The 10 Best Beer Glasses

Beer is a righteous beverage that deserves a just as righteous glass. Sure, you can still drink your favorite beer in a regular glass and enjoy it to some degree.

We’re not saying that the glass makes the beer entirely, but it sure does go a long way in elevating your beer drinking experience to where it should be - up above the foamy clouds.

Drinking beer from an ill-fitting glass is scientifically proven to hold a beer’s hoppy aromas and delicious taste back, and you can’t argue with science!

A proportionately sized rim on your beer glass is imperative as it dictates the speed of carbonation and, therefore, the beer’s frothy head.

To make sure you’re matching an IPAs intensity with a curved bowl, or retaining the crisp carbonation of that favorite German pilsner of yours, it really does pay to have the right glass for your beer.

We’re guessing you may have acquired the odd pint glass from your local bar over the years and, hey, we’re not judging, most beer drinkers who have had their fair share have done the same.

But having a full set of beer glasses that are perfectly suited to the beer that you like to drink just hits differently.

So, to make sure you’re experiencing your beer the way it should be experienced, we’ve compiled the 10 best beer glasses found online to give you a righteous beer drinking time. 


It’s hard to put a finger on the impact that IPA-style beers have had on the beer industry in recent years, but it’s safe to say that it’s a large one.

And due to the IPA’s rapid takeover of the beer scene, the IPA glass game has, unsurprisingly, evolved in leaps and bounds too.

With guidance from expert IPA brew masters Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head and Ken Grossman of Sierra Nevada, Spiegelau has put forward the new standard in IPA glassware.

Spiegelau is one of the world’s oldest glassmakers, so it’s no surprise that they have history and innovation on their side.

Their 18oz IPA glass benefits from a rippled pedestal base underneath a round bowl that works in unison to enhance the powerful aroma profiles that this hop-heavy beer is known for.

Measuring a 3.25” diameter at the rim, this glass is purposed with preserving a frothy head while also being wide enough to welcome the drinker into its world of hoppy goodness.


  • German-made - expert craftsmanship
  • Dishwasher safe - great for time-saving
  • 18oz - fits a standard pint size
  • Designed by experts - purpose-built for IPAs


  • Expensive


Bormioli Rocco has put a modern twist to the classic German-style stein glass and we’re all for it. With a capacity of 17.25oz, this is slimmed down stein that fits a pint of beer like it was meant to be (which it is).

With a firm grip on its oversized handle, we couldn’t help but feel a little invincible while sipping lager proudly, and in confidence, from this heavy-duty glass.

A handle is also savvy for keeping your beer cold and your hand not cold by doing away with the need to be too handsy with your glass.

If you were wondering about the quality of these Italian-made glasses then don’t as they have been crafted in Italian by master glassblowers.

That’s right, this set of 4 beer glasses that each feature a swirling intricate pattern on their weighted bottom have been blown by the best Italian glassblowers using premium, lead-free glass. 

This style of glass is great for all types of lager and pilsner and will suit a Sunday football cookout or a more formal dinner setting just the same.


  • Handle - helps keep beer cold
  • Fits a pint of beer - practical size
  • Stein - unique shape
  • Italian made - Handblown by master glassblowers


  • Stein style but not stein size - not suitable for people chasing a fully-fledged stein


The Tubby is a high-quality beer glass with an extra-wide mouth that offers an enjoyable drinking experience.

Tubby has also patented the specialist rim of their pint glass which features an overstated rolled profile to enhance sipping comfort, and trust us, it does feel especially nice around the lips.

Fitting 16oz of beer to the rim, this isn’t the largest beer glass on our list but its unique profile more than makes up for a little less volume.

One of the best parts of this short and wide glass is that it is stackable. The ability to stack each glass inside of the next is ideal for cupboard space-saving which we’re sure everyone can be thankful for.

The wide rim also provides a great nose on your beer and helps particularly carbonated lagers and pilsners breath a little.

This is a small independent business that is doing things their own way and has included a cute Tubby Hippy logo on each glass for effect. 

They’ve also got an 11oz and 6oz size currently available, and guess what, they’re just one click away.


  • Stackable glassware - good for saving cupboard space
  • Patented rolled rim - comfortable to drink from
  • Wide rim - allows the beer to breath
  • Three sizes available - good for other drinks too


  • Not a traditional beer glass style


Warm beer should be classed as a crime against humanity.

Summertime and cold beers go together like peaches and cream and we’d argue that there’s nothing sadder than trying to get through a beer that has fallen by the wayside - the warm wayside.

To rectify this age-old beer drinking dilemma, Host has put forward the ultimate freezer beer glasses.

The insulated plastic walls of this beer glass have been loaded with a proprietary cooling gel.

Designed to be popped in the freezer for a minimum of two hours before use, these magical glasses will keep your beer icy cold for a prolonged period of time. 

We really enjoyed drinking from this glass, especially in a social environment where being stuck in a particularly long conversation doesn’t spell the end for your cold and delicious beer.

The glass features the All-American Shaker style for all beer types. Being plastic this is also a great party glass that has zero chance of breaking.


  • Proprietary cooling gel - keeps beer cold
  • Silicone band - comfortable grip with no chance to slip
  • Two-pack - great for beer-loving couples


  • Plastic - won’t offer the same experience as glass


For the beer drinkers who like to sample it all, the German glass giants of Spiegelau have got you.

This set of craft beer tasting glasses features their prized IPA glass from the number 1 spot alongside a tulip, lager, and Hefe glass to offer all serious beer drinkers a premium place of refuge.

This kind of premium glass kit is also the perfect present for anyone who loves their beer more than they love most things.

Spiegelau has brought 500 years of German craftsmanship to the production table to create this iconic crystal glassware set that won’t just make your favorite beer taste better, it’ll make the whole gamut of the beer world taste the way it should.

Battle-tested through 1,500 dishwasher cycles, these glasses are also incredibly durable and will do you, if cared for, many great years of beer drinking service.


  • German made - 500 years of craftsmanship
  • 4 unique beer glasses - great for eclectic beer drinking
  • Tested in 1,500 dishwasher cycles - durable construction


  • Expensive


The Teku 3.0 by DU VINO is a premium beer glass for the distinguished beer drinker. The pronounced stem offers the glass a classy appearance that can’t help but have you sipping it in style.

We really loved the nucleated base of this stemmed beauty that makes bubbles rise and, subsequently, keeps beer fresher for longer and maintains a healthy head.

DU VINO has laser-etched five circular grooves on the bottom of each glass to create this unique effect in a stemmed beer glass.

Revered by many beer connoisseurs the world over, the Teku has been designed by a craft beer expert and has set its own bar in design.

The curvature of the bowl helps to display the vibrant color that is common in premium craft beers of today.

The stem isn’t solely purposed with offering a sense of style either - helping to keep your beer cold by placing your hand well away from where the magic is happening. 

A true icon of the beer glass world for which the price reflects.


  • Stemmed glass - looks stylish and helps keep beer cold
  • Nucleated base - Allows the CO2 of the beer to rise
  • Suited all craft beers - great all-purpose glass to have in the arsenal


  • Expensive


These Bodega glasses by the Italian glass masters at Bormioli Rocco are a true delight to the eye and to hold. Their compact size is ideal for casual beer drinkers in a lively setting.

Imagine stocking up the house with a bunch of these Bodega-inspired glasses which give off the impression that your home has been transformed into a lively little Spanish dive bar.

Bormioli has put forward three sizes at 7.5oz, 12.5oz, and an oversized Bodega glass at 17.25oz.

Each set is stocked with 12 glasses or you can pick up the entire 36 glass set today and not have to worry about running out of glasses for a long, long time. 

These are simple and humble beer glasses that suit cheap lager and plenty of laughs and are hard to ignore but easy to adore.


  • 3 sizes - gives you choice 
  • Bodega style - great for casual settings
  • Italian made - premium glassware
  • Versatile design - suits other drinkers and desserts


  • Not a specialist beer glass


With a capacity of 20oz, this set of 4 beer glasses will fit more beer than you can poke a brewing paddle at.

Designed in an old-world style but with a modern twist and a seriously comfortable grip, these glasses will be your reliable friends of the cupboard. 

They are made with premium crystal glass and constructed thick to handle the odd knock or two and keep on keeping on.

They also have a reinforced, extra-thick base that gives them a good grounding on the table and ensures they are more than approved for a dishwasher cycle or two.

Mitbak has stated that these glasses are so versatile in design that they can also suit all beer types as well as spirit mixers and soft drinks.

However, we think their long and reasonably slim shape is ideal for lager and pilsner beer with an overpowering amount of C02 bubbles. 

A well-made set of 4 beer glasses that are pleasantly priced and ready to fly off the internet’s shelves now.


  • Thick-walled glass - approved for dishwasher
  • Reinforced base - won’t be knocked down in a hurry
  • 7-inch height - good for lager and pilsner beer


  • Tall and slender shape - doesn’t bode well with craft beer


DU VINO’s pilsner glass benefits from a slender hourglass design that offers a casual aesthetic but with an elegant edge.

Pilsner beers love a tall and slender glass that allows their abundant bubbles to rise up and release their natural aroma, which helps them stay fresh and taste great. 

The laser-cut nucleated bottom of the glass also helps to promote good CO2 bubble flow, which as we can say from experience, works like a charm.

This pilsner glass set is also made right here in the US, which is less than common when it comes to premium glassware.

The sturdy base of the glass will help put your mind at ease when there are external forces at play that have the potential to knock your precious pilsner to the ground - children, pets, and intoxicated adults.

Fits a nice and even 16oz to ensure that you’ll be sipping your favorite pilsner nice and pretty right down to the last frothy mouthful.


  • Specialist pilsner glass
  • USA made
  • Nucleated bottom - promotes good CO2 bubble flow
  • Thick base - won’t topple over in a hurry


  • Tall and slender - not suited to hoppy beers


If you have a few stolen bar beer glasses stashed in the kitchen cupboard then it is likely you will be the owner of a Nonic pint glass. The preferred glass of the British, the Nonic is a popular glass type for a reason.

It has a no-nonsense shape that features a slight bulge in the top two inches of the glass. This bulge helps to protect the rim of the glass from chipping, hence the name ‘Nonic’ - no nick.

It is exactly the same in every way as our classic Shaker glass except for the bulge which helps to define it as Nonic. It’s purposed with fitting an imperial pint inside of it and that’s about the short of it.

It is not purposed with making a particular type of beer taste any better or any worse.

This standardized shape can actually work in the favor of people who like their beer but don’t fancy the idea of having to buy a particular glass for each type. 

The Nonic will be there for you, on the front line, serving you well for years and asking nothing in return. A commendable pint glass that may just help to bring out your best cockney accent after a few too many brews.


  • Versatile shape - good for all beer types
  • Top bulge - helps to protect the rim
  • British style of beer glass - offers a point of difference


  • Not a specialist glass - won’t bring out the best in beer


Beer is a special beverage that dates back to ancient times and is considered, by many, to be the oldest documented recipe in the world.

Dating back to 5,000BC in ancient Egypt, beer recipes were scribed onto Papyrus scrolls and the legend of beer was born.

The 10 Best Beer Glasses

Of course, these archaic recipes would have been pretty harsh tastings by today’s standards, but it helps to highlight the importance of beer within the trajectory of the human race and shaping our societies.

Beer is a drink that means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Some beer drinkers are loyalists to old-world lager and even the sight of a fancy craft beer is enough to send them into an uproar of sorts.

Whereas some beer lovers are so far down the craft beer rabbit hole that a double citrus grapefruit-infused NEIPA actually makes sense to them.

Wherever your loyalties lie with beer, there’s one thing for certain and that’s the fact that drinking it out of a purpose-built glass makes beer taste better.

So whether you’re looking to sip a crisp lager poolside in the summer or sink a few hoppy numbers in the depths of winter, we hope this article has found you a beer glass to enhance your beer and take you there.

Mandy Winters