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We're on TV…we're on TV!!!  We were lucky enough to have the chance to work with the Cooking Channel in making a one hour special called "Eat This, Drink That" premiering on March 4th, at 8pm Eastern time.  During the show we travel to discover the best of beer, wine and spirits, and equally importantly…what to eat with them, moving beyond the pint glass and searching to find passionate people who are creating new pairing rules!

We travel to New Orleans and find inspiration for 'Shrimp on Shrimp on Grits' (forget about it) with a sauce using the once forbidden absinthe.  We worked on a shrimping boat in the Gulf of Mexico with a bonafide shrimpin' man and captain named "Big Sexy."  Then we returned to Los Angeles and competed in LA's Beer Float competition to end all beer float competitions!

Please tune in if you get a chance!  The show will be playing several times during the month of March.  Hope you enjoy it and cheers!

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Beer and Mustard: MFEO


There’s something in the beer universe that says – if you love craft beer, then you must also love music, dogs, pickles and homemade MUSTARD. As Beer Chicks, we have found all of this to be true. We also like online shopping. Combining all of our interests today was a little post on that shows how to make mustard from scratch and even talks about – you guessed it – mustard made with beer!

We’ve made and L-O-V-E this spicy and intense beer mustard recipe for sausages from Chef Jeremy Nolen of Philadelphia’s German Beer Hall Brauhaus Schmitz. He makes this spicy mustard using a delicious German beer style called doppelbock. We made it using Ayinger Celebrator Doppelbock a complexly fruity rich and intense beer.

Spicy Beer Mustard


1/2 cup black mustard seeds
1/2 cup yellow mustard seeds
1 1/2 cups malt vinegar
2 cups dark beer, such as doppelbock
5 tablespoons honey
1/2 cup dark brown sugar
2 teaspoons salt
2 teaspoons ground allspice
3/4 teaspoon turmeric
1 cup dry ground mustard


In a medium bowl, combine the black and yellow mustard seeds with the vinegar and 1 1/2 cups of the beer. Cover and refrigerate overnight.

In a medium saucepan, combine the remaining 1/2 cup of the beer with the honey, brown sugar, salt, allspice and turmeric and bring to a boil. Remove from the heat, transfer to a blender and let cool. Add the ground mustard and the mustard seeds with their soaking liquid to the blender and puree. Transfer the mustard to a glass jar. Cover and refrigerate overnight before serving.

The mustard can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 3 months.

(Recipe from

Also, just in case you don’t feel like making freakin’ mustard we love the beer mustards that Sierra Nevada is making. They’re doing three different mustards: Pale Ale & Honey Spice; Porter & Spicy Brown; and Stout & Stoneground flavors.

You can a pack of all three mustards HERE for yourself or your favorite mustardphile. (Our favorite is the Porter! We also used it in our Rad French Onion Beer Soup).

The Beer Chicks @ Google


We Beer Chicks have spent a great deal of our online time using Google Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Adsense. We first started writing about our love of beer on Google owned Blogger and we were able to write our book many times editing together simultaneously on different sides of town using Google Docs.

So, never in a million years did we imagine that we'd be talking about beer to the Google nation! Whether or not we imagined it, we were indeed invited to speak Google's Authors@Google series to wax poetic about our book The Naked Pint and the delicious beverage that is beer.

Of course, it's nearly impossible for The Beer Chicks to talk about beer without drinking beer, so we suggested that we turn the whole thing into a big tasting and Google agreed! Turns out beer geeks have A LOT in common with computer geeks (we mean that in the nicest way!) We feel like we've found our people at Google.

We had a great tasting/talk experience (and got a free lunch in their awesome cafeteria to boot). Google was cool enough to record the whole thing and blast it into the world wide web via YouTube. (Where it's already gotten almost 6000 hits!) We hope that you enjoy it as much as we did!

MacGyver That Beer!!


From time to time we Beer Chicks like to offer you some truly useful advice. We mean serious stuff here, like how to pour a beer with a proper head (at least two fingers thick please), or what to drink with cheesecake (the answer: a cherry Lambic), and, in this case, what to do when you’re stranded without an essential beer tool: the bottle opener.

Let us tell you, fellow beer lovers, we’re embarrassed to admit that we’ve shown up with a lovely selection of delicious craft brews and found ourselves looking at each other with fear, asking, ‘you brought the opener, right?’ Not good.

In these situations it pays to pull out your MacGyver skills. Here are a few alternatives to the handy bottle opener, (please don’t use your teeth!), so you can be the hero in a bad beer situation.

1) Perhaps the most useful: How to open a beer with another beer.

2) For those desperate moments at the office: How to open a beer with a pen.

3) This reminds us of our very first beer days, trying to be cool at parties: How to open a beer with a lighter.

4) The MacGyver magic really happens here: How to open a beer with a piece of paper.

5) And finally, just for the coolness and shock factor: How to open a beer with a CHAINSAW!
(Don’t try this at home!)

How Far You’ve Come, Eh?


You may have heard of Molson Canadian Lager, the popular mass-produced Lager of Canada, (owned by the Molson Coors Brewing Company). Molson has been running some very dramatic, very Canadian commercials during the Olympics, yes the music may remind you of scenes from Requiem for a Dream (yikes!), but it is a damn proud-to-be-a-Canadian beer ad with some hi-def footage. We thought we'd dig up some not so edgy Molson ads from yesteryear to show you how far the Canadian beer drinking life has come.

First up, the current Molson ad:

And, one from the good ole days:

Finally, the sweeter, gentler Molson life of the 1980s:

And lest you find yourself laughing at the Canadians' past:

Eis Eis Baby


Claiming to be the highest alcohol content beer in the world, German brewery Schorschbräu has just made a beer called Schorschbock that tops out at 40% Alcohol by Volume.  Yes kids, that’s 80 proof.  It joins the ranks of a beer made by one of The Beer Chicks’ favorite Scottish breweries, BrewDog.  Their beer, Tactical Nuclear Penguin has a measly ABV of 32% ABV (insert Bronx Cheer here).

How the hell are the brewers getting beer that has such high alcohol levels?  Well, in the simplest terms, the brewers are freezing their beer.  And no, it’s not exploding in the freezer like it does for you. These brewers are using a method traditionally reserved for a style of beer called “Eisbock” or Ice Beer.

These brewers know that water freezes at a higher temperature than alcohol does.  So they take their (already highly fermented) beer down to below freezing temperatures and wait for the water to freeze and separate from the beer.  Whatever freezes is water and whatever is left is a super-concentrated beer.   

Actually, the guys at BrewDog can explain it a lot better than we can.  Check out this video where they show us how they make their TNP.

With traditional Eisbock, an already fermented “Bock” style of beer is used with this freezing method, resulting in a deliciously malty, high alcohol content and warming beer.   Mind you, traditional Eisbocks generally don’t kick you in the balls like these extreme versions do (usually coming in with an ABV of between 9-13%), but they are deliciously malty and viscous, oh…and much easier to find!

Try out some of The Beer Chicks favorite Eisbock picks:
  • Kulmbacher Reichelbrau Eisbock
    Kulmbacher Brauerei – Germany

  • Aventinus Eisbock
    G. Schneider & Sohn – Germany

  • Aventinus Weizen-Eisbock
    G. Schneider & Sohn – Germany
    (Bavarian strong wheat Eisbock.)

I Am a Craft Brewer


This is what the Beer Chicks are all about. In fact we shed a tear over this video. ”’I Am A Craft Brewer’ is a collaborative video representing the camaraderie, character and integrity of the American Craft Brewing movement. Created by Greg Koch, CEO of the Stone Brewing Co. and Chris & Jared of Redtail Media…and more than 35 amazing craft brewers from all over the country.

The video was shown to a packed audience of 1700 craft brewers and industry members at the 2009 Craft Brewers Conference as an introduction to Greg’s Keynote Speech entitled ‘Be Remarkable: Collaboration Ethics Camaraderie Passion.’”

We couldn’t have said it better brewers! CHEERS!

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