wine Vinebox delivers isn’t available in your nearby store either, giving this brand a more premium feel. Being able to try new wines you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to buy is actually quite exciting, giving you a broader knowledge of worldwide flavors and tastes. Bold and nuanced reds and light whites from Spain are just some of the wines Vinebox specializes in.

When subscribed to Vinebox you will receive nine new seasonally appropriate wines at your doorstep every quarter. If you want a more worldwide experience with a variety of earthy and elegant wines then you should definitely check Vinebox out. 


  • Wines from around the world - Vinebox delivers wines to your door from all the best wine regions around the world.
  • Exclusive wines - You won’t find the wine from Vinebox in your local stores.
  • Entertaining wine tasting vials - The wine tasting vials are a fun and unique way to find the wines you like before committing to a full bottle.


  • Pricey - This wine delivery service is more expensive than others because it is a more premium service. This doesn’t mean the service isn’t still excellent value for money.


Usual Wines

If beer can be enjoyed straight from the bottle and without a glass then why can’t wine too. Usual Wines aim to do just that. Selling red, white, and brut, Usual Wines wine gives their customers the chance to enjoy their favorite wines straight from the bottle without any added accessories.

All three wines are expertly made from sustainably farmed grapes. They are made naturally in small batches without any added sugars or sulfites before being presented in a neat miniature wine bottle that is ready to drink. By serving the tastiest of wines in a generous single-serve glass, excellent wine can be enjoyed more often.

When we reviewed Usual Wines we found that although their website isn’t as good as other services out there, their delivery service and the wine itself were impressive.

The wine has the look, feel and taste of a high-class, premium product but comes at an affordable price. Being able to purchase multiple bottles and mixed packs monthly or an a la carte order is great for people who just want to try the service out or receive more consistent orders.

Finally, the small bottles look great at parties and also make it a lot easier to take your drink with you. 


  • Premium wines at a great price - Usual Wines deliver top-quality wines at a great price.
  • No need for a glass - We love the added touch of being able to drink it straight from the stylish bottle.
  • A la carte or monthly shipments - This gives you more freedom to pick and choose the service that suits you.


  • Single glass bottles aren’t for everyone - Unfortunately, you can only purchase single glass bottles from Usual Wines. This isn’t for everybody with some people wanting to purchase whole bottles of their refreshing wines. 



If you simply want to enjoy your favorite wine but don’t want to leave your couch after a long day in the office, Saucey could be the perfect option for you. Saucey is unlike any other wine delivery service on this list. Instead of tailoring premium wines to your taste, they take a no-nonsense approach to wine delivery.

Depending on where you live Saucey will deliver your favorite wines from your local store in 30 minutes or less. Alternatively, if you don’t qualify for speedy delivery they will ship your order to you to arrive within two days.

This service is great because you can order the wines you know you like from where you normally buy them. If you have no time to go to the store or simply got home to find an empty fridge turn to Saucey, they will sort the problem out for you.

When we reviewed Saucey we were very impressed with the service on offer. They deliver quickly and efficiently and also deliver other drinks such as beers and spirits. Saucey takes the hassle out of wine shopping by doing it for you, what’s not to like!

If you are tempted to try out Saucey it is worth noting that they usually run money off offers for your first order.


  • Pick your favorite wines - There are no risks when you use Saucey. You will receive the wines you know you like.
  • Other drinks available - This wine delivery service also delivers beers and spirits.
  • Quick delivery - You could receive your order in 30 minutes. The longest you’ll have to wait is two days


  • Don’t do 30 minutes delivery everywhere - The 30 minute delivery times aren’t available everywhere and the price could vary depending on where you live.



The last wine delivery service on our list is SomMailier. It’s no secret that the French make exquisite wine adored by millions of people from every corner of the world however getting hold of the best in your local store can be tricky.

SomMailier makes the whole process so much easier. Finding the most extraordinary wines from all the hidden corners of France SomMailier deliver wines to your door that are not otherwise available in the U.S.

Members can discover new French regions and grapes thanks to the extensive tasting notes and descriptions that tell you exactly where your wine has come from and how it was made.

This wonderful service can be used to buy three or six bottles every three months. If you want more, which let’s face it you probably will, you can choose how many more bottles you want.

We were really impressed by just how many bottles of wine there are to choose from. We can highly recommend the Chateau de Portets Grand Vin which has a strong fruity flavor that is balanced fantastically with freshness and silky tannin.

You should strongly consider this wine delivery service if you want to experience the best French wine has to offer.


  • Exclusive French wine - SomMailier sells wine that can’t be bought in the store.
  • Learn as you sip - The extensive information that comes with each bottle will improve your knowledge of French Wine.
  • Overall service - The service SomMailier provides is generally absolutely brilliant.


  • Pricey - This premium wine service does cost more than other delivery services, however, we must say we believe you do get what you pay for.

Buyers Guide

When looking for the best wine delivery service for you it is important that you consider some key things to ensure you make the best decision possible. To help you out we have put together this small buyers guide with some of the key factors you need to consider. These will help you make a final decision you won’t regret.

Best Wine Delivery Services

Number Of Bottles

The number of bottles you drink will impact which wine delivery service you use. Most delivery services have a membership scheme where you receive a set amount of bottles every month or every couple of months. This could be 3 bottles every three months or three every month.

If you’re a wine lover then receiving 3 bottles a month will probably be fine or you might even want to buy the bigger package. However, if you only drink once a month receiving 3 bottles every month will be too much.

You will struggle to get through all your bottles. If this is the case strongly consider which membership suits you best. Maybe you should choose a service that offers a pause on your subscription.

Alternatively, you could choose a service that lets you pick and choose how many bottles you buy and when. 

The Type Of Wine

You need to think about what type of wine you want to drink when joining a wine delivery service. Obviously, if you want a specific wine for example a French red, then you need to join a service that offers that product.

Most wine delivery services offer a huge selection of different wines so that their customers are guaranteed to find a wine they enjoy. However, some only deliver specific types of wine.

An example of this is the Orange Glou Wine Club who only sells skin-contact wine. If this doesn’t suit your needs then clearly you should pick another service. You will also need to consider where the wine is coming from.

If you want a selection of wine from around the world it doesn’t make much sense to sign up for a service that will only deliver you French wines. 

The Type Of Service

Another key thing to think about when purchasing your wine is the type of service you are after. Do you want a personalized service where wine is suited to your preferences or would you prefer a more random selection of wines you have never seen before?

The type of service you choose will greatly impact your experience so think about it carefully. Some wine services offer tailor-made packages where every bottle of wine you receive is suited to you as a result of your personal preferences. These services are designed to continuously provide you with wine you know you will love.

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous and want to learn more about wine another type of service might suit you more. Some wine delivery services offer packages where you are delivered a new wine that you haven’t tasted before every month. This gives you the chance to try new wines whilst learning more about how wines taste and how they are made.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Wine Delivery Services Worth It?

Yes, wine delivery services are definitely worth it if you are a big wine lover and drinker. They give you the opportunity to try new wines that more often than not aren’t available in the stores you shop in.

As well as being able to have beautiful wines delivered to your door you also get the chance to learn more about the wines you drink, with most wine orders coming with detailed information about where the wine has come from and how it was made.

On top of all this ordering from a wine delivery service is a fun experience that you can enjoy with your friends and family.

How Long Will It Take For My Wine Delivery To Arrive?

This will depend on what type of membership you have and where you have ordered from. Specialized wine delivery services tend to send you order once a month.

Once your order has been put together you can expect it to take anywhere from a couple of days to 14 days to arrive depending on where your order is coming from.

Your wine delivery service will always keep you updated as to where your order is so there is no need to worry. If you order from Saucey you can expect your order within 30 minutes unless they tell you otherwise.

Which Country Produces The Best Wine?

It could be argued that the answer to who makes the best wine comes down to your own personal preference.

Having said that you could also argue that Italy makes the best wine in the world because it is the most sought after and the wine that is produced the most. Other countries that make fantastic wine include South Africa, Chile, Peru, France, Spain, and the U.S.

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