How To Tornado A Beer, About The Tornado Beer Chug

You are going to get to a moment in your life where you are going to have to make a choice.

How To Tornado A Beer, About The Tornado Beer Chug

Are you going to chug the drink while everyone else is chanting “chug, chug” or are you going to have to give up halfway through?

Even while it might not seem like a skill you need to practice, being able to down beers fast could come in very handy when you least expect it.

If you want to really wow your friends and family with how well-rounded your social skills are, you should probably learn how to “tornado a beer.” This is a fun and unique way to drink a beer.

The drinking method called the Tornado Chug is one of the fasted techniques that you can use to down your beer quickly and painlessly.

Keep reading to learn all about this drinking method so that you can test it out at your next party!

What Is The Tornado Chug?

There are several methods for chugging an alcoholic drink. Partygoers are probably already familiar with very popular strawpedo methods. But in 2019, a new method was created by one very brave man. 

In 2019, a Chinese guy quickly rose to online fame after posting a video on Twitter demonstrating an unusual way to consume alcohol. The video quickly went viral. 

A farmer called Liu Shichao from Hebei has given himself the credit of being the “inventor of the ‘tornado,'” which refers to his particular way of consuming beer.

sing this method, Liu Shichao is able to chug a whole bottle of beer in a matter of seconds. 

How To Do The Tornado Chug

To the relief of everyone, Liu has published a quick online lesson that explains how to do his famous tornado chug.

Here is a quick step-by-step guide.

  1. Start by taking a gulp of the beer to create some space for yourself to breathe. This will help make the rest of the steps easier
  2. To tornado the beer, just rotate the bottle of beer in either the clockwise or counterclockwise direction. Don’t shake the beer though, as this will make it fizz. 
  3. Now put your head as far back as you can, as this opens up your throat. 
  4. Take several gulps of the beer and you will be very surprised at how fast you can drink it 

Keep in mind that the only way you can do the tornado chug is by drinking out of a beer bottle, as this method will not work in a can or any type of cup. 

The bottle’s neck needs to be sufficiently long to produce the centrifugal suction that is required for the liquid to be dragged down through the tornado. 

How Does The Tornado Chug Work?

In its most fundamental form, the tornado beer chug follows the same principles as the water bottle vortex that is taught in classrooms all around the world.

It should not come as a surprise to learn that the tornado beer chug is far more challenging to perform than it initially looks to be.

You’ll find out that a lot of individuals have problems learning this method if you do some poking around on YouTube and look for specific examples. But practice makes perfect so keep trying!

Don’t Forget To Breathe!

Don’t Forget To Breathe!

There is one more thing that we need to cover before you go ahead and attempt to a tornado a beer on your own, and that is how to breathe when doing it. 

When chugging, one of the most typical mistakes that many people do is that they attempt to fight against the pour.

It is possible that tilting your head back and opening your neck will enable you to chug the drink far more quickly. You will find that this makes the process for you.

When chugging the beer, you should try your best not to breathe at all, as this could lead to choking. Instead, as you are tipping your head back, take a deep breath in through your nose.

If you are mid-chug and find that you really have to breathe, then stop drinking or you might choke. 

You may not be able to down beers as quickly as Liu Shichao at first, as he is extraordinarily skilled in this area, but with practice, you will be able to improve your speed. 

With things like this practice makes perfect. If you really want to nail down this skill, then try building up to it. The best thing to do is to start by chugging water using this method.

Water is much easier to chug as it is not fizzy. It also means that you can practice the swirling technique without having to worry about the drink fizzing over out of the bottle.

Once you think that you are ready, you can move on to practicing with beer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Make The Tornado In A Bottle?

It is easy to make a tornado inside of a bottle, and this is not a skill that has to be reserved for showing off at parties.

Making a tornado in a bottle is a very simple way of teaching children about centrifugal force while also keeping them entertained. 

To do this exercise, all you will need is a tall bottle, and it is recommended that you find one that has a longer neck.

There are a variety of bottles that may be used, including beer bottles, water bottles, and even soda bottles.

The bottle needs to be at least three-quarters full for this method to work. If you want to make this trick look even more exciting for your kids.

You might want to try adding some glitter or food coloring to the mixture, as well as a spray of dishwashing liquid, in order to make the vortex more obvious.

Before you start rotating the bottle in a circle, you need to make sure that the cap is properly on the bottle.

The strength of the centripetal forces that form the tornado is proportional to the speed with which you are moving, so the fast you move it, the bigger and faster the tornado will be.

How Do I Open My Throat When Chugging Beer?

When it comes to opening your neck to chug a beer, it is all about the angle and the ease with which you can do it.

You are essentially pouring the alcohol down your throat in order to get it to your stomach as rapidly as possible.

Because of how this works, you probably won’t even taste the beer as it goes down, which may be a blessing if you’re not a fan of the flavor.

To properly open your throat, allow yourself time to take a full breath in, and then tilt your head back.

To practice, use water instead as this is much easier to chug.

You should begin by practicing the action of flipping over a bottle and taking big gulps of water only when your mouth is already totally full. This will help you get the hang of the move more quickly.

How Can I Whirlwind My Drink?

When you whirlwind a beer, you create a mini-tornado within the bottle, which is a lot like what happens when you tornado a beer.

When you want to down a drink as quickly as possible, you have to draw your head back into the chugging position and at the same time widen your throat.

The next step is to rotate the bottle in a complete circle.

The whirlwind that is housed within the bottle speeds up the drink, allowing it to flow down your throat faster than it would if you were to simply take a normal mouthful of it.

How Is Torpedoing A Beer?

To “torpedo” a beer is the same as “strawpedoing” a beer, which is similar to “shotgunning” but done with liquids that are confined in containers that cannot be ruptured 9for example a beer bottle).

To do this, you will need to insert a straw into the bottle, and then bend it around the opening of the bottle so that it fits.

When you bring the bottle closer to your mouth, air rushes in via the straw, which causes the liquid within the bottle to empty out of the bottle more rapidly.

Because of this, drinking the beverage straight from the bottle should be much simpler for you.

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