This is Not Beer


Cider. That's right, cider. We'll say it again … Cider used to be the bane of our existence. With so many people saying to us over the years, "I'm not a beer drinker, I'll just have a cider," its no wonder that we've become a little vexed and embittered towards this apple juice wonderland. But our associative recollections are not all cider's fault.

What is cider's fault however, were the sticky, cloyingly sweet ciders that we'd all been exposed to up until the last couple of years when the artisanal and craft beer world's virtues finally started bleeding into all alcoholic beverages – and more importantly, into the mainstream public's hearts and minds (and palates).  

Enter Wandering Aengus Ciderworks. We first tried this elixer at the Stone Anniversary Party in Escondido, trying both the Wandering Aengus Oaked Dry and their Semi-Dry Cider. Both of these ciders blew us away. The first was a perfectly balanced blend of bittersweet French and English apples blended with acidic heirloom apples. The second was delicate and fruity with notes of citrus and ginger, a cider styled after the ciders of Somerset, England.

So it should come as no surprise that we were thrilled when we wandered upon Wandering Aengus in Whole Foods recently. Their previously named Heirloom Blend that they are now calling Bloom, was available in a nice and big 750ml bottle and it was delicious. With a bright balance of sweetness and acidity and a bit of funkiness that was reminiscent of wild Lambic Ales, this cider was a delicious treat on a warm Spring day.

Visit the Wandering Aengus website to check in which states their ciders are available for sale. They also take web orders from Oregon, Alaska, Iowa, Minnesota, New Mexico, District of Columbia and Florida (states with open wine shipping laws).

Fun Cider Facts:

Cider is not beer. Beer is a fermented beverage made from cereal grains, whereas cider is produced from fermented apple juice. A pear cider actually isn't 'cider' at all as the fermented beverage made from pear juice is technically a 'perry.'

Cider is famous around the world, especially in the Basque country (Spain), where they make a more bitter and high acidic cider called 'sagardoa.' Other areas popular for their Cider are Normandy and Brittany in France and in the countries of Germany, Argentina, Australia & Tasmania.