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Beer: Its What's for Breakfast


In our next episode of The Beer Chicks: Beer Cocktails on Hungry, we're jazzing up a favorite morning cocktail with the help of our some sweet Italian Liqueur and a beaufitul beer style called Biere de Champenoise. Yes, we make the mimosa the beermosa to make ourselves and possibly our moms a little happier at breakfast.

Of course, as the name states, we're in it to win it with our favorite ingredient: BEER! But we don't just want to use beer as a replacement for champagne in this cocktail. Watch how the sweet Galliano blends just perfectly with our favorite Biere de Champenoise, Deus Brut des Flandres - oh... and don't forget the orange juice!

Watch us make it here!

For a pitcher of Beermosas you'll need:

• 36 oz of fresh hand-squeezed strained orange juice
• 6 oz of Galliano
• 1 750ml bottle of Biere de Champenoise
• Orange peel for garnish

Combine the orange juice and Galliano in a pitcher, stir gently to combine. (We have found stirring in champagne glasses has a tendency to shatter the glass. Sad face.) Pour champagne glasses half full of mixture and top off with the Biere de Chamepnoise. Finish with a wide orange peel garnish and enjoy the rest of your morning!

is a sweet Italian liqueur with notes of vanilla and anise. We’re adding this because it brings back a little of the sweetness that we need for balance.

Deus Brut Des Flandres and is a Belgian beer that is actually shipped to the Champagne region of France where it undergoes the same process that champagne goes through, the methode champenoise. This makes it as effervescent and refreshing as champagne, but it’s a complex beer with notes of honey and rose petals. Oh... and its over 11% alcohol!

If you’re drinking alone - no judgements - and are having a mimosa for one - just add 3 oz of OJ and half an ounce of Galliano. Deus only comes in big champagne like bottles and it’s pricey, so if you are after a smaller portion you can substitute a 12 oz bottle of white ale or a Belgian Trippel would be great with this as well. Or you could make yourself 6 beermosas. There's no shame. Subscribe to Hungry for more Thirsty Thursdays!

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