The Beer Chicks @ Google


We Beer Chicks have spent a great deal of our online time using Google Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Adsense. We first started writing about our love of beer on Google owned Blogger and we were able to write our book many times editing together simultaneously on different sides of town using Google Docs.

So, never in a million years did we imagine that we'd be talking about beer to the Google nation! Whether or not we imagined it, we were indeed invited to speak Google's Authors@Google series to wax poetic about our book The Naked Pint and the delicious beverage that is beer.

Of course, it's nearly impossible for The Beer Chicks to talk about beer without drinking beer, so we suggested that we turn the whole thing into a big tasting and Google agreed! Turns out beer geeks have A LOT in common with computer geeks (we mean that in the nicest way!) We feel like we've found our people at Google.

We had a great tasting/talk experience (and got a free lunch in their awesome cafeteria to boot). Google was cool enough to record the whole thing and blast it into the world wide web via YouTube. (Where it's already gotten almost 6000 hits!) We hope that you enjoy it as much as we did!