Vday: Beloved or Bitter


We Beer Chicks would love to expose you to the beauty of beer for Valentine's Day.  Bringing beer into your boudoir is a great way to break the old predictable patterns of boxes of chocolate and Champagne (not that we'd kick those two things out of bed for eating crackers).  Also a great way to get through the night if you think this holiday is b*llsh*t.  So, whether you are deep in the sea of love, or determined to express your misery, we have the beer for you:

The Champagne of BeersDeuS Brut Des Flandres – This Belgian Ale is sent to Champagne France to undergo the the traditional Champagne Method, (Methode de Champenoise).  The true Champagne of beers, it has the fancy cork and cage and a lovey 'pop' that will keep the VDay romance alive.  Bring it into the bedroom and grease the wheels….

The Caramel AppleUnibroue Ephemere – this belgian style witbier is brewed with apple must and coriander.  It has a beautiful, fresh apple flavor without the cloying sweetness of a cider.  Give this to your valentine with a box of sea salt caramels from your local chocolatier and indulge.

The Dessert Pack – Sometimes beer is better than any dessert, especially if you want to finish off the night with a little liquid courage to fuel the first kiss.  Pick up these three beers instead of that stale box of chocolates: Wells Banana Bread Beer – like fresh outta the oven, Rogue Chocolate Stout -sweet dark chocolate, Lindemans Peche Lambic -tart, sweet, fresh peach.

A Bitter Bunch – Alone on VDay?  Wanna get drunk with some friends and rip up some old love letters?  Or maybe you wanna just call your ex at 3 a.m. and give it to him/her. Dig up your old Nine Inch Nails CD and stock up on these brews: Flying Dog Raging bitch – enough said, Stone Arrogant Bastard – a bitter dark ale that packs a punch, Surly Brewing Furious IPA – a big  bitter ale that comes in a can.

Dudes Package – Guys deserve a token of appreciation too, and what do they love more than beer? Put together these three , perfect for after dinner and in the dark…Allagash Curieux- a Belgian beer aged in Jim Beam Bourbon barrels, Foothills Brewery Sexual Chocolate Imperial Stout – big bold sexy beer from, Scaldis Prestige – a beautifully complex barrel aged Belgian that comes in at a nice 13% alcohol.