Eat This, Drink That with The Beer Chicks


We're on TV…we're on TV!!!  We were lucky enough to have the chance to work with the Cooking Channel in making a one hour special called "Eat This, Drink That" premiering on March 4th, at 8pm Eastern time.  During the show we travel to discover the best of beer, wine and spirits, and equally importantly…what to eat with them, moving beyond the pint glass and searching to find passionate people who are creating new pairing rules!

We travel to New Orleans and find inspiration for 'Shrimp on Shrimp on Grits' (forget about it) with a sauce using the once forbidden absinthe.  We worked on a shrimping boat in the Gulf of Mexico with a bonafide shrimpin' man and captain named "Big Sexy."  Then we returned to Los Angeles and competed in LA's Beer Float competition to end all beer float competitions!

Please tune in if you get a chance!  The show will be playing several times during the month of March.  Hope you enjoy it and cheers!

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All times Eastern

March 4 – 8pm
March 4 – 12am
March 9 – 10pm 
March 9 – 2am
March 11 – 5pm
March 13 – 8pm
March 13 – 12am
March 17 – 9am
March 18 – 7am