MacGyver That Beer!!


From time to time we Beer Chicks like to offer you some truly useful advice. We mean serious stuff here, like how to pour a beer with a proper head (at least two fingers thick please), or what to drink with cheesecake (the answer: a cherry Lambic), and, in this case, what to do when you’re stranded without an essential beer tool: the bottle opener.

Let us tell you, fellow beer lovers, we’re embarrassed to admit that we’ve shown up with a lovely selection of delicious craft brews and found ourselves looking at each other with fear, asking, ‘you brought the opener, right?’ Not good.

In these situations it pays to pull out your MacGyver skills. Here are a few alternatives to the handy bottle opener, (please don’t use your teeth!), so you can be the hero in a bad beer situation.

1) Perhaps the most useful: How to open a beer with another beer.

2) For those desperate moments at the office: How to open a beer with a pen.

3) This reminds us of our very first beer days, trying to be cool at parties: How to open a beer with a lighter.

4) The MacGyver magic really happens here: How to open a beer with a piece of paper.

5) And finally, just for the coolness and shock factor: How to open a beer with a CHAINSAW!
(Don’t try this at home!)