Girl Scout Cookies for Adults

If you’re like us, you have a visceral reaction to the colorful cardboard boxes of cookies sold on table tops all around the country at this time of year. It’s an intense combination of nostalgia, comfort, and sweet-tooth craving. After all, we were both Brownies and eventually promoted to Scouts, and we remember going door to door trying to sell as many boxes as we could.

So when we realize it’s that time of year we run, don’t walk, to the Girl Scouts selling their delicious boxes of joy and buy up at least 8 boxes (hey it’s for a good cause). Our purchase includes the obligatory extra two boxes of Thin Mints just to put in the freezer for a rainy day in the fall. (Whoever came up with that is our kind of genius!)

It was only a matter of time until we noticed that these delicious cookies would be better with a little craft beer, (of course only for those ex-scouts 21 and older!). I mean, as Beer Chicks, we pretty much try to pair everything in our cupboard or fridge with some craft beer selections; and Girl Scout Cookies, being the best cookies in the world, fit in perfectly with our philosophy that beer is the best drink to pair with any dessert.

So if you have got a stash of these in your house, bring home this selection of craft beer, sit down and sink into tasty nostalgia.

Caramel DeLites + CoCoNut Porter, Maui Brewing Co., Lahaina, Hawaii. 5.7% ABV. – These cookies have a crunchy base, rich chewy caramel, sugary coconut, and sweet chocolate. They may be the perfect cookie. What better to pair with these than a porter made with toasted coconut featuring notes of coffee and vanilla?!

Tagalongs + Banana Bread Beer, Wells & Young’s Ltd., UK. 5.2% ABV. – Tagalongs are those delicious cookies topped with Reces Pieces-like peanut butter and covered in chocolate. Banana seemed like the perfect flavor accompaniment, (if you love honey banna peanut butter sandwiches as much as we do!) so we chose Wells’ ale, which is basically banana bread in liquid form; caramel, banana, nuts and biscuit.

Lemon Chalet Creams + Framboise Lambic, Brouwerij Lindemans, Belgium. 4% ABV. – For those who love fruit tarts with custard and lemon meringue pie, this is a pairing that will please. These cookies with a creamy lemon center are pushed to new levels when paired with a bubbly, tart, sweet rasberry Lambic.

Thin mints + Hitachino Nest Espresso Stout, Kiuchi Brewery, Japan. 7.5% ABV. – The Thin Mint is a masterpiece on its own, but paired with this thick stout from one of our favorite breweries out of Japan, the thin mint takes on another level of decadence. The minty chocolate mixed with coffee is like a peppermint mocha, and carries the kick of coffee and alcohol. We can polish off a whole box of thin mints no problem, and this is the perfect beer with which to wash those babies down!

Shortbread + Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout, North Coast Brewing Co., Ft. Bragg, CA. 9% ABV. – if you haven’t dipped a cookie into a glass of Old Rasputin, you haven’t lived! Seriously, this beer was made for dessert, it has that complex bitter baking chocolate espresso flavor from the dark roasted malt, and enough alcohol to make it a fitting night cap. Great on ice-cream, the bitterness of this beer is the perfect balance to any sugary substance with notes of vanilla. The classic Girl Scout Shortbread brings that sugary, buttery vanilla goodness in spades. Go ahead dunk that cookie and taste heaven!