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Dec 18, 04:56 AM

watchThe Beer Chicks Holiday Mulled & Spiced

It is officially the holidays in Beer Chick land, and nothing says holidays to us more than warm beer. “What? Warm beer?” you ask as you snarl your lip like the Grinch. No, we don’t mean the warm beer your Uncle Bob is still clutching in his hand while he snores on the Laz-E-Boy. We’re talking about hot, spicy, comforting mulled beer!

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Nov 13, 09:16 AM

eatPumpkin Cheesecake with Spent Grain Crust!

Pumpkin ales seem obligatory this time of year. We have a controversy within our Beer Chicks duo about this particular style, Blonde loves ‘em, Brunette does not. And within the beer community, people are split. But if you are a ‘yes’ vote in the Pumpkin Ale debate, try brewing one at home with real pumpkin and pumpkin pie spices!

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Oct 19, 06:10 AM

visitCome to our new Book Launch @ Beer Belly this Sunday to benefit KCRW!

Come and join us as we celebrate the launch of our new book: The Naked Brewer: Fearless Homebrewing, Tips, Tricks & Rule-Breaking Recipes (Penguin, NY) at one of LA's favorite beer joints: Beer Belly in Koreatown!
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Oct 1, 06:56 PM

drinkThe Naked Brewer is here!!

Today our second book is available for purchase! The Naked Brewer: Fearless Homebrewing, Tips, Tricks & Rule-Breaking Recipes (Penguin, NY) is all about taking your love of beer into your kitchen and brewing your own! 

We started as beer-drinkers, then became Beer Sommeliers, and that led to our first book The Naked Pint: An Unadulterated Guide to Craft Beer (Penguin, NY).

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Sep 28, 11:12 PM

watchBeer: Its What's for Breakfast

In our next episode of The Beer Chicks: Beer Cocktails on Hungry, we're jazzing up a favorite morning cocktail with the help of our some sweet Italian Liqueur and a beaufitul beer style called Biere de Champenoise. Yes, we make the mimosa the beermosa to make ourselves and possibly our moms a little happier at breakfast.

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