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The Naked Brewer is here!!


Today our second book is available for purchase!  The Naked Brewer: Fearless Homebrewing, Tips, Tricks & Rule-Breaking Recipes (Penguin, NY) is all about taking your love of beer into your kitchen and brewing your own!  

We started as beer-drinkers, then became Beer Sommeliers, and that led to our first book The Naked Pint: An Unadulterated Guide to Craft Beer (Penguin, NY). The Naked Pint (now available in paperback!) is a primer for any level of beer drinker, a book that explains the world’s favorite alcoholic beverage with a Beer 101, a lot of history, flavor notes for different styles, and our irreverant Beer Chicks’ humor.  

The obvious next step in our beer journey was to take our love of beer into the kitchen and learn to homebrew.  We’ve always loved cooking, and homebrew is not a step too far away.  We loved getting creative with ingredients like coffee, chamomile, basil, Whisky-soaked wood, pumpkin - and the best part of all of the experimentation? At the end, we had delicious homebrewed beer!!

If you haven’t yet felt the pride of drinking your very own homebrew, then it’s time.  The Naked Brewer will give you a quick tutorial on how to brew at home, explaining the steps, ingredients and equipment.  Our book is arranged by month, with 3 homebrew recipes per month, and one food recipe per month using the homebrew as an ingredient. Make our Honey Chamomile Blonde, West Coast Hopped-Up Pale, Christmas Spice Porter, Lemon Verbena Basil Wheat - and tons more!

If you’re already a homebrewer, then we offer our take on the experience.  We brew smaller than the 5-gallon homebrew recipes that are generally found in books and online.  We brew 2.5-gallon recipes, just enough to share with friends, but not too much to handle (it’s a bit tough for us to move 5-gallons of beer around our modest living quarters).  We include rule-breaking tips to make brewing a bit easier while maintaining the quality of the beer.

To purchase a signed copy of The Naked Brewer, visit our new Brew Shop (where you can also buy a Homebrew Equipment Kit and our Homebrew Recipe Kits!).  You can also find the book at independent booksellers nationwide, eBooks and on

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