Top 10 Ways to Get Your Dad Into Craft Beer


If your dads are like ours, you love them dearly and appreciate all they’ve done for you, but you find them – how should we say it…a bit craft-beer challenged. Perhaps too used to routine and, dare we say, a little set in their ways, you hear the phrase ‘I like what I like’ more than you’d like.

For us, our fathers have been our toughest beer students. But we love them and we love craft beer, so naturally we won’t give up on them! We are determined to get them to appreciate our beloved drink.

So, in honor of them and Father’s Day, we offer our suggestions for those of you trying to turn Dad into a craft beer lover. Admittedly, some of the below are more tricks than straightforward teaching tools, kind of like when he told you you were going to the water park and you ended up at the Dentist.

10 – Take all of his favorite mass-produced beer and hide it. Then replace it with a variety of craft beers in the same style as his usual brew, and tell him you’re sorry but you and your friends drank all of his beer and you wanted to replace it with something special.

9 – Get your mom into craft beer first, then have her hassle your dad, she’s good at it.

8 – Write a book about craft beer and then give him a copy (The Naked Pint) for Father’s Day!! Okay, shameless plug! (Warning – Doesn’t always work.)

7 – Braise some meat for dinner in a craft beer stout or porter! Deschutes Black Butte Porter works great. How can he refuse a taste of the craft brew that make that meat so damn delicious?!

6 – Tell him you want some special one on one father-daughter (father-son) time. Then take him to a gastropub that serves zero mass-produced beer. Order the beers for both of you and get him to drink a couple of different styles. Then pay for the bill. How can he complain?!

5 – Tell him if he starts drinking craft beer, you’ll stop asking him for (cough) financial support.

4 – Take him to a local brewery for a tour. Usually if they meet the brewer behind the beer and see the passion and work that goes into the beverage they can appreciate and understand what they’re drinking. Plus they’ll think it’s cool and tell their friends all about the time their kid took them to the brewery. They may also geek out over the brewing equipment.

3 – Brew some beer and name it after him. Take that hombrewed pale ale or witbier and make a label with your dad’s name on it like ‘Roy’s Pale’ or ‘William’s Wit’- Then give it as a gift on Father’s Day. He accepted all your homemade cards as a kid, how could he reach for the macrobrew when he has your homemade gift in front of him?

2 – Take him on his favorite outdoor adventure, hiking, fishing, golfing… and bring along sandwiches and a nice craft brew in a can, like Mamma’s Little Yella Pilsner from Oskar Blues, or Sierra Nevada Pale Ale in a can. Beer tastes especially great after an active adventure.

1 – Take him to Belgium! We find that when our fathers are out of their routine environment and in an exciting place they become more adventurous. He’ll want to drink local craft beer in Belgium, or Germany or London, simply because he’s out of the house and trying to relive his glory days, when being young meant trying everything.