The 13 Best Beers

If you’re just starting on your beer journey and want a simple list to give you some inspiration, or you’re a beer connoisseur looking for additions to add to your repertoire, check out the 13 best beers we’ve found over the last 12 months.

We guarantee there’s a drink for everyone on here, and no stone is left unturned as our nose buds were tested and our pallets refreshed in the search for the top picks.

The wonderful thing about beer is that it doesn’t become limited by when you can drink it and is perfect for a multitude of occasions.

Whilst we have specific lists dedicated to light beers, gluten-free beers, and even summer beers, these choices are what we consider versatile, meaning that they can be enjoyed on several different occasions or times of the year.

But if you want to try another one of the guides, head to the links above to take you to our wide selection of beers.

We wanted to make our list as inclusive as possible, so expect to find a wide variety of options that are light, dark, sour, sweet, and bitter. Sourced from all over the world, with many of our choices originating from Europe and a few that are closer to home.

We wouldn’t be ashamed to admit that we had a lot of fun going through this list, and picking out 13 of our favorites as the competition in this day and age is strong, you could argue that we’re in a golden age of beer expansion.

Enough talk for now: here are 13 awesome tasting beers you can try today.


Pilsner finds its origins in the Czech Republic in the city of Pilsen, where Josef Groll created this in 1842 and changed beers forever.

It has become an internationally recognized lager consumed all over the world, and Pilsner has been brewed in the same brewery using the same recipe for over 175 years.

The brand still favors using traditional methods, like triple decoction and parallel brewing whilst using wooden lagering barrels. Although the process takes longer, you can’t put a price on the high-quality tasting experience that Pilsner Urquell provides.

No wonder this regularly appears on the international best beer list. There’s a lot of flavors packed into this beer that is only 4.4% ABV, with a light to medium body and light finish that isn’t overpowering.


Known as the champagne of beers, our next stop is a little closer to home as we step back into 1903.

Miller Brewing Company’s mission was to brew a crisp, easy-drinking beer that had flavor and character, and fast forward over 100 years where now, many Americans enjoyed this beer in a saloon or taken home in a bucket, and you can still find this beer being enjoyed in bars and restaurants alike.

This remains a favorite amongst bartenders and is brewed with a prosperous blend of malted barley, hops, and Miller yeast.

The carbonation provides a tangy taste and gives this brand an extra sparkle, but also remains a smooth option giving you the best of both worlds. 

This beer is best enjoyed nice and slow, on a relaxing warm day in Summer and shouldn’t be rushed to enjoy its versatile flavor. Pack a few bottles for the local cookout and sit back as you let your worries melt away.


Jack’s Abby House Lager 5.2% ABV

This is the house lager from Jack’s Abby, and so much effort has been put into this staple of the brand, it puts other brands to shame. It’s a very popular tasting beer which is why this is our pick for the best beer at the ball game.

This beer has a high level of fizz, which is thirst-quenching for those hot summer days and completes the experience with a warm sweet taste.

It has a great design on the can with a stylish blue and purple color scheme and even pays homage to its main ingredient source from the area of Bavaria in Germany by spelling it ‘bier.’ 

Any brand that does this gains bonus points for staying true to its routes. Although it’s 5.2% ABV, this retains a light taste, and there aren’t any rude surprises with this one.


Time to try a beer that packs a hearty punch, with Peace Tree Brewing’s Blonde Fatale. This Belgian-style Blonde Ale is surrounded by mystique, as this company’s fairly modern routes date back to 2009 in a former Nash Rambler car dealership in Knoxville, Iowa.

It’s clear to see that brewing beer is their passion, and taking their name from a historic grand sycamore, was a historical meeting point for Native Americans and then fur traders.

This is an intriguing beer, with hints of banana and clove, as it falls low on the carbonation scale whilst still retaining a smooth and sweet taste.

What we liked most about this brew was how light on the pallet it was, even with the modest alcohol content. If you like beers that are simple and to the point, you’ll love the Blonde Fatale.


If you’re on the lookout for a beer on the darker side, look no further than this Köstritzer Schwarzbier from Bitburger.

This is made from carefully selected ingredients and is made by roasting barley for their malt, with strong hints of fruit, which gives this beer a unique flavor.

It’s unmistakably German, and before we tried this one we knew we were in for an intense flavor. As soon as you pour this out from its bottle, you notice the dark stout-styled color that is almost black.

There’s a gentle carbonation that isn’t underused, and as for the taste, we find it to be sweet combined with a chocolaty aroma that is also bitter.

We imagine this would be a great starter beer for those who are parched and want to unwind at the end of a long workday.


STS is a classic German-style pilsner, so you can expect all the magic of this original drink, with the added twist of Russian River adding their own patented dry hop using European hops.

STS is the three-letter code for the Sonoma County airport found on the west coast of the U.S. so this beer is truly multinational.

This one is best poured when extremely chilled, and you can immediately recognize the classic pilsner straw color that is beautiful and nostalgic. 

As soon as you take your first sip, you’ll be surprised at the medium bitterness level, and it’s not as light as we initially suspected.

We were glad to find that this isn’t that overpowering, like some other pilsners with a strong alcohol content. A well-balanced choice that would be great as a drink to accompany a meal.


Time to try another wheat beer with the Inedit from Estrella which is one of our favorite brands available on the market today. This is made with traditional malted-barley beer and wheat beer to give it a unique twist.

We feel this drink couldn’t be better suited when paired with a meal, meaning it’s the ideal drink to go with a range of dishes like starters, salads, and oily fish cuisines.

You will immediately notice a heavy emphasis on carbonation and a lemony pale color with hints of spice and fruitiness once you take your first sip, and we love the amalgamation of varying tastes that come with this one and couldn’t help but notice how refreshing it is.

We can see why it would be enjoyed with a hearty meal and if you enjoy a wheat beer but want the classic lager taste, give this one a go.


Bell's Oberon American Wheat Ale 5.8% ABV

Oberon ale is a wheat ale that is fermented with their signature house ale yeast, which mixes a spicy hop character with a hint of fruity aromas and is a must for anybody that enjoys wheat ale.

Made with only 4 ingredients, and has been described as sunshine in a glass, confirms this is an ideal summer refresher.

Once poured out the color is pale and slightly cloudy, with an aroma that has a hint of funkiness and spiciness.

If you’re in the market for a beer that isn’t going to leave you gassy and bloated, and you are seeking relaxation and comfort, once this hits your taste buds you’ll be struck with calmness. And we feel Bell’s has done a wonderful job of creating fantastic tasting beer.


Here’s a treat out of the Grand Rapids, east of Lake Michigan with this All Day IPA. This brew is known for its complexity of an array of malts, grains, and hops that is balanced for optimal aromatics and a clean finish.

The color has golden cloudiness to it, with plenty of carbonation, and we could smell hints of hops and citrusy undertones.

This one is a great choice for those that like a lot of bitterness to their beer. It’s refreshing and hits the spot giving you a wonderful fruity taste on your pallet.

It’s well balanced and non-aggressive and lighter in body, so we couldn't resist going out to the store and buying a few more bottles. 

Some of the beers we’ve listed today are great for drinking casually, and this is the perfect reward for a hard day’s slog, and you should take the time to celebrate life with a slow glass of All Day IPA.


Looking for a light beer that is not going to bloat out the waistline? Try Lagunitas DayTime IPA, which has fewer calories than a banana, but remains easier to peel.

We understand why this beer is marketed as a daytime drink, at only 4% ABV this isn’t going to knock you out, and would even be great to have at lunch during a long work week.

It’s a golden-light color with a hint of green, which almost feels like a soft drink to look at. You’ll get a waft of lemon citrus aroma that is not too overpowering but suits the beer nicely.

Once this hits your pallet, you’ll be awash with hints of grapefruit, lemon and this doesn’t taste too strong.

We love the dryness this one has to offer and you won’t feel too much alcohol in the flavor, which is nice for those that prefer a subtle drink rather than being overwhelmed with alcohol.


North Brewing Order Of Things 4.8% ABV

Here’s a brand new beer from a relatively new brewer located in Leeds, in the U.K. And this new recipe was so enticing that we are glad we got to try it out.

Made with extra pale malt and wheat, and fermented with North Brewing Orders house ale yeast, it’s combined with a hopped Citra, Mosaic, and Amarillo for an eclectic mixture.

This ale has one of the coolest can designs we’ve seen and sparks a modern feel as we busted open the can. It’s a cloudy texture with the classic pale ale tinting. We immediately wafted a hint of muskiness and citrusy aroma.

For the light ABV, it was a dry tasting but refreshing combination that was quite moreish. It’s understated and doesn’t sit heavy on the gut, making this an ideal beer to be enjoyed with company.


Dogfish claim that this is the most refreshing beer they’ve ever created.

Like a margarita without the sugar according to Paste Magazine, this tantalizing sour mash-up consists of Kolsch, salty Goose, and a tart Berliner Weiss brewed in sequence with sour lime juice and sea salt.

The first thing you notice with this is the crazy design on the can, with teal-colored in white font, that hints at a seaside beer. It has a strong pale-golden color and has a very limy, salty aroma that will hit you as soon as you pour the drink.

As marketed, this has a sour taste which reminded us of a salt-rimmed margarita. This ale has layers to it and should be enjoyed slowly to really appreciate the full taste Dogfish have created.


We finish off our list with this absolute classic from the North of England. In 1927 at Newcastle upon Tyne, Colonel Jim Porter released this popular brown ale, and its iconic status spread throughout the rest of the UK.

Now imported overseas for international audiences, the blue star located on the print is recognizable for its unique blend of pale malt and caramel malt to give a smooth flavor.

It has a distinguishing look and reminded us of the color of dark tea, which is fitting for a U.K. brand. Take the time to smell the subtle aroma, and you’ll notice hints of bread crust, hops, and lightly roasted sense.

And once you take your first sip, be prepared to experience the taste of caramel and sweetness combined with a small amount of bitterness. We feel this one would be great for festive occasions.

Final Thoughts

The 13 Best Beers

There you have it - 13 of the best beers in the world. All you have to do now is decide which order you want to try them in!

Mandy Winters