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1673 days ago

Beer in The Alaskan Frontier: Haines Brewing Co.

We Beer Chicks love to travel.  And wherever we go, big town or small, our first course of action is to locate the nearest craft brewery, (shocking, we know).  Besides being the best bet for the most delicious brew, the local brewery is often an epicenter of culture.  Breweries tend to have the inside scoop on the food scene, nightlife, and the history of the area. So it was, a couple months ago, that we found ourselves at the Haines Brewing Company in Haines, Alaska.
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1795 days ago

Ten Questions: Eagle Rock Brewery

The Beer Chicks' Ten Questions is a series that features people we love, admire, drink beer with, and respect in the beer world.  We hope our Ten Questions will help you beer lovers get to know the minds and palates behind the people driving the Craft Beer Revolution.  This time we interviewed Steve and Jeremy Raub, who are the founders and brew-masters of Eagle Rock Brewery in Northeast Los Angeles. 
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1931 days ago

Allagash's Rob Tod Rocks

Rob Tod. Besides having a truly efficient 6 letter name, Rob heads the brilliant brewery that is Allagash.  Located in Portland, Maine, which has been called one of the foodiest little cities in America, Allagash is a perfect place for Rob to hone his Belgian style and barrel-aged brews.  
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