Best Bourbon Of The Month Clubs

Bourbon has been a very popular drink in the USA for decades. Thanks to innovation in the bourbon industry in recent years, there is now an entire world of bourbon to explore, as the alcohol continues to grow in popularity.

Bourbon must be made in the United States, contain at least 51% maize mash, and be aged in new charred oak barrels, according to the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau.

It must contain at least 80% alcohol by volume during production and no more than 62.5 percent alcohol during its life.

Just like how real champagne can only come from the Champagne area of France, real bourbon must follow the above steps to get the bourbon name.

Naturally, there are numerous outstanding bourbons to try from Kentucky, as this is where a lot of bourbon is produced, but there are also wonderful bourbons to sample from every other state in the United States.

A handy method to try all of this variety is to join a bourbon of the month club, which will send you a bottle or two each month. This lets you work your way through this beautifully distinctive American spirit.

There are several bourbon of the month clubs available to try out. Here are the best ones you should use if you are serious about your bourbon. 

Best Bourbon Of The Month Clubs



Numerous factors contribute to the appeal of this annual membership (which begins at $159 per year).

To begin, shipments can include a selection of appealing 750-milliliter bottles as well as a "tasting box" including three 50-milliliter dram samples organized by theme.

As well as all this, you will also get a coaster, educational tasting recommendations, and engaging tasting notes to go along with the bourbon you have been given.

Join the basic membership ($159) to receive two gratis bottles, the Premium membership ($279) to receive four complimentary bottles, or the All-Access membership ($279) to receive products quarterly.

Additionally, each purchase will receive a copy of the elegant and informative "Flaviar Times" magazine. Monthly access to Flaviar's Vault enables customers to purchase uncommon goods such as WhistlePig The Boss Hog VII bourbon.

Simply providing you with all the bourbons you could want or need is not the only service that Flaviar provides though.

You will also be able to access several other services and experiences, including live and online tasting and blending events, as well as VIP distillery visits.

Meanwhile, Flaviar's online "Boozefeed" has a variety of additional content, such as a documentary on Winston Churchill's favorite drinks and a compendium of rye cocktail recipes.

Members choose a bottle from a gallery of spirits, which includes an abundance of non-bourbons for those who want to try something different.

Although having control over the options is tempting though, choosing from previously unknown or untested bottles may be tough.

The plethora of rich and different possibilities, on the other hand, is undeniable and is something that makes this club stand out from the rest.

The reality is that people gravitate toward their favored beverage when purchasing through standard online retail channels or when shopping in stores, which naturally favor the big guys in the alcohol industry.

This is why platforms like Flaviar are crucial for smaller makers, as it allows them to get their products noticed by a wider audience.


  • Many options to choose from - this club offers a huge selection of bourbons for you to choose from all over the USA. If bourbon is not your thing, or you want to try something different for a month, they have other alcohols to choose from too. 
  • Free shipping for members - if you become a member of Flaviar, you can save a bit of money on the shipping
  • Extra features - with bourbon tasting events, distillery visits, and the Boozefeed site, you will be getting so much for the price of the membership
  • Free products - members can get 8 free products yearly


  • One bottle a quarter - though you can get smaller bottles monthly, you are only able to get a full-sized bourbon bottle every 3 months
  • Possibly too many options - with so many products, choosing the right bourbons can be pretty overwhelming, especially if you are not familiar with this type of alcohol


Pour More

If you get puzzled or overwhelmed by the many bourbon options out there, then Pour More may be the best club for you.

This service not only proves you with an excellent alcohol selection but also educates you on the different types of bourbon, so you can make better drink choices in the future.

Subscriptions are offered in two tiers (Intro and Explorer, priced at $49 and $79), with select rare bourbon typically reserved for the high-end enthusiasts being included in whiskey club shipments.

This is excellent as if you do not have the money to buy a full bottle of the pricier bourbon, you can still get a little taste of these products.

Pour More focuses on promoting bourbon manufacturers that are local to them to help them build up their customer base. The more popular ones are the Rabbit Hole Dareringer bourbon and the Cooperstown Bourbon.

Bottles are sent monthly or bimonthly on a three to twelve-month schedule and include brand history and a cocktail recipe. You can also include optional gifts such as Corkcicle glasses and Whiskey balls, as well as one-off products from partner manufacturers.


  • Cheap - both the membership levels of Pour More are very cheap compared to almost all other clubs that you can find
  • Variety - there are many bourbon options to pick from
  • Optional gifts - if you are buying this for a friend/family member, or you want to add some items to your drinks cart, then the extra gifts may be perfect for you
  • Wide distribution - Pour More is available in 46 states of the USA


  • Too few membership options - though 2 membership levels may seem like a lot, a lot of other clubs offer up to 3 or 4. This typically allows people to buy high-end bourbon while still being part of the club. Pour More used to have an “Enthusiast” membership, though this was discontinued


Mash And Grape

A casual check of the bourbons selected by Mash & Grape for its monthly subscriptions ($69 per month) finds an abundance of high-quality producers such as Kentucky Owl, Old Scout, and Kings Country.

There is a very broad variety of drinks that are both peated and bottled-in-bond.

The Mash & Grape team scans the market for high-quality products (rather than bargains) and approaches producers about the possibility of being added to their service.

The search is aided by the fact that dozens of brands—many of them new bourbon producers—have shown interest in Mash & Grape due to the brand's popularity and reputation for being a very good service for both customers and suppliers to use.

Members receive exclusive items, access to Mash's online marketplace, as well as discounts on very limited spirits from their distilleries that are not manufactured in large enough quantities to be easily found.

Barrell Bourbon, for example, has become a well-established ally as a result of Mash&Grape's discovery and is now one of the more popular bourbons on their site.


  • Access to their marketplace - if you are looking for exclusive or rare bourbons, then the Mash & Grape marketplace is the best place to start. They can get their hands on difficult to find bourbons that often sell out quickly on other sites or in stores
  • Work with local brands - getting their name and products out there is essential to any growing business, which is why it is excellent that Mash & Grape favors small, local producers over the bigger bourbon manufactures
  • Affordable - for just under $70 a month, this is a very good price for a bourbon club


  • Few add-ons - although Mash & Grape allow you access to their market and a few other things, they do not offer a lot of add-ons and gifts like most other clubs
    No sample bottles - most clubs offer mini sample bottles of bourbons, so you are able to try before you commit to buying a full bottle. Mash & Grape do not do this though


Tasters Club

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  • Lightweight
  • Super comfy
  • Reasonably priced
  • Stylish, expensive look
  • A removable, washable inside layer


  • Sizing seems to be on the smaller side so be careful when ordering


Spirited Gifts

Spirited Gifts is a premium bourbon-of-the-month club membership service that is excellent for a holiday or any time of year giving.

A three-month membership is $299 and includes the month's bottle of wine for free as well as your bourbon. While the price is very high, a small benefit is that shipping is free.

Membership for this club only lasts 3 months, so if you want to keep getting these bourbon deliveries, you will have to renew your membership after this period.

Spirited Gifts provide a huge range of products from very well-known and popular bourbon distilleries including Buffalo Trace, Heaven Hill, and Four Roses.

But alcohol is not all that they sell. If you want to add some class to your drinks cart, you could buy their whiskey glasses or cigars.

They also have a service where you can customize bottles with engravings, making the perfect gift for any alcohol lover.


  • 3-month membership - this is a lot less commitment than paying for a whole year and gives you the freedom to stop getting deliveries easily. If you want to keep your membership going, you have to manually renew before the expiration date, but this can be done simply on their website
  • Shipping price is included - you won’t have to worry about paying extra for shipping as it is already included in the cost


  • Possibly overpriced - often the bottles that you get in the package could be bought cheaper in stores. What you are really paying for is the conveniences of Spirited Gifts finding these bottles for you


Best Bourbon Of The Month Clubs

It's tough to go wrong with any of these clubs. Whether you are looking for a club to boost your bourbon knowledge or you want to try the more expensive products, you should be able to find what you are looking for in any of the above clubs.

Choosing the right club may seem overwhelming given how many there are now, but as long as you know what you want to get from these clubs (such as a big selection or prioritizing added extras), you should be able to find the right tone for you pretty easily.

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