How Many Shots In A Pint? How Many Shots In A Can Of Beer?

Are you planning a mega party, full of drinks and shots for every guest? It can be hard to work out how much alcohol you’re going to need, especially when you consider ensuring that every guest has a good time.

How Many Shots In A Pint? How Many Shots In A Can Of Beer?

So, you will need to work out exactly how much alcoholic content you need to mix up enough drinks for everyone to be served at least once – which sounds like an overly complicated task, no?

Well, luckily for you we’ve done that part. So, no worries about all the complicated mathematical parts, we have got you covered. 

In this article, we will explain to you every measurement you will need to know to figure out exactly how much you need for your party! So, let’s get started!

Comparing Alcoholic Percentage By Beverage

To know the number of shots there are in a pint or can of beer, first you need to understand the standard sizing of drinks (see also ‘How Many Ounces In A Pitcher Of Beer?‘).

This is simply so that you can keep track of what you have drunk and know when you should stop drinking, or whether to carry on!

Depending on what you are drinking will have different levels of alcohol in terms of percentage. For example, straight spirits have a much higher alcohol percentage than beer, i.e. it is a stronger drink.

Roughly one standard-size bottle of beer is equal (in terms of alcohol level) to one shot of liquor or a regular wine serving.

So basically, the amount of alcohol you are consuming greatly depends on what alcohol you choose to drink.

To put it in another way, a 12 oz bottle of beer is equal to a 4 oz serving of wine or 1.25 oz serving of hard liquor. These measurements are what are known to be the standard drink measurements.

A bottle of vodka is usually around 750ml, which is equal to 17 servings of alcohol, or 17 shots.

So, every drink has a different alcohol content. An example of this – take a Long Island Iced Tea cocktail, this will be equal to three shots/servings of hard liquor.

A 2oz serving of gin and tonic is about 1.33 shots – slightly more than the average size serving.

Pint Size, What Is It?

There are different measurements when it comes to pints, so it is important that you understand the difference between the two.

The different types are pints that refer to the size of a bottle and pints as a reference to the size of a glass. To begin with, we will look at the pint-size of a bottle of liquor.

A pint-size liquor bottle contains 375ml or 12.7 oz of liquid. You can buy bottles of this size as well as quarter pints and half pints in most liquor stores.

The sizings of those are as follows: a quarter pint is 100ml or 3.4 oz and a half pint is 200ml or 6.8 fluid ounces.

In the standard US pint-size glass, there are around 16 ounces. A standard shot glass holds 1.5 ounces of alcohol.

These measurements will differ depending on where you are and what country you are in. This is because there is not a universal size for drink measurements meaning that they differ all around the world.

An example of this is that in the UK, the standard pint glass holds 20 oz or 568ml – greatly differing from the sizing in the US.

If you want to know the number of shots that are in a pint glass, you just have to divide 16oz by 1.5oz. This will leave you with 10.6 – meaning that there are roughly 10.6 shots in a pint glass in the US. 

How Many Shots Are In A Pint?

If you are trying to figure out how many bottles of hard liquor you are going to need for a party, then you are in the right place.

A standard pint-sized liquor bottle (vodka or tequila for example) has 12.7 oz which will usually give you 8 shots.

A quarter-pint will give you 2 shots, and a half-pint will be 4. So, count up how many people will be attending your party and calculate accordingly!

Wondering about the number of shots in a pint glass? Well, as we mentioned earlier, by dividing 16 oz by 1.5 oz you get 10.6. There are just over ten and a half shots in a pint glass.

How Many Shots Are In A Pint Of Vodka?

How Many Shots Are In A Pint Of Vodka?

We briefly mentioned this above but, the number of shots that you get out of a pint will depend on where you are and the size of a pint glass in that place.

In the US you will have 10.6 shots from a pint glass of vodka. In the UK, a pint of vodka will get you 18.9 shots because the measurement of a pint glass is much larger there.

In Italy, a pint of Vodka is equivalent to 11.8 shots. This is measured from pint glasses, however. If you want to know how many shots are in a pint-sized bottle of vodka then the answer is around 8.

How Many Shots Are In A Can Of Beer?

A single can of beer is 12 oz. One-shot is equal to 1.5 oz. This means there are roughly 8 shots of beer in one can. This is roughly the same amount that you’d find in a pint-sized bottle of liquor from a store.

It is very important to note that a shot of beer and a shot of liquor are equal only in terms of volume. What we mean by this is that liquor is much stronger than beer in terms of alcohol percentage.

The typical domestic beer ranged from 5-8% ABV, whereas vodka for example has 40% ABV. This means that 12 oz of beer with 5% ABV has just 0.6 oz or 17.7 ml of ethanol.

A 44 ml serving or 1.5 oz shot of hard liquor contains 0.59 oz of ethanol. This is the reason that one drink has a larger serving size despite maintaining a similar amount of alcohol.

If you drink a bottle of beer, which is roughly 8 shots worth, you will be drinking a smaller amount of alcohol than if you were to have 8 shots of vodka.

Even though it is the same in terms of volume, the alcoholic content is much different.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is A Pint The Same As A Shot?

No. A pint bottle is equal to 12.7 oz whereas a shot holds just 1.5 oz of liquor. A pint glass holds 16 oz.

The size of a pint will differ depending on where you are in the world as there is no universal volumic measurement of what a pint should be.

How Many Drinks Is A Pint Of Vodka?

A pint of vodka is roughly 10.6 shots. So, if you are drinking doubles you will need around 4 or 5 drinks to have consumed a pint of vodka.

How Much Alcohol Is In A Pint Of Beer?

A: It depends on what brand of beer you are drinking. A 568ml serving of beer with an ABV of 3.6% is 2 units.

How Many Units Of Alcohol Should Adults Have?

You should monitor the amount of alcohol that you intake each week. Too much alcohol can cause many health complications and risks, as well as an addiction that can lead to diseases.

Is A Pint Of Liquor A Day Too Much?

The recommended limit of alcohol consumption each day is about one pint of beer.

Final Thoughts

So, hopefully, that will help you understand the contents of alcoholic beverages and the difference in sizes and percentages, and why some liquids will get you drunker, by drinking a smaller amount.

You can use these numbers to calculate exactly how much alcohol you are going to need to buy for your party – whether that is beers or hard liquor!

The main thing to remember when it comes to drinking alcohol is to drink responsibly. Consuming too much can give you alcohol poisoning which can lead to many other medical complications.

It is also very easy to become addicted to drinking alcohol. For this reason, you should always be aware of the amount you are drinking and you should know when it is time to stop.

Additionally, you will need to check the age restrictions in your country to make sure, legally, you are consuming alcohol.

In the US you must be 21 years of age for example, and in the UK you need to be 18 years old.

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