Growler + Barbecue = Genius

When the sun finally comes out of the June gloom, our thoughts turn to the obligatory summer barbecue. We know that soon our friends will be calling us up and inviting us over, stressing that we need not bring any food for they will provide the vittles, if we provide the beer. Our next thought is: Gotta get a growler….

If you haven’t delved into the world of growlers then you’re missing out big-time. Growlers are half-gallon vessels sold by breweries to be filled up with all the fresh beer you can drink. The initial purchase of the growler may seem high, but the refill is a great deal in the long run, and it’s the freshest beer you’ve ever had from a professional brewery.

Growlers got their name, as the story goes, from the sound of the carbonation escaping as the top of the vessel was being opened. Some tales suggest that growlers became popular in places where liquor was not available for purchase on Sundays, and liquor stores were closed, so the alternative drinking choice was to visit the local brewery and fill up a jug ‘o’ fresh beer.

Growlers are usually meant for immediate consumption, but if the seal is not broken they can keep for about a week. Growlers are one of the best additions to any summer barbecue – a fresh IPA or Hefeweizen from the local brew will make you the hero of the day. There’s something about summer that makes you crave fresh fruit, freshly grilled meat, and freshly made beer.

Contact your closest craft brewery and inquire about their growler offerings!