It’s No Lie: Honesty Ale

Honesty, is such a lonely word….. but, thankfully, a delicious beer! Brewed in honor of our first prez George Washington (Happy B-day G!), Honesty Ale is a wild-fermented lightly sour ale from our beloved brewery, Craftsman Brewing Company in Pasadena, CA.  This beer is brewed in reference to the tall tale where George cut down his father's favorite cherry tree and upon questioning said "I cannot tell a lie, Pa; I did cut it with my hatchet" (Now, that's one honest future President). 

The Beer Chicks cannot tell a lie either (at least about beer), and we truthfully love Honesty Ale.  A very approachable Lambic style ale, this beer has a lovely round sour finish without that shocking bite found in many sour ales.  In other words, this ale won't punch you in the mouth, it will just kind of caress you, (what, too much?).  This makes it a great selection for those of you dipping your tastebuds into the world of sour ales for the first time. 

Honesty Ale is made with tart cherries from Michigan, chosen by Mark Jilg, the man behind the creations at Craftsman.  Beyond the cherries, there is an earthy wood flavor, some bright citrus elements and deep notes of raisins.  The slight presence of hops keeps this ale well-balanced and drinkable and the 8% ABV gives the beer some heft.

Unfortunately, as with all of Craftsman's beers, Honesty Ale is only available on tap around Southern (and sometimes Northern) California. In Los Angeles, you can find Honesty on tap at Delancy Bar, in Hollywood and Simmzy's in Manhattan Beach. San Diego beer fans can try some Honesty at the Toronado San Diego.  Contact Craftsman or Artisan Ales distribution company to discover where else you can quaff this delicious brew.

Craftsman Brewing Company
1260 Lincoln Avenue

Pasadena, CA 91103-2465