The 9 Best Gifts For Bourbon Lovers

What would you get for someone who loves bourbon? The answer is simple: a bottle of their favorite whiskey or something that will make their favorite drink even better. Whether they prefer sweet or spicy flavors, these gifts will surely delight them.

Bourbon has a rich history and its popularity continues to rise. Bourbon is often served neat (straight) or mixed with other liquids, such as water, cola, ginger ale, or even lemonade.

There are hundreds of brands of bourbon out there, each with its unique flavor profile. There are so many in fact, that it can be quite tricky to navigate this incredibly packed market of exquisite gifts.

Fortunately, we have done the work for you! We've compiled a list of our top picks for some of the best bourbon gift ideas. These include everything from high-end bottles to great gift baskets to keep your loved one happy all year long.


Ice is a staple of any spirit connoisseur's glass, especially if you're looking to switch things up from the traditional rocks. But sometimes, the texture of an old-fashioned square ice cube can get in the way of good bourbon.

This is why Tovolo's sphere molds are perfect for trying your ice a little differently.

They feature a removable lid that allows you to store your cubes inside until you need them. They also allow you to adjust how much water goes into the mold before freezing by simply adding more or less water than the recipe calls for.

This makes it easy to create perfectly shaped cubes every time.

These molds are made of food-grade plastic and BPA-free. They're dishwasher safe and come with a lifetime warranty against defects.


Everyone loves variety when it comes to cocktail flavors, which is why sampler packs such as this go down with flavor enthusiasts who love a good spirit.

This pack features 5 flavors to sample, from a cherry bourbon to a punchy citrus flavor, an old-fashioned aromatic flavor, a beautiful walnut sample, and a gorgeous lavender mountain flavor too. There's plenty to sample here!

You might not think that these are ideal as gifts to a seasoned bourbon drinker, but these samplers make a great gift for anyone who enjoys mixing drinks.

A great gift idea for a person who likes to try new flavors, these mini bitters bottles are just what they need to experiment with new recipes at home.

Each bottle holds a sample of bitters and is made from durable plastic, ensuring that they'll last through multiple uses. You won't find any nasty chemicals or preservatives in them either, making them safe to use whenever the urge to taste something new arises.



Whilst all the gifts on this list are great for any lover of bourbon, you might want to get your loved ones something that they can look forward to for the year to come.

If you know anyone that you would love to treat this way, then Flaviar's membership gift might be perfect for them!

As well as getting them a box of their favorite spirits, you will also receive a subscription to the magazine, so they can learn about the world of whiskey (and other spirits) around them.

You can choose whichever level suits your friend best, but if you want to spoil them, the gold package is worth considering. It includes everything in the bronze package plus a personalized tasting note from the editor himself.

With a membership, you don't have to worry about them being able to enjoy their favorite spirits because you will be sending them enough samples to ensure that they never run dry.

It's the ultimate gift for someone who wants to explore the world of spirits, and we guarantee that they will appreciate it.


You can't go wrong with a good bourbon glass for a spirit lover. And they don't get much better than Libbey's Signature Kentucky trail glasses!

These are the perfect gift for someone who has been enjoying their favorite spirits and now wants to show off their collection.

They feature a classic shape that makes them easy to hold and use, and they are designed to complement the unique flavors of each of the whiskeys poured. They are dishwasher safe, meaning that cleaning up after a few cocktails is no problem.

If you've got a bourbon lover on your hands (see also 'A Comprehensive Guide To Wheated Bourbon'), then these glasses should be part of their collection.

These are more than just a set of glasses though; they are a piece of art that will help preserve the history of bourbon by showcasing its ingredients and history.

This means that they will serve as a conversation starter when friends see them displayed on the bar, and they will be sure to add a touch of class to any party setting.

When you buy a set of Libbey glasses, you are guaranteed to impress your friends and family. So give them a try today and see what they think!


This gift is perfect if you have a friend that takes pride in the presentation of their wines and spirits as they do in how they taste. This bar cart is ideal for keeping your bourbon and other drinks transported in style!

It features two shelves which make it easy to store bottles of wine and spirits, and there are plenty of places where you can display smaller items like coffee and espresso cups and spoons.

You can even keep a bottle opener handy at the top right-hand corner of the cart. The whole thing looks stylish and elegant, making it a great addition to any home bar area.

If you're not sure where to start with choosing a gift for your bourbon-loving friends, then this could be a perfect choice. It looks great and will certainly make a statement in any home bar area, so it's a must-have for any lover of fine spirits.


Pappy Van Winkle Barrel Fermented Cigars

Many bourbon lovers also like to enjoy a high-quality cigar with their drink. But if you want to really wow them, then you need to send them some of Pappy Van Winkle's finest cigars.

These handmade cigars were aged in barrels previously used to age Pappy Van Winkle. As such, they offer an intense flavor profile that combines sweet oak notes with vanilla, caramel, and other rich spices.

They come in boxes of 25 cigars, so you can rest assured that you won't run out.

Not only do these cigars look amazing, but they smell incredible too. That's because they are made by marinating the wrapper in bourbon barrels, rather than simply spraying them with whiskey.

However, this doesn't mean that they aren't enjoyable. In fact, they are quite smooth, offering a nice balance between sweetness and spice. These cigars are truly one-of-a-kind, and you'll love giving them as gifts to your bourbon lovers.


A corkcicle ice bucket is a fantastic way to cool down your favorite adult beverage. Not only does it fit perfectly inside a standard freezer, but it also gives you the chance to show off your taste in design.

There are many different designs available from which to choose, including ones featuring classic American scenes or ones showing images associated with your favorite brand.

These are all great options, and you can find one that suits you and your loved one's tastes.

Of course, no matter which one you get, you should always include a few ice cubes inside. That way, your guests will know that you care about them enjoying the experience as much as possible.

Your friends and family will adore receiving this as a gift. Whether they are into cocktails or straight-up bourbons, they will appreciate having something useful to keep their drinks chilled without wasting money on ice cubes.


This set includes everything you need to serve your favorite cocktail or whiskey, and it makes a wonderful gift idea for any bourbon lover.

The crystal glass decanter is the perfect way of holding and dispensing bourbon in style. The decanter itself has been designed specifically for this purpose, and it comes complete with a stopper that keeps the liquid fresh for longer.

This means that you can pour yourself a generous amount of liquor whenever you feel like it.

The decanter itself is made with a beautiful wood finish, and it has a beautiful finish that makes it stand out among other sets. This means that it will last for years, and even that you can buy it now and give it as a present a lot later.


Corn Trooper United Craft Bourbon

Of course, one of the best things to gift a bourbon lover with is a bottle of bourbon itself! With this corn trooper united craft bourbon, you can ensure that your friend or relative receives a gift that he or she will enjoy every single day.

Made to 101 proof, this is a truly artisanal product that offers a variety of flavors. It is extremely smooth, and it delivers a strong kick of alcohol that makes it ideal for sipping. This is a premium bourbon that is sure to impress even the most experienced drinkers.

It is packaged in a wooden box that features a beautiful design. This is bound to make it a conversation piece amongst your friends and relatives.

The 9 Best Gifts For Bourbon Lovers


If you're looking for a gift for someone who loves drinking bourbon, then these gifts are sure to be appreciated. From bourbon-inspired glasses to decanters, there's something here for everyone!

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