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888 days ago

The Beer Chicks Holiday Mulled & Spiced

It is officially the holidays in Beer Chick land, and nothing says holidays to us more than warm beer. “What? Warm beer?” you ask as you snarl your lip like the Grinch. No, we don’t mean the warm beer your Uncle Bob is still clutching in his hand while he snores on the Laz-E-Boy. We’re talking about hot, spicy, comforting mulled beer!

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969 days ago

Beer: Its What's for Breakfast

In our next episode of The Beer Chicks: Beer Cocktails on Hungry, we're jazzing up a favorite morning cocktail with the help of our some sweet Italian Liqueur and a beaufitul beer style called Biere de Champenoise. Yes, we make the mimosa the beermosa to make ourselves and possibly our moms a little happier at breakfast.

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1049 days ago

The Beer Chicks on Plum TV

We had the awesome experience of going to the 30th Anniversary of the Aspen Food & Wine Classic this year.  We picked nine great beers from three amazing craft breweries, Stone Brewing Co, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. and Deschutes Brewery to feature at the classic.  Our goal is to slowly but surely turn this pinnacle of foodie events into the Aspen Food & Wine & BEER Classic!  We did a little shoot with PlumTV talking about the beers we picked for the classic.  Check it out!
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1180 days ago

Eat This, Drink That with The Beer Chicks

We're on TV...we're on TV!!!  We were lucky enough to have the chance to work with the Cooking Channel in making a one hour special called "Eat This, Drink That" premiering on March 4th, at 8pm Eastern time.  
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1180 days ago

Time for the Black and Tan!

Well, it's almost St. Patrick's Day, the Irish-est of all days here in the United States. So, of course we're all thinking about Black and Tans: the delicious beer cocktail usually made by floating a Stout or a Porter on top of an English Bitter or Pale Ale. Wait a minute...did we just say English?

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1453 days ago

Beer and Mustard: MFEO

There’s something in the beer universe that says – if you love craft beer, then you must also love music, dogs, pickles and homemade MUSTARD. As Beer Chicks, we have found all of this to be true. We also like online shopping. Combining all of our interests today was a little post on that shows how to make mustard from scratch and even talks about – you guessed it – mustard made with beer!
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1709 days ago

Hot Knives and Alex Macy Brew Tonka Bean Porter

Evan George and Alex Brown are Los Angeles based beer and food fanatics, cooks and bloggers that share their hipster culinary exploits on the popular blog called Hot Knives. Recently, they teamed with beer expert Alex Macy to make an extreme, truly one-of-a-kind homebrew. Good thing for us is...they filmed the whole thing!
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1810 days ago

The Beer Chicks @ Google

We Beer Chicks have spent a great deal of our online time using Google Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Adsense. We first started writing about our love of beer on Google owned Blogger and we were able to write our book many times editing together simultaneously on different sides of town using Google Docs.
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1908 days ago

Oscars: Too Good For Beer?

Even though we were shut down in our attempts to get Oscar nominees like Sandra Bullock (Sorry, not available) or George Clooney (but thank you for the offer) to tell us their favorite beers; the Beer Chicks will not be deterred in bringing The Academy Awards and beer together. What? You think that beer has always been the wicked stepchild of Glamourtown's beverage family? Well think again. Academy Award nominated actors abound in the world of beer.

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1916 days ago

MacGyver That Beer!!

From time to time we Beer Chicks like to offer you some truly useful advice.  We mean serious stuff here, like how to pour a beer with a proper head (at least two fingers thick please), or what to drink with cheesecake (the answer: a cherry Lambic), and, in this case, what to do when you're stranded without an essential beer tool: the bottle opener.
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