The 8 Best Wine Stoppers

There is nothing more satisfying in this world than opening a quality bottle of wine.

Whether you’re celebrating a success amongst friends or simply taking a moment to indulge yourself, sipping on your favorite vino is a truly delightful experience.

But, on the flip side, there is nothing worse than some of that wine going to waste because you can’t properly store what is leftover.

That’s why we’re dedicating this article to bringing you the 8 best wine stoppers on the market today.

From full-blown preservation systems for the wine fanatics amongst us to the budget-friendly silicone stoppers that keep your favorite bottle tasting as fresh as possible, end everything in between, we cover it all!

Check out our recommendations below.

The 8 Best Wine Stoppers


If you’re something of a self-bonafide wine connoisseur looking for a mechanism that is certain to keep your bottle as fresh as possible, look no further than the Vacu Vin Wine Saver Pump.

It is affordable and very effective. This wine stopper works to remove air from your wine bottle. In turn, it will keep it tasting fresh for up to one full week after opening.

You just need to insert the stopper into the bottle and pump until you hear the click. This click signals an air-tight seal.

This stopper is suitable for all types of red and white wines.

This product is incredibly popular amongst wine enthusiasts, with some reviewers claiming that it has worked perfectly for years and years!

At such an affordable price point, this is a great product.


If you like a glass of wine here and there but can't quite justify forking out the big bucks for a wine stopper, the rabbit champagne and wine sealer is ideal.

This stopper is super budget-friendly, simple, and it works wonderfully.

This wine stopper works by forming an airtight seal on most wine and beverage bottle types, including champagne, sparkling wine, and soda.

It works to preserve the flavor and carbonation of your favorite bottle. This stopper is very easy to use. It has a very comfortable drip with a matte black soft-touch finish.

To seal, you simply twist and it should be closed in seconds. It also has a very sleek and subtle appearance so will look great in any kitchen.


Cuisinart is a giant when it comes to kitchen products. They consistently produce high-quality items that both chefs and home cooks always rave about.

If you’re looking for a wine stopper from a reputable company, you need to check out this one.

This wine stopper is simple but effective. It has a leak-proof airtight seal that works to keep champagne perfectly bubbly for up to three days.

It is easy to operate, as you just need one hand to do so. If the reviews are anything to go by, this is a truly excellent product.

It is incredibly affordable, easy to use, and super effective. Reviewers often found that it kept bubbly wine and champagne fresh for longer than the stated 3 days.


OXO consistently produces top-quality and affordable kitchen equipment, and these perfect seal bottle stoppers are no exception.

If you often have a few different wines on the go, this set will ensure that you’re able to keep all of them fresh.

These stoppers are made from silicone that expands outward when in the bottle to ensure that the wine stays as fresh as possible.

This seal automatically contacts when the top is pulled up, meaning that it should be very hard to take out.

These stoppers have a precise fit that won't slip or leak. They also have an elegant stainless steel accent that makes them look super sleek in any kitchen.

Reviewers love the design of these stoppers, however, they note that they may leak if wine is kept on its side.


If you like the idea of a pump wine stopper but don’t want to commit to an expensive version, you should take a look at the Sunwunn Wine Bottle Stopper.

This stopper is very effective and it looks super stylish - what more could you ask for?

This wine stopper works to minimize oxidation by sucking the air out of the bottle.

To use it, you simply put it on the bottle and pump the button several times until you can feel that a tight seal has been made.

This stopper can be used to preserve the taste of wine for weeks!

Thanks to the fact that the vacuum rubber seal fits most wine bottles perfectly, you should experience no spills or leaks with this wine stopper!

As a bonus, with this product, you get a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If something is wrong with the product, you’ll receive a refund.


The keen eyed people amongst you will notice that this is the second time we’ve mentioned OXO in this list.

They are just so good! If you’re looking for a quality wine stopper and pourer, this product is ideal.

This wine stopper has a dual function. It seals wine bottles for short term storage, and it opens for a drip-free pouring process.

It should fit all cork-topped wine bottles, making it super versatile, and the lever system is comfortable and easy to use.

This wine stopper has a durable, stainless steel construction that really will last. Reviewers love how effective this wine stopper is.

However, many of them note that you need to really ensure that it is pushed all the way into the bottle, otherwise it may leak.


Whilst a fancy, all-singing and all-dancing wine stopper is great for those relaxed evenings where you want to have a few small glasses of your favorite vino and save the rest, they aren’t great for larger events because you can only seal one bottle at a time.

If you’re looking for wine stoppers for a party, to ensure that the multiple different bottles of wine that are opened are kept fresh and delicious, then the North Mountain Supply Bar Natural Corks are perfect for you.

These corks come in a pack of 12 and will fit all standard wine bottles, spirit bottles, and other gourmet beverages.

They are super easy to use and will ensure that your wine is kept as fresh as possible at all times. 


Finally, we couldn’t finish this list without including the incredible Coravin Model 3 Preservation System.

Admittedly, this system won’t be affordable for many people.

However, if you are a super keen wine enthusiast, you should definitely consider splashing the cash on this incredible piece of kit.

This system allows you to pour wine effortlessly without removing the cork, so that you can enjoy a glass now, later, and in a few months time, without the fuss of trying to reseal the bottle.

It provides superior wine preservation and it's super easy to use and clean! Reviewers rave about this product.

Many argue that it is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to sample different wines.

If you’re planning to host a wine tasting evening, this piece of kit is certain to make it even better (and it’ll wow all of your guests).

It is more expensive than all of the others on this list, but it is a truly special product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Wine Stoppers Better Than Corks?

Both will do the job. However, it is worth noting that cork stoppers are more susceptible to improper storage conditions.

Corks are also susceptible to a fungus that will ruin the flavor of the wine (often called cork taint). As such, wine stoppers are generally considered to be better than corks.

The 8 Best Wine Stoppers

Which Material Is Best For A Wine Stopper?

We recommend purchasing a wine stopper that is made from silicone. Silicone is durable, heat-resistant, and dishwasher safe.

As such, silicone wine stoppers are very easy to keep clean and are likely to last for a long time. Other materials may work just as well, but some, such as cork, are notably harder to keep clean.

How Long Can You Store Wine After Opening?

This is a hard question to answer because it ultimately depends on the wine itself. Lighter and heavier wines will have different shelf lives.

However, generally speaking, most wines should be consumed within three to five days of opening.

To keep your wine tasting super fresh, you should use a good wine stopper.


There is nothing worse in this world than wasted wine (we are not exaggerating).

We hope that this article has helped you find the perfect wine stopper so that you never have to waste even a single drop of your favorite bottle ever again!

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