How Many Ounces Are In A Bottle of Beer & Can Of Beer?

It’s fair to say that beer is easily one of, if not, the most popular forms of alcoholic drink in the world.

How Many Ounces Are In A Bottle of Beer & Can Of Beer?

There are lots of different forms it can take, from lager all the way up to stouts and strong ales. However, there are also lots of different types of packaging it can come in.

The majority of people, when picturing beer, will envisage a cold, tall pint of the golden stuff with a bit of foam on top for show.

However, drinking beer from the tap isn’t always the only option available.

A lot of people actually prefer drinking their beer fresh from a can or a bottle so the bubbles and the liveliness remain intact and present throughout the experience.

Because of this, we think it’s important to understand all of the different types of bottles and cans that you’re likely to see, along with all of the different sizes they can be found in.

You’re likely to find these different forms of packaging in stores and bars all around the world because they are so common.

Follow the rest of our guide to find out how many ounces are in a bottle of beer and how many ounces are in a can of beer (see also ‘How Many Ounces In A Pitcher Of Beer?‘).

After all, this will help you to choose your next cold beverage, as a lot of people base their decision on how much beer you get for the price you’re going to be paying.

What Is An Ounce?

Firstly, it’s best that we have a look at what an ounce is and what it’s equivalent to. Otherwise, it wouldn’t mean much!

An ounce of fluid is often used throughout the English system of measurement and is used to measure liquid volume.

Similar to how liters and centiliters are used, they are often seen advertised on the can or the bottle of drinks.

If you’re wondering how much an ounce actually is, then it helps if you know what a milliliter is. An ounce is roughly the equivalent of 29 and a half milliliters.

If we’re being precise, an ounce is 29.574 milliliters. This is also around 1/8 of a cup.

Beer Bottle Sizes

When it comes to enjoying a beer, many people prefer to drink their beverage from a bottle over a can.

Because of the large demand, there is a lot to choose from on the market and will give you lots of different options to choose, which is always nice to have.

We’ll have a look at different types of bottle sizes here.

Stubby And Longneck Bottles

A standard beer bottle has around 12 ounces in it, which is the equivalent of 354 milliliters. This comes in the variations of stubby and longneck, as the name suggests.

Stubby bottles, also known as a steinie, have a much shorter neck and are usually a bit wider when it comes to the body of the bottle.

Often viewed as a vintage bottle from the 1930s, this was revived by brands like Miller and Budweiser.

Nip Bottles

Also known as pony and grenade bottles, many people see this as one of the most popular forms of beer bottle.

Containing 7 ounces of beer, or 207 ml, this type of bottle can also be seen with spirits and other types of alcohol.

Different brews such as Coronita come in these smaller bottles, with many beer-lovers finding them easier to drink in moderation.

When ordering one of these brews at a bar, you might find the bottle served to you in a small bucket of ice. What’s not to love?

Large Format Bottles And Bomber Bottles

These bottles are great for people who want to have a larger drink with a big amount of beer.

The largest on our list yet, these bottles hold 25.4 ounces of fluids, the equivalent of 750 ml if you’re drinking from a large-format beer bottle.

The alternative is the bomber bottle, which comes in the size of 22 ounces, equalling 650 ml. The bomber is slightly smaller than the large format bottle.

These are used a lot for limited-edition forms of beer, vintage beverages, and more expensive forms of the drink.

The usual suspects found in these bottles are stouts, imperial ale, and craft beer. Another distinct difference between the bottles is that the large format bottle is often found with a cork present like a wine bottle.

Bomber bottles have a wax dip on the top of the bottle for visual effect.

Magnum Bottles

This is a promotional form of beer bottle and can be seen throughout campaigns and holidays that advertise new forms of beer.

Popular brands like Heineken sell these at 50 ounces, which is the same as one and a half liters of beer! These bottles are often seen as collector’s items and will be kept safe for years on display.

Gowler And Howler Bottles

With a distinct look, the growler bottle looks like a jug and has a small handle connected to the body of the bottle.

These can be made out of porcelain, stainless steel, glass, and plastic. On top of this, they are usually resealed before being thrown away.

The original model of a growler bottle comes in at 64 ounces, or 1.9 liters, with a half growler coming in at 32 ounces, or 0.95 liters.

Not to mention, a one-gallon bottle in growler form will be 128 ounces, which is the equivalent of 3.8 liters. This is easily the biggest on our list, by a long way!

Beer Can Sizes

Beer Can Sizes

Throughout the years, people have often drank from beer cans and have enjoyed them when served on a bucket of ice or when kept in a cool space.

With so many brands creating these and their ability to open without an opening tool, you can expect to see a lot of different sizes of cans all over the world. Here are some of the main ones!

Nip Can

Slightly larger than their bottle counterpart, nip cans store 8.4 ounces of fluid, which is the equivalent of 248 mils.

This is quite a small amount and you’re unlikely to see many big brands of beer coming in this size of packaging.

Ciders often come in cans of this capacity, as well as the Rodenbach Fruitage and 21st Amendment’s Lower De Boom Barleywine.

Standard Can

Coming in at an amount of 12 ounces, or 354 ml of beer, you can buy them online or in the vast majority of stores that sell food and drink.

These are great because they’re usually seen as six-pack, twelve-pack, and thirty-packs for people who are extra-thirsty!

Tallboy Can

These can hold a pint of beer and come in the size of 16 ounces, the equivalent of 473 ml. These usually come in packs of 4 and are perfectly described by their name.

These are a lot taller and thinner than your standard can and will be easy to spot when searching these in the store.

Crowler Can

These are similar to howler bottles and are designed for single use. These are mostly seen with craft beers and they store 32 ounces of beer or 0.9 liters.

If you’re looking for tapped beer in these cans, some bars will sell them in this form, which is ideal for those who like a fresh beverage.

Stovepipe Can

These are a bit larger than the tallboy can and will be found in a lot of convenience stores and gas stations around the country.

They come in the size of 19.2 ounces, equal to 567 ml of beer. These have grown massively in popularity, with lots of different companies and brands looking to use these sizes for their products.


There we have it! There are a lot of different sizes of bottles and cans alike.

When looking to buy different beers, you can usually see the amount of beer on the can or bottle, which will ensure that you get the right amount of drink that suits you best.

You can typically guess the amount of beer that you want through the size of the package itself.

At the end of the day, it’s all about finding the right amount of beer for you, which will ultimately be in the form of ounces or some other unit of measurement.

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