Visit Pedal Haus Brewery


Soon as I entered Pedal Haus Brewery I was immediately captivated by the lively and welcoming atmosphere. The air was filled with the scent of freshly brewed beer while the cheerful conversations of customers created a warm and inviting vibe. It’s clear that Pedal Haus Brewery is more than a place to enjoy a cold drink; it’s a gathering spot where beer enthusiasts unite to share their love for craft brews.

Founded by a group of craft beer lovers Pedal Haus Brewery has quickly made its mark in the local brewing scene. Their dedication to excellence and innovation shines through in every sip of their crafted beers making it an essential destination for both seasoned connoisseurs and casual beer enthusiasts alike.

One aspect that distinguishes Pedal Haus Brewery is their commitment to sustainability. From their eco brewing methods to their support for local farmers and artisans this brewery deeply values environmental responsibility. Not does this commitment enhance the overall experience of savoring a pint at Pedal Haus Brewery but it also sets an inspiring example for other establishments, in the industry.


Exploring the history of Pedal Haus Brewery reveals the deep roots and strong connections this cherished establishment has within the community. The founders passion for creating beers and fostering a sense of camaraderie among beer enthusiasts is evident, throughout their journey. It’s remarkable to see how Pedal Haus Brewery has grown from its beginnings to become a beloved local hotspot, where friends, families and beer lovers gather. The brewerys ability to adapt and deliver brews reflects the ever changing landscape of craft beer. Engaging with the staff and patrons I discovered captivating stories that further emphasized how Pedal Haus Brewery has become a part of the community. It’s not a place to enjoy outstanding beers; it represents the enduring spirit of craft brewing.


When you pay a visit to Pedal Haus Brewery you’ll find yourself fully immersed in the heart of downtown Tempe, Arizona. The brewerys prime location makes it a popular gathering spot for both locals and visitors offering an lively atmosphere that perfectly complements the ambiance of the establishment.

Situated a short distance from Arizona State University Pedal Haus Brewery attracts a diverse crowd ranging from students to professionals all looking for a place to unwind and connect over their mutual appreciation for finely crafted beer. Its proximity to the university adds a touch to its surroundings creating an exciting and spirited environment that is always abuzz with activity.

As I stepped outside the brewery I was immediately drawn in by the outdoor patio which provided a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life. Adorned with greenery and comfortable seating arrangements it offered an ideal spot to savor a refreshing pint, on warm Arizona evenings – further enhancing the overall appeal of this location.

The surrounding neighborhood is brimming with shops, restaurants and entertainment venues making Pedal Haus Brewery an integral part of Tempes vibrant urban fabric.Whether you’re immersing yourself in the local arts scene or enjoying a relaxed walk along the bustling Mill Avenue the brewerys position makes it a convenient and alluring destination, amidst the vibrant energy of the city.


Now lets dive into the heart and soul of Pedal Haus Brewery. Their selection of beers. The brewery prides itself on offering a range of handcrafted brews that cater to various taste preferences. Whether you’re a fan of hop forward IPAs, rich stouts or refreshing lagers there’s something to satisfy your palate.

What sets Pedal Haus Brewery apart is their commitment to pushing the boundaries of brewing techniques. They constantly strive to create flavor profiles that go beyond the norms resulting in unique and thrilling taste experiences that keep customers coming back for more. This dedication to exploring realms in brewing truly distinguishes them in the craft beer scene.

As someone who appreciates beer I was genuinely impressed by the depth and complexity of flavors found in their offerings. From their signature brews to edition seasonal releases each beer tells a story of craftsmanship and passion showcasing the brewerys unwavering pursuit of brewing excellence.

During my visit I had an interaction with the knowledgeable staff who eagerly shared insights about the brewing process and the inspiration, behind each beer.

This personal touch made my experience even better deepening my admiration for the skill that goes into making these brews.

Additionally the brewerys commitment, to sustainability extends to their beer production by prioritizing friendly brewing practices. This dedication to eco initiatives not only enhances the quality of the beers but also highlights the brewerys holistic approach to responsible brewing.

Whether you’re a beer enthusiast or someone looking to discover the world of craft beer Pedal Haus Brewery provides a welcoming environment to enjoy top notch brews and immerse yourself in the lively culture of craft brewing.

Food Menu

Now lets explore the options available on the food menu at Pedal Haus Brewery. The dining experience at this establishment perfectly complements their exceptional brews adding an extra layer of enjoyment to your visit.

Whether you’re in the mood for a snack to accompany your beer or looking for a satisfying meal to satisfy your hunger the menu caters to a variety of tastes. From pub dishes to innovative culinary creations there’s something for everyones palate.

The menu showcases a range of appetizers, including crispy beer battered onion rings creamy queso dip served with warm tortilla chips and succulent wings coated in a choice of signature sauces. These flavorful starters are ideal, for sharing. Set the stage for a delightful dining experience.

For those seeking a substantial meal the brewery offers an assortment of mouthwatering main courses. Treat yourself to a handcrafted burger made with high quality ingredients or go for a hearty sandwich filled with savory goodness.

The menu also displays a variety of salads and satisfying bowls, which offer lighter yet equally delicious options.

As I explored the menu I was impressed by the assortment of vegetarian and vegan choices. It shows that the brewery values catering to dietary preferences. The plant based options are just as creative and fulfilling as their meat focused counterparts ensuring that all guests can enjoy a dining experience.

We mustn’t forget about the mouthwatering desserts on the menu. From chocolate treats to creamy and refreshing delights Pedal Haus Brewery offers a sweet conclusion to your culinary journey. Pair them perfectly with a dessert wine or a rich dark stout.

As someone who loves food passionately I found the culinary offerings to be a complement to their exceptional beers. The curated menu reflects the same commitment, to quality and innovation that defines the brewerys brewing philosophy. It brings together a blend of flavors and experiences.

Events and Entertainment

When it comes to events and entertainment Pedal Haus Brewery is more than a place to enjoy great beers and delicious food. It’s also a venue that hosts a variety of exciting events. From live music performances that fill the air with rhythms to trivia nights where you can test your knowledge while sipping on a cold pint this brewery has something for everyone. The vibrant atmosphere and friendly camaraderie among patrons create the setting for creating unforgettable memories whether you’re spending a relaxing evening with friends or looking for an exhilarating night out.

Pedal Haus Brewerys calendar of events is carefully planned to cater to interests ensuring there’s always something new and captivating to look forward to. Make sure to check their schedule so you don’t miss out on any upcoming events or entertainment options. Each visit, to Pedal Haus Brewery promises an enriching experience that will leave you wanting more.


As I reminisce about my visit to Pedal Haus Brewery I am truly amazed by the blend of craftsmanship, community and warm hospitality that characterizes this vibrant establishment. It’s more than a spot to indulge in outstanding beers and mouthwatering culinary creations; it stands as a living testament to the enduring spirit of craft brewing. From their commitment to sustainability to their innovative brewing methods Pedal Haus Brewery sets an inspiring example for the industry showcasing how exceptional quality and environmental stewardship can coexist harmoniously.

The heart and soul of Pedal Haus Brewery resides in their beers. Each one embodying the dedication and passion of the brewerys team. The richness and intricacy of flavors in their offerings truly reflect the artistry behind every brew. By pushing boundaries and exploring new beer styles they offer a diverse selection that caters to a wide range of tastes ensuring that every visitor discovers a beer that delights their palate.

Complementing these brews is an equally delightful culinary journey. The curated menu boasts an enticing array of appetizers, hearty entrees and irresistible desserts guaranteeing satisfaction, for all taste buds.

The brewerys commitment to providing a range of vegetarian and vegan options demonstrates their dedication to creating an inclusive environment for all visitors.

Furthermore Pedal Haus Brewery offers more than great beers and tasty food; it also serves as a lively venue for various exciting events. The diverse lineup of entertainment including live music shows and trivia nights adds enjoyment to each visit fostering memorable experiences filled with warm friendships and infectious rhythms.

As I say goodbye to Pedal Haus Brewery I’m deeply grateful for the passion, creativity and strong sense of community that shine through every aspect of this establishment. It’s not a brewery; it’s a sanctuary for beer enthusiasts, food lovers and those seeking enriching experiences. I eagerly anticipate my visit, to this vibrant and spirited place.